Hmm… why is it my first Astramican stories are all under a thousand words? Not counting the actual first, of course.

Meh. Who cares?

Pride yawned and pressed her hands against the cage, a picture of supreme boredom.

"Pride." Shadowbolt said coolly, her eyes blazing.

"Shadowy." Pride smirked. "Looks like you caught me."

Shadowbolt ignored her. "What were you doing in Tokyo, Pride?"

Pride cocked her head to the side and folded her arms, still smirking. "There was an anime convention I just had to see."

Shadowbolt's eyes narrowed. "Where's your team then?"

"Well, I can see yours." Pride pointed at the window where the other Astramicans watched. She waved casually at them.

Opal waved back. Rosethorn hit her on the back of the head.

"I'm not asking about my team. I'm asking about yours."

Pride shrugged, keeping cool indifference in her face. "What can I say. They just don't like anime."

"Enough with the anime!" Shadowbolt snapped, looking annoyed.

"Well, you asked what I was doing in Tokyo." Pride shrugged, leaning against the cage bars. "I was looking at the anime."

Pride began to pace the shadow cage Shadowbolt had created. "You couldn't happen to make the cage a bit bigger, could you? I have claustrophobia."

"You're a villain. I honestly don't care what you 'need'." Shadowbolt snarled.

"You should learn to care about others." Pride smirked. "Didn't your kindergarten teacher mention that? 'Share, Care and Always Play Fair'." Pride recited.

"You're a thief. You don't share."

"Sure I do. I try to teach others to share with moi. Sadly, they never seem to listen, so I just have to share for them."

"Whatever. What were you really doing in Tokyo?" Shadowbolt's eyes gleamed as she stepped forwards. "You don't go halfway around the world just to go to an anime convention."

"But anime is great." Pride smirked. "Stole a few designs while I was there too. I'd show you, but you confiscated them."

"You still don't go halfway around the world for something a trivial as that."

Pride shrugged. "What can I say? I'm a teleporter, Shadowy. It's what I do. Of course I can go around the world if I want to."

Shadowbolt paused, her eyes narrowing. "Hey…"

"You wanna see me teleport?" Pride smirked, leaning against the bars of the shadowcage.

Before Shadowbolt could react Pride had vanished. She tapped her gently on the shoulder.

Shadowbolt spun around, glaring.

"Nice try. Points for actually catching me and dragging me here." Pride grinned. "But you can't keep a good girl down – or in chains. See ya."

With that parting remark Pride vanished.

Shadowbolt growled and automatically ran to the door. Naturally she wasn't there.

Shadowbolt punched the wall hard. "She got away!" She snapped. "Note to self." She added in an undertone. "Shadow boxes do not work on teleporters."

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