'Busted' Caiylen Anderson thought to herself when the door alarms went off. She tried to act quick and ran out the door. Running as fast as her legs would take her she got to where she had parked the truck and jumped in. She fumbled in her pocket and pulled out the keys, then jammed them in the ignition and turned. The car sputtered then cranked letting out a thick cloud of smoke. "God, we need a new ride," she mumbled checking to see if she could back out. The manager of the store ran out of the building, about the time she was pulling off. Following right after was the one cop she hoped would not be the one there, Bryan, her dad's best firend. "Great..."

She slowed down in front of them, and for a moment thought about not trying to get away. But in all her 14 years, she has never taken the easy route. She slammed her foot on the pedal and turned the wheel as far as she could, skidding past them and out to the street. Bryan watched and shook his head, trying to hide the smirk that crossed his face. "Caiylen, what are we gonna do with you." He took out his walkie and sent the message that she had run, with a description of the vehicle, then walked to his car and joined in this wild goose chase. He sighed when he pulled onto the road and hoped that girl would never go try to get a license driving how she does. Picking up speed, he knew exactly where she would go, home.

Caiylen tried to calm her breathing as she just missed hitting another car trying to turn. She could hear sirens blaring behind her, but just mashed the pedal harder into the floor. She had been in trouble before, with the law even. Always just acting up in school or things of that nature. This time, though, this was something even out of her league. Today she had; lied to her father, skipped school, hid until her he left the house, stole his truck, and stole from a store. Now she was trying to out run the cops. She knew she was in for it when she got home, if she even made it home. Her heart skipped a beat as another car honked at her for swerving in front of it. Behind her Bryan was trying his best to shorten the distance between the two vehicles. As he saw the old truck just miss crashing a dozen times his mind fled back to 8 months ago seeing that same truck upside down in a ditch. Then, it wasn't Caiylen, it was her mother. He silently prayed as he sped after the teen.

Nathan and Molly Anderson had been together since Kindergarten. They became parents at 18, but it was a huge shock when Molly wasn't the pregnant one, but instead it was Nathan. No one could explain it, even doctors. They tried to brush it under the rug as a rare genetic's disorder, and chances of it reoccurring was slim to none...They now had four children together and Nathan was pregnant again, with twins.

Their oldest, Amanda (18), stepped up and tried to fill her mother's shoes to help her dad out as much as possible, while also juggling senior year and getting ready for colleges. Second in line was Nathan Jr. (16) who got an after school job to help out with bills and food. The youngest was Joey (2). Caiylen was the michevious middle child. Always giving her parents a head ache, until her mom's accident.

Since then this was the first time she had acted out, and the most extreme she had ever gone.

Skidding onto her road she saw the old trailer she called home makes it's way closer. "God, don't let anyone be here! Please." she prayed. She swerved into the yard and jumped out. It seemed like the house was empty as she exited the car and walked up the steps. She heard the sirens get louder and she saw Bryan's car come into view. She knew she was out of options, but at least it was a friend. Maybe she could reason with him. He pulled into the yard and parked the car, as she stood there waiting her fate. "Girl!" he yelled opening his door, "Have you lost your mind! What the hell were you thinking stealing your daddy's car and racing through town like a mad person. Are you crazy!?" he walked up to the young girl, who just looked at him ashamed and didn't say a word.

"What is Nate gonna do when he finds out what you did, Cai?" he asked thinking about the load his poor friend already carried. "You could have gotten killed. Haven't you learned anything from your momma's accident?" She bit her lip and blinked back tears at the mention of her mother, "You don't understand, Bryan." she said queitly. He walked to the steps and sat down, then motioned for Caiylen to join. "Try me." he said with an compasionate smile. "Fine," she sighed and began explaining. "Mom had this dress. It was the one she wore the night daddy proposed to her. She always said it was really special and she wore it on their anniversary every year. When Amanda went to her first homecoming she let her wear it. I was going to ask her to let me wear it to mine, but it was last month." she stopped and looked at Bryan to see if he saw where the problem stood. The understanding look on his face showed he did.

