Author's Note: Hey people. This was just a random scene I thought of. It was too good to not write down, so, here it is. I probably won't put it in any story unless I can get any ideas. To be blunt, REVIEW OR I'LL RUN YOU OVER WITH A TRUCK. Thank you, loving readers. If I have any…

"What is this anyway?" She muttered as she snatched the paper out of one boy's hands.

"No-!" He lunged trying to grab the paper back. She dodged easily.

Reading over the list, her eyes narrowed. She looked around at the boys surrounding her, meeting the eyes of every one with a cold stare.

"What the hell is this?" Her voice was deathly quiet, but every boy heard her. No one answered.

"What the hell is this?!" She screamed, looking around. Not one person met her eyes.

"The only thing this is, is how hot a girl is. How big her boobs are. Isn't it?" She yelled as she waved the paper around. "Yeah. That's all this is! This is shallow and immature! I expected this out of some of you, but others I thought were better than this! More responsible than this!" Her eyes hesitated on one boy, he met her eyes, and she quickly looked away.

"Apparently I was wrong. And you know why you put his name on this disgusting piece of crap?" She pointed to the most awkward boy in the crowd. The one that didn't quite fit in. "So if the principal found out what this was, he'd take the blame! He'd take the blame for all you dirty bastards!" She ripped the paper up into tiny pieces. "People like you sicken me." She snarled at the boy who wrote the list and stalked off.

"Wait!" The boy who had met her eyes yelled after her.

She didn't look back.