Riley-Ann Michelle Dallion knew that she shouldn't have come to the store. Her parents' warnings had been clear enough. Stay as far away from there as possible. Something evil dwells there.

And yet, Riley-Ann simply had to see the store where her parents had met, where they had worked and lived for several years, where they had fallen in love. Just a quick glance around, and she'd return to the safety outside.

Miraculously, the door to the abandoned building was unlocked. Its hinges made a loud screeching noise as Riley-Ann cautiously pushed it open and stepped inside.

The interior was thickly coated with dust. Riley-Ann felt a sneeze coming on. Slowly she walked to the counter and touched the side of the ancient cash register.

Before her very eyes, the scene instantly changed. The cash register was new, the counter clean, and behind it sat an elderly man, Riley-Ann's Great Uncle Lewis.

Riley-Ann noticed that she was no longer alone in the store. Beside her stood a man and woman with a little blonde girl of about six. The little girl was holding an antique doll. They all seemed totally oblivious to Riley-Ann's presence.

"How much do you want for her? However much it is, it's not enough," the man said to Uncle Lewis.

"She's not for sale! Nothing's for sale!" Uncle Lewis snapped crossly. "Now leave so that I can finish doing inventory!"

Shortly after the family had left the store, the wind began to blow fiercely, but it seemed to be blowing inside the shop rather than outside it. Riley-Ann wanted desperately to leave, but her feet seemed rooted to the spot. Objects inside the store began to bump against each other and fall to the floor. Uncle Lewis looked up in alarm.

To Riley-Ann's utter disbelief, the floor began to open up right where Uncle Lewis sat. Riley-Ann tried to scream, but not a sound came out of her mouth. Unable to tear her eyes away, she watched in horror as Uncle Lewis fell into the gaping hole that had just opened up in the ground, heard his scream echo all the way down until it was too faint for her to hear any longer.