He nodded for her to continue. "So, I couldn't really ask dad to get her favorite dress out of their closet for me. He is finally not so depressed all the time. So I snuck and took it while he was asleep." She hung her head in shame and Bryan thought on the story. "So what does that have to do with you stealing the truck and from the store?" he asked confused. "At the dance some stupid jerk decided it would be hilarious to "spill" punch on one of the girls dresses...guess who they picked." She stood up angry and walked towards the truck. Reaching in through the open window she pulled out a light blue dress. She held it up to reveal a huge dark red punch stain. "Wow. Did he get in trouble?" Bryan said getting upset at the childish act himself. "That's not important! If my dad see's this, I'm dead!" Caiylen cried, gently tossing it back through the window. Bryan looked at Caiylen and laughed, "Why don't you just wash it then?" She rolled her eyes at the man, "Don't you think I would have! Everyone at school said not to the dress was to delicate, so I asked what to do."

"And" Bryan questioned. Caiylen reached in her pocket and pulled out a small orange tube. "They said get one of these." she said handing it to him guiltily. He looked at the pen and didn't know whether to laugh at the girl or scream at her gullibility. "Jesus Christ Caiylen! You have caused all this trouble over a Tide To-Go!" She looked away face reddening, "It was mom's FAVORITE dress and they said it would work!" The cop stood up baffled. "Wow, just wow. I don't know what to say on this." he looked back at the pen in his hand and then at the clearly embarassed girl.

"Well Caiylen has broke the law again." a voice came from behind. Caiylen turned then rolled her eyes as her older sister came walking up to her. "Yeah maybe they will lock her up." Jr added joining his sisters. "Ha ha. Very funny" Caiylen smiled sarcastically at her siblings, then turned back to Bryan with pleading eyes. "Hey Bryan my man!" Jr laughed and walked over to shake the cops hand. "How's it going you too. Staying out of trouble, I hope." Both laughed and nodded "Yeah, were not the bad ones." Amanda joked putting her arm around her sister. "Right Cai? That's your job." Caiylen laughed along but looked down shamefully. "Yeah I guess. Where yall been?"

"Um, school, unlike you. Really hope you got a good excuse for dad, cause ya know were gonna tell him!" Jr said leaning into her face. He dodged just in time to avoid being punched in the nose. Bryan pulled Jr towards him to hopefully stop the sibling sprawl. "Tattle tale." Caiylen mumbled. "Speaking of your dad, where is he." Bryan asked the older teens. "He had a doctor's appointment. Should be back soon though." Amanda said then walked off towards the house. "Yeah then your in. for. it. Big time!" Jr grinned and followed his sister.

Bryan smiled at Caiylen sypathetically. "Don't worry I think I can help you out, this time!" Caiylen perked up quickly. "So your not gonna tell him!?" she asked excitedly."No, he's gonna find out. And your gonna tell him." he answered. "But Bryan!" she whined pitifully. "Oh no ma'am! Do you know the head ache I'm going to have to go through to get you off the hook with this. Your telling him, or I will let you face the consequences you really do deserve for this." she sighed knowing she did deserve to be punished. "Fine..." she mumbled.

Caiylen sat on the steps and waited for her dad to come home. Bryan told her he would be back and if she hadn't told her dad by then he would. She laid her head in her hands and sighed thinking of the lecturing she was in for, for probably the rest of her life. A car turned onto their road and she sat up to see if it was him. Sure enough she saw him sitting in the passengers seat. "Here goes nothing..." she whispered. The car pulled into the yard and stopped. Nathan thanked their neighbor for the ride. He saw Caiylen sitting on the steps and motioned for her to come over. "Hey girlie!" The older lady driving said polietly when she got to the car. "Hey Mrs Wilson." she smiled back. "Cai can you get Joey out and take him inside, he's asleep and I just can't carry him up the steps." she nodded obediantly and walked to the back door.

Nathan leaned back into the seat and sighed not wanting to have to get himself out of the car. His doctor told him to take it easy, he would probably be going into labor any day now. He rubbed circles on his large stomach to attemt to settle the babies inside, then opened his door and got out. "Thank you, sweetie." he said kissing his daughter's forehead when she had gotten the sleeping child out. "No problem." she answered avoiding looking at her dad. Then walked ahead to the trailer. He thanked the woman again for the ride and followed his daughter. He entered his home and sighed. It just wasn't the same. He walked to the couch and sat down. Tired eyes scanned the room, full of pictures and nic nacs his wife had put up through the years. No matter how hard her tried he couldn't be as happy as an expecting parent should be. He missed Molly too much. Tears stung the corners of his eyes, and his lip began to quiver. "Damnit..." he cried covering his face.

