15 minutes a day

Bright sunlight flittered in through the large, wide, open window. The bare trees danced and swayed as the wind whistled through the branches. The trees bent and creak under the force of the wind but did not break. Inside the room, on the white double bed quilt the shadows of the branches joined and parted. They welcomed the sleepers to a new morning. One of the figures groaned and buried their face into the pillow. The other, sensing the movement of their partner, curled up from behind and pulled them close. The sleepers would drift in and out of sleep for hours. The half-awake moments were pepper with kisses and cuddles and even the stroking of hair at until they drifted in to full wakefulness. It was their day off today and they planned to enjoy it. They weren't sure when the next time would be that they had a day off at the same time. Not for another few months at least. The plan was to sleep in and enjoy a late breakfast. Nothing was planned after that point. After all, they wondered, why ruin it by making plans. One of the figures stirred more awake than they had been before. They softly kissed their partner's fine hair and tucked a strand of it in behind an ear. There was a murmur and grumble in response and a snuggling closer. The awake figure smiled before looking out the window to watch the branches dance.