Who This will begin in the POV of the character I gave you a glimpse of before

Zorghan stood at his usual place at the gate, right between Darkness and Light. It had been ten years since he had seen anyone try to pass and that person had been turned away instantly. The great Imbesa had ordered there be no being passing from one to the other. A long time ago, beings from the Light could pass to the Dark world for a day if he or she brought a gift to Imbesa. Now, no one may pass. Zorghan didn't know why exactly, he was only to carry out orders, not question them. That was his brother, Gohjalin's job.

This was why he was surprised at the mildest to see a Light being approach him so suddenly.

~o~o~o~o~o Aldeziah o~o~o~o~o~

He stood well over six feet tall, almost seven feet. His eyes were a bright gold that dimmed with boredom. His skin was a glowing, russet color that stretched over large muscle and he had long golden hair that fell over his pointed ears.

I found him… beautiful.

He held his hand up and stood proudly saying in a deep voice, "Halt, you may not enter here."

I wasn't sure what to say, or what Torkeen's intensions were when he sent me here. Did he want me to enter the Dark world? Something in the back of my mind said no.

"I was sent here to-"

"The Great Imbesa wishes to receive no one from the Light world. Go. Now."

I swallowed and tried again. Something about him mad me nervous. I wasn't sure if it was his booming voice, his height, or the fact that he is clearly loyal to Imbesa. Well, at least someone is. Perhaps the Dark beings aren't completely hopeless.

"I wish not to proceed into the Darkness, I only wish to bring you this," I held the book out, a safe distance away.

He held a questionable expression and didn't speak for a few moments.

"No one has sent gifts to the Great Imbesa in a long time. Who is this from?"

I hesitated a moment to speak, but I wasn't given much of a head's up on what to say, "The Great Torkeen."

His golden eyes widened then he quickly recovered, "What trickery is this?"

I shook my head, "There is no trickery. I was sent to give this to the Great Imbesa."

He contemplated for a few more minutes before holding his hand out. I carefully placed the book in his hand and stepped back quickly. He examined it for a minute then nodded, "I will pass this along to the Great Imbesa. You may go now," He pointed to the blue tunnel.

I waited a moment, stalling, "How do I know for sure it will reach him?"

He was unfazed, "I serve him. I would be unable to hide anything from him even if I so chose. Now go."

Something told me that was exactly what I was sent to find out.

I was proven correct, because I felt a shivering sensation that told me I was going to be teleported back to my room. I felt the warmth spread through me and I was suddenly in the middle of the circle again. Every time I teleport back, Torkeen is always there to nod or congratulate me. This time, he was nowhere in sight.

I tried to force myself not to worry, saying there might have been something important to keep him busy. I stepped out of my room, half expecting him to be standing outside, or at least a worack to explain his absence. Oddly, neither was present. I didn't feel like exploring the temple to find him, so I looked for a worack to pass a message along, but I couldn't find one! This was just ridiculous! There is always a warock somewhere in the temple at all times. The temple felt… empty. It felt like the one in the Dark world. The thought sent shivers up my spine. Torkeen's temple won't ever be like that. His people love him. Besides, if one idiot decided to even try, I would personally take him or her out.

"Lady Aldeziah."

I spun around in surprise. A warock was standing there with an odd expression on his face. He almost appeared… uncomfortable. I nodded for him to continue.

"The Great Torkeen wishes for you to retire early today and think about your recent adventure. He says it is essential to your training."

I was confused for a second, as to why he was so uncomfortable saying this to me, then it hit me.

I won't be able to see Loalia today.

"What?" I tried to hold the venom in my tone back and save it for Torkeen, but a little leaked out.

"The- The Great-"

"Yes I understand that, I just can't believe it! If I can't see her tonight, then I'm going to see my sister in the morning!" I lowered paused, realizing I was yelling at a boy and but my lip, "I'm sorry."

He nodded in understanding and said in a quiet voice, "I will pass along your message," Then turned off.

I resisted the urge to let out an exasperated sigh and kick the nearest object. I hated the guilt of blowing up in a warock's face. None of this is their faults and I knew this. However, I was born with a temper that I couldn't control at times. I believe they have incorperated lessons on how not to take my agner personally in the warock training now. I wouldn't doubt it for a moment.

I trudged off to my room and flopped onto my bed. To be honest, I did want to think about what happened today. However, Loalia will always come first. She is the only family I have, aside from Torkeen of course. Well, at least I can follow Torkeen's order without even trying. I had been thinking about the gate keeper since I returned. He seemed bored, and hollow. He appeared human in shape, except for the ears. An admirable trait I saw was that he was obviously loyal to Imbesa. Obviously I wouldn't be loyal to Imbesa, but the fact that he shows loyalty makes me feel a sort of... connection with him. Even though he gets on my nervs, I am completely loyal to Torkeen. I would never turn my back on him.

I wasn't sure exactly what I was supposed to learn from him... I couldn't even ask Torkeen for a clue even if he was present, because the word 'clue' isn't even in his vocabulary. I thought of past lessons, but they seemed a little more obvious. I never undertood within the next hour, but they weren't hard to understand. For some reason, I had a feeling this is more complex than the past. Was I supposed to learn from the gate keeper?Gain his trust? Try to see things through his eyes? None of them seemed to fit quite right. I just wasn't sure of any of it.

I mulled over it until I fell asleep. I wasn't any further along than I was in the beginning either. The only thing I knew when I woke up, was that I was off to see Loalia. I dressed quickly and even planned on skipping breakfast. I was about to leave the temple when Torkeen stopped me.

"Lady Aldeziah. You may visit your sister, but I expect you back within the hour."

I screeched to a halt, "What?" I could not believe my ears. I must have misheard him!

"I would like you to return within the hour," He repeated with a passive expression, "For now, I would like you to keep your visits brief. You must focus on the task at hand. This is no small matter Aldeziah," His eyes were hard at the end.

I nodded, trying with all of my mite to not lash out at him. I'll save that for the trip across town.

He nodded, "Very good. Give my best to Loalia."

I won't be giving you anything.

I ran the whole way, not barely tiring from the distance. I wanted to spend as much time as possible with Loalia. I knew she would be very upset when she hears about my shortened visit. It wasn't like they were very long to begin with.

I arrived in record time but my breath was almost normal. Years of training does that to you. I walked past everything and everyone. There was nothing that could get in the way of me and my Lolo Bird.

When I arrived at the door, I stood there in shock. I was clearly very, very wrong.

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