Caiylen stayed hidden in the hallway, and watched her dad cry silently to himself. Guilt engulfed her as she tried to move towards him. 'I can't tell him now! Look how upset he already is...' she thought turning and dragging herself to her room. 'Bryan probably wasn't even serious about coming back tonight anyway. Too far of a drive. I'll tell him later." She layed on her bed with her face in the pillow. "muhlifefreakingsucks!" she scream into it sadly.

Amanda finished her homework then walked into the kitchen. She saw her dad had fallen asleep on the couch and went to grab a blanket from the room she and Caiylen shared. "You seriously have no life in you at all, Cai!" she said to her sister, who was laid out on the bed staring at the ceiling. "Why don't you get up and help me make dinner?" she asked with a child-like politeness. She batted her eyes and smiled at the young teen who abruptly sat up wide eyed. "Dad's not cooking tonight?" she asked with a hint of excitement. "Not if we get in there and get something made before he wakes up!" Amanda laughed.

Molly always made the meals. Poor Nathan tried to make food his children would eat. They would try to eat the food, for their emotion-stricken father's sake, but it took everything they had in them to get a few bites down. Nathan just was not made to make food. So Amanda would always try to beat him to the kitchen. Lately, however, he had been getting offended when his oldest tried to get him to let her cook, so they had been hoping for a chance to catch him off gaurd so they could eat again.

"Daddy." Amanda said softly to her sleeping father. "Wake up and eat." She frowned at the tear stains she saw covering his face, but didn't want to question him about them. "Dad!" she called a little louder. This time he jerked and opened his eyes. "Whaa...What?" he asked sleepily. "Come eat!" she laughed and walked back to the table. He looked over at his children happily eating and tried to hide his obviously disappointed pout that they had cooked.

"Whad'ya make?" he asked joining them in the kitchen. "Chicken and rice." Amanda said lifting the lid. "With some sweet peas and biscutts." Caiylen announced grinning, "I made that!" she said proudly. He smiled at them, forgetting he was upset, "Better taste as good as it sounds!" he joked and grabbed a plate. "I'll make it daddy, just sit down." Amanda took the plate and began filling it with food. Nathan sat down with a sigh. He was so thankful for his children. He could only imagine what they must be going through as well. They worked so hard to try to make it easier for him.

"Thanks baby." he smiled when Amanda laid his plate in front of him. It smelled delicious he thought beginning to wonder why he hadn't been letting his girls cook all along. He took a bite and nodded in approval. "You girls have got your mothers cooking smarts thats for sure!" he said taking another bite. His smile faded off at the mention of his wife, but he tried to push the feeling aside. "So...how was your test today Caiylen?" he asked.

Amanda and Jr looked at each other and smirked. 'Busted' Amanda mouthed to her brother. "Yeah Cai...how was that algebra test you wanted so desperately to miss school for..." Jr asked sarcastically. Nathan looked confused but turned his attention back to his youngest daughter. "Well..." she said biting her lip nervously. "Well what?" he asked curious as to why the three had begun acting so suspicious. Caiylen had turned white as a ghost. Amanda and Jr were doing everything they could not to laugh at their terrified sister. She just knew she would be in trouble the rest of her life for this. "Caiylen...what's going on?" he asked beginning to get impatient.

The tension had built up so high at the table, the sudden knock on the door nearly gave them all a heart attack. Trying to calm his breathing Nathan lifted himself from the table. He shook his head annoyed at the scare and opened the door. "Oh. Hey Bryan..." he asked shocked to see his friend at his home so late. Caiylen thought she felt her heart stop beating. 'Oh my god! He actually came back!' she thought beginning to panic. Bryan to one look at the shaky teen staring at him in disbelief and knew she hadn't told her father. "Um. Nate...we need to talk. About what happened today, with Caiylen." he said turning to his friend disappointed. He really thought Caiylen would be honest with her father this time.

