I remember ringing the bell

In your nusery.

Yes, I remember running down the hall

With a bottle hoping you weren't thirsty.

I remember the first time I saw your little face.

I can still picture me smiling at you

Thinking that in this house you'd fit perfectly in place.

I remember frowning when you'd get upset;

Sad when you went to bed;

And giggling when you'd get mad, because Precious you'd turn red.

Yeah I remember calling you Bry Bry.

Watching you smile

And hiding when you'd cry.

Oh Little Brother,

I'd love you more

Than a baby to his mother.

Little Boy,

I'd love you more

Than I would any new toy.

My baby brother

I'd love you more

Than I ever would another.

Little brother,

I remember playing our games.

Being a superhero,

And fighting with you to decide on a name.

Yes, I remember you and your crazy jokes;

And I remember the funny way that you spoke.

Little brother,

I know as we got older

Times have gotten tougher.

We've drifted apart.

But Bry please take this to heart:

Blue eyes,

I love you more

Than any words could describe.

Little man,

I love you more

Than you'll ever understand.

Little brother,

There isn't another.

No, my brother,

I love you.

Yeah you're my only

Little Brother.