What is Love?


Love isn't selective. It happens everywhere all the time. It isn't about being special to attract a significant other, but rather an extremely strong bond that is shared between two people. Yes clichés do sound like fun, and occasionally they do happen to people in real life. However, the ones that are moaning that they are too unattractive or too boring, that their circumstances are too much of something. They're making excuses. Life doesn't need to be a soap opera. We just need to be willing to care about people. That's how it starts.

I don't believe that love is attained. We don't wake up one day and realize that we're heads over heels for our neighbor. It doesn't work that way. Effort, effort and effort is what love is made up of. It isn't earned, it's cultivated. We don't fall in love, we grow to love. Much like how I grew to love you. People get divorced when something prevents love from surviving. Certain circumstances, mutual differences. It hurts, and it happens. Still heartbreak is hardly a reason to avoid love altogether.

It is hard to understand though. All these… feelings. They're difficult to explain, to describe. But that's human nature is it not? We're curious. We love. We lose. It's how we learn. I'm still discovering new things upon every single day I spend with you. We argue. We hurt. Sometimes I feel on top of the world while other times I almost wish I'd never met you. But I know you, Gray White are the onefor me. You're the only one who can make me feel so deliriously happy. You make my world seem limitless. When you leave you take a part of me with you.

I'm attracted to you. All of you. Even your knobbly knees that I know you're so very insecure about. You cloud my mind every time I'm not with you. When you're happy it makes me happy. The days just blaze by. I'd do anything. Sacrifice anything. I trust you with all of me. This feeling of absolute abandon, it's exhilarating.

I know you love me. You voice it all the time. All the time. I tell you you're embarrassing and that I should just dump your ass but you know I'm not serious. I can't believe you tolerate me despite what a bitch I am. And although my figure, height and mildly disgusting acne leaves little to be desired, you make me feel like a queen.

You know just what to say, just what to do when I'm angry, sad, or afraid. You know that when I chew on my hair I'm troubled. I know that you rub your neck when you're embarrassed or uncomfortable. Sometimes we don't even talk. We just react to each other. It is just as you say, it is chemistry, baby.

Be loving. Love excessively. Even if it seems hopeless the worst that could happen is making a new friend. Love friends, love family. Be giving and kind. When you love, others love in return. I know this sounds cheesy, but this is what keeps us alive.

Every moment we kiss. Every moment we hold hands. It wakes a child that I didn't know existed from within. I laugh when we're together. I bawl when things go bad. What I feel for you is genuine. Pure. I never get tired, or bored with you. You're the adventure that I have the pleasure of waking up to every day.

I know I hardly say it enough. But hope you know that I really do love you.

I look forward to living out the future with you.

DFTBA: Well that concludes it folks! Hope reading this was not a complete waste of time and that this wasn't completely rubbish. Once again feedback is welcomed with open arms! Hahaha Thanks for sticking 'till the end!