"Huh?" Nathan asked surprised at the harshness in the cop's words. "What about Caiylen." he looked at his daughter with a frown. "Well she got in some trouble today." the man continued. He looked at Caiylen for a moment, trying to choose his words carefully. "For starters, she didn't go to school today." Shocked and angry Nathan shot a glare at the shaking girl at the table. "Excuse me, you ditched school today?" he asked her doing his best to keep calm. She stuttered out a noise but could not make herself speak. "That's not all, Nate." the cop sadly announced. Nathan looked back at the cop surprised, "There's more?!" he asked.

"Wait! Wait, Bryan." Caiylen said jumping from her seat, and joining the two men. "Let me tell him." She looked into her dad's disappointed eyes, and hung her head. "I stole something, well two things...actually." Nathan's jaw hit the floor, "Caiylen Noelle! What the hell has gotten into you! Have you lost your mind!" He yelled furious with her. Even he was shocked at the anger in his voice. "What did you steal?" he said quietly glaring at the girl. "A Tide To-Go pen..." she mumbled keeping her eyes on the floor. "A ti...what!? You skipped school to steal something we have HERE!?" he cried throwing his hands in the air. "We have one..." she asked dumbfoundedly. He ignored her and shook his head in disbelief. "I can't believe it, Caiylen I thought we raised you better than this!" he said and sounded hurt.

"Wanna tell him the worst of it, Caiylen?" Bryan said softly. Nathan's eyes nearly popped out of his head. "There's a worst part! Well isn't this story getting better and better!" he cried. "I...well...I drove the truck to the store...when they caught me I sorta raced them home..." she bit her lip and waited for the worst. "You stole my truck...Caiylen you don't even know how to drive!" he said rather calmly. "By the way she was driving I would agree." Bryan added. Nathan looked at his daughter with a loss of words. "Whay were you thinking..." he finally said. "Caiylen, what if you had gotten in a wreck!" he asked tears filling his eyes. "I'm sorry, dad I thought..." she began but was cut off "You thought what!? Everything would be fine! Anything can happen out there Caiylen! You mother was driving normally and now look! She's in a coma because of an idiot that didn't know what they were doing! Don't you think they thought everything would be fine!" he paused to catch his breath, tears pouring down his and Caiylens face. Everyone else just watched in silence.

"Daddy please, calm down...you shouldn't be getting upset like this..." Caiylen pleaded to him. "CALM DOWN!" he yelled "Don't tell me to calm down! Caiylen you could have gotten killed! What would I have done if I lost you! Am I not suffering enough!" he cried angrily, beginning to tremble. "I'm fine! Nothing happened. Daddy please!" she said loudly. He paced back and forth breathing hard, and rubbing his stomach. "Why'd you do it Caiylen." he asked sitting on the couch to rest. She looked into his eyes. He looked so disappointed, but more than that, she saw the same broken hearted eyes she saw the day the doctors told them their mom would probably never wake up. She heart sank, misery and guilt took over her body and she began crying.

"AAAHHHH!" she screamed. "I just mess everything up!" she ran to her room and grabbed the bundled up dress. "This is why I did it!" she said throwing the dress on the floor in front of her father. "Where did you get this." he asked picking his wife's dress up surprised. "Yeah...I stole that too! While you were sleeping. I was going to ask mom if I could wear it to home coming! But she got in that stupid accident and everything got messed up!" she crossed her arms and breathed hard. Nathan held up the dress revealing the dark stain. "And that, yeah my fault too!" she began again. "Stupid guy threw punch on me and I was trying to get the stain out! So this whole thing could have been avoided if I would have never taken it in the first place." she cried. "Caiylen, I can wash..." Nathan started. "NO YOU CAN'T! It's ruined! And it's all my fault! I hate myself. I cause everything! I caused the dress to get messed up! I caused you to get so upset tonight! I EVEN CAUSED MOM'S ACCIDENT!" she screamed beginning to lose her voice.

