"Anne, we need to talk." I can see the fear those words instill reflected in her eyes. She knows that something isn't right, not part of the loving, romantic fantasy she wants her life to be. That's why I can't continue with this relationship, beause she deserves better than I can give wants a serious relationship with a guy who adores her, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. But I was still fighting the influence of the past in my life now, and realizing that I had never felt the way about her that I did about Sophie all those years ago, back in high school.

"Sure, what is it, Reid?"

"The thing is...this is not about you or anything, but I don't think this relationship is working anymore. You want the total package in a guy, and I respect that, but I can't be that guy."

"You're breaking up with me? Why?"

"We want things that this relationship just doen't fufill."

"Are you breaking up with me because I have too many expectations? Because if thats it, I can change. Maybe I'm being too picky, and looking for someone with unrealistic perfection."

"No. It's me, not you. I really did have a great time with you, which is why I hope we can stay friends and part ways amicably." Gosh, now I'm spouting cliches sounding like our whole relationship was trivial and didn't mean anything to me. I mean, I had a great time with you? Who says that? Essentially, I am about to go down in the books as the biggest idiot ever. But, she deserved better than me, so that was what I had to do.

"I guess... we could be friends." Her voice is shaky, a telltale sign that she's not okay. But she has good friends who will comfort and console her, though that may well be by leaving hateful messages on my phone machine. Everyone assumes that if you break up without an obvious reason, someone's cheating. But what if the reason you don't tell the whole truth is because you know it will hurt the other person evenmore? What if there is someone else, its just the first crush that will never seem to stop haunting you, even if you and this person haven't spoken in years? How do you explain that?