She wiped her eyes and looked at the stunned faces. Her stomach was in a knot and she felt sick. "Caiylen, that's not true, and you know it." Nathan said softly. "Oh yeah!" she cried. "Do you remember what she left to get that day!" Nathan sighed sadly and nodded. That morning Caiylen had begun her period. "She told me to come with her so she could show me what to get, but I didn't want to because it was too akward! I should have been with her! It should have been me, NOT HER!" she began sobbing and Nathan stood up to comfort her. "Caiylen..." he said trying to hold her but she jerked away and ran to her room. Amanda took off after her but she had locked the door.

"Cai, open up..." she called kindly, but no answer. She tried a few more times then gave up and returned with the rest. "She won't open the door." she said and sat on the couch beside her father. "Wow..." Jr said still stunned. "I just thought she didn't want to take the algebra test..." Amanda rolled her eyes at her brother and put her arm around her trembling father. "Daddy, you ok?" she asked concerned. "Maybe...I was to harsh...I shouldn't have yelled at her." he sighed covering his face. "Don't beat yourself up, Nate. She's 14 she's old enough for a stern lecture." Bryan told his friend. "Bryan you saw how she reacted! She thinks she to blame for Molly being in a coma! She's really upset." he frowned and stood up. "I gotta talk to her." he walked to her door and knocked. "Cai...please honey let me in." he tried the knob when she didn't answer. It was unlocked. He pushed the door open and looked in. "Oh god!" he gasped in fear. The room was empty. His heart fell to the floor, and he ran to the open window and looked out.

"BRYAN!" he yelled. The cop hurried into the room. Nathan sat on her bed and began panicking. "She's run away. Oh god oh god..." he rocked back and forth as the situation began becoming more clear to him. He started crying into his hands. Amanda and Jr was now at the door. Both looked worriedly at each other. "We'll go check around outside." Amanda suggested and Bryan nodded. "Nathan, calm down, ok? We're gonna find her." he said calmly. He left to his car to send the alert. "It's a teenage girl. Short blonde hair, wearing jeans and a purple tank top."

"Cai! This isn't funny! If your out there come home! You're being dumb" Jr yelled through is cupped hands. "She's not gonna come back to some one being mean to her!" Amanda said giving him a mean look. "Sorry...I just can't believe she took dad's truck! I mean Caiylen's done some crazy things...but this...wow." he said astounded at his sister. "I just hope she has enought sense to come home. Dad doesn't need this stress..." Amanda said quietly, praying her sister, and father, would be alright.

*Oh god...my baby..." Nathan cried holding one of Caiylen's jackets. "She's gonna get pneumonia out there!" He hugged the jacket to his body. His body ached from tiredness and the pregnancy. He held his stomach and breathed deep. "Please just let her be ok..." he whispered. Bryan, Amanda and Jr entered the house freezing. "Of all the night's for the temperture to drop..." Bryan muttered to himself. He went to the Caiylen's room and saw Nathan sitting on her bed gripping her jacket for dear life. His heart broke for his friend. "She's gonna be fine. I got the whole squad out looking for her." Nathan tried to look encouraged but he began sobbing again soon after. "She doesn't even have anything on...and it's so cold out.." he held out her coat sadly.

3 hours passed without a word. Nathan's eyes were so puffy from crying he could barely see, and he had begun to ache all over. He stood in a corner rocking on his heels. "Not tonight...please not tonight..." he silently prayed holding his heavy belly as it began to tense again. He closed his eyes and took deep breaths. "Daddy, why don't you lay down a bit. You look so tired." Amanda asked the weary figure. "We'll let you know as soon as we hear anything." He smiled at his daughter and after a little protest, finally agreed to rest. He laid his sore body on the bed he had shared with his wife and curled up onto his side. He tried to not think about the reoccurring pain in his stomach and back and tried to fall asleep.

A loud ring brought him out of the "almost" sleep and he bolted up in the bed. He grabbed the phone and answered praying it was good news. "He...hello?" he asked tiredly. "Yes, Mr. Anderson. I believe we have your daughter here at the hospital." a female voice announced. Nathans heart stood still. "Oh god is she ok!?" he asked almost frantic. "Is she hurt...I'll be right there!" he said jumping out of bed and rushing out of the room. Amanda and Bryan were on the couch and stood quickly when Nathan entered with the phone. "No sir, she is fine. She is here in your wife's room. She's been here a little while and I never saw you come in, I thought I'd give you a call to make sure everything was fine." the woman said politely.

Tears of joy flowed from his eyes. "Yes everything is completely fine now. I'm on my way. Please try to keep her there if she starts to leave." he begged her. "I won't." she assured. He hung up smiling ear to ear. "She's at the hospital, with Molly." he cried happily hurrying to his room for a coat. "With mom?" Amanda asked curiously. "Yeah, I don't know, but I'm going to get her." Nathan said coming back out and grabbing the key's to his old truck off the counter. "Should me or Jr come too?" the girl asked. Her father shook his head "No, let me do this. I'll be back soon." he hugged his children and nodded to Bryan "I love you too. Joey is sleeping. Please try to get him to eat if he wakes up!" he added as he left through the door.

Nathan gritted his teeth at the peak of another quite possible contraction. At a stop light he laid his head on the wheel and panted. "Least I'll already be at the hospital..." he mumbled. He jerked up when a car blared its horn at him. Cursing them in his mind he drove on through the intersection. The hospital was only a few blocks down the road. He had traveled this road to Mountview Medical so many time he could drive there blindfolded. He laughed at the thought as he pulled into the parking lot. 'Why is it so crowded tonight!' he thought annoyed when he had made his way to the top of the deck. When he finally got parked he jumped out and almost ran to the elevators.

Inside the hospital the night shift nurses almost all knew him. He got to more elevators and took them to the 4th floor. This was another route he knew by heart. He tried to visit his wife everyday, it just got harder in his last month of the pregnancy. He turned down another hall and had to pause to lean on a wall as a stronger pain began building in his stomach. "Whoa...please can you two wait just a little longer." he said to his unborn twin while he tried to rub the knot that had become his middle. When he could finally walk again he finished the distance to his wife's hall.

"Nate!" a night nurse who had become familiar with the visitor smiled. "Hey, she just walked in. She's been standing at the door for the longest time. Guess she finally got her nerves ready to see her mom." The young woman said sympathetically about the teen. He nodded and went to the room. Caiylen was sitting beside her mom with her back to him. He felt the biggest surge of relief seeing his daughter was safe.

Caiylen looked at her mom's almost lifeless body. She couldn't believe this was what was left of her. The once energetic and lively woman she looked up to, just laying here wasting away. "I miss you mom..." she whispered after a minute of silence. "I'm sorry I haven't visited you...I came with dad one time, but I couldn't come in. I just couldn't." she blinked back tears. "I did something really stupid today...I deserve for him to punish me forever! I am such a screw up, mom. How did you and daddy put up with me. I mean Amanda is flawless. She is beautiful and smart. She got into one of the best colleges there is. And Jr stepped up and got a job to help dad out. Me..? All I am is the problem child who ruins things and breaks the law...I'm the mistake..." she cried and hung her head.

"When you got hurt everything fell a part! Dad just shut down. It was like we lost him too. Everyone said we had to grow up and help him with Joey and when the twins got here. But it's hard! It hurt us too, mom. And it was like we weren't suppose to act upset. We just lost our mom! You were the one who held us all together. We miss you so much! I love you momma...I'm so sorry you got hurt because of me!" she laid her head on her mother's bed and began to sob. "Cai..." came a voice from behind her. She turned to see her dad wiping tears away. "Daddy...I didn't know...how did you know I was here?" she asked confused. "The hospital called...Sweetie if I had known how you felt...Caiylen do you really blame yourself for your mom's accident...you think you're a mistake?" he pulled up a chair beside her. Caiylen looked away ashamed. "It's true..." she said quietly.

"Honey, no it's not! It was an accident that had nothing to do with you. I don't care why she left that day, no one could have known this was going to happen!" he took his daughters hands "And another thing...don't you ever say you were a mistake. You are one of the best things to happen to your mother and me, and we love you!" Finally his words got through to the girl and she smiled. "I love you too daddy." he pulled her to him and hugged her. He held her tight and rocked her back and forth. Contractions had come and passed but he brushed the pain aside. He wiped his daughter's tears off her cheek then kissed her forehead. "Feel better?" he asked. Caiylen laughed and nodded. The two sat in the room for a while then stood to leave. "Promise you won't hide what's going on with you from me anymore?" he asked wrapping his arm around her as they walked out. "I promise." she agreed.

They walked out of the hospital, Nathan almost forgetting his contractions. That was until an extra strong one hit him off gaurd causing him to stop and gasp. His hand flew to his stomach and the realization that he was actually in labor began to sink in. "Dad?" Caiylen asked concerned. "You ok.." he shook his head and bit down on his lip. Trying to breath through the pain he looked weakly at his daughter. "I don't think we're leaving just yet, Cai..." Her eyes grew wide. "Oh my god, dad, are you in labor." he nodded. "Are you sure. Did it just start" she asked beginning to panic. "Uh...no, im pretty sure I was...having contractions at the...house earlier." he panted. She stared at him shocked. "And you lecture me for not telling someone when somethings wrong...PARENTS!" she exclaimed shaking her head.

Nathan managed to laugh at his daughters jokingly angry face. "Wait here, I'll go get someone." she said and ran back into the hospital. He leaned against a pole to help support his shaky legs. "Fine...you can be born now!" he cried looking down at his tense belly. "Happy?!" he said smiling. He rubbed the sides of his large stomach as the pain began to subside. Caiylen appeared at the doors, followed by a nurse with a wheel chair. He thanked her and sat down. Already another contraction was beginning, and he gripped the arms until his knuckles turned white. They were getting stronger alot faster than usual. The nursed wheeled him as quick as possible to Labor and Delivery with Caiylen trialing close behind.

"Hee Hoo...hee hooo..." Nathan breathed rocking in the chair as Caiylen gave a woman all his information. "Okay Mr. Anderson your in the system. Miss you can bring him right through the double doors to the right." she said motioning Caiylen where to go. "Thank you..." Nathan sighed. Once through the doors Caiylen was directed to a room full of women in labor. She began to get nervous, she wasn't sure if she could handle being with her dad while he gave birth..."Hey there Nate!" a middle aged woman grinned when Caiylen entered the room with her father. "I figured I'd be seeing you in here soon." she smiled and grabbed a bag off from under the desk. "And I know this isn't one of yours." she asked looking at Caiylen. "Yeah...this is the youngest girl...Caiylen." he said through another contraction. "Oh my goodness. Look at you! Girl, would you believe I was here when everyone of you kids were born!" she laughed nudging Caiylen playfully. "Go on to that first bed. I'm gonna take your daddy to get changed." pointing to a bed right beside her desk. "Um ok..." Caiylen replied quietly. She sat in a chair in the small room made of sheets on a runner.

"Nnngaaaahhh!" came a scream from where the woman had her dad. She jumped up and ran to the door just as the nurse came out. Inside she saw her dad doubled over. "Daddy!?" she cried worried. The woman went to the phone and called for another nurse stat. "He his moving a lot faster than I thought. We need to get him into delivery now!" she walked back into the bathroom with the wheelchair and helped Nathan back into it. He was moaning and rocking in the seat, and Caiylen began getting scared. This was not like her dad. "Come on sweetie." the woman told her and they left the room. "Mmmmmm...ooooooww...ow..." Nathan cried holding his stomach in pain. Caiylen watched in terror as her dad struggled through another contraction.

She waited by the door as the nurses helped Nathan into the bed and hooked him up to the monitors and iv's. When they were done Caiylen asked the woman if she would call her house and let everyone know what was going on. She nodded and left the room. When she was gone Caiylen went to stand beside her dad. "Hey daddy..." she said quietly taking his hand. He held it tight and looked at her with tired worried eyes. "Hey baby." he sighed. "Caiylen I'm sorry this happened now. You don't have to stay in here if your scared..." he said seeing his daughters stunned expression. For some reason she could never explain but when he gave her the option to leave she suddenly wasn't scared anymore. "Of coarse I'm not leaving! Are you crazy. You need someone with you." she squeezed his hand and smiled. "You'll stay.." he asked and began crying softly. "Thank you so much, Cai. I really didn't want to do this alone." She nodded and sat down beside him.

Everything got calm for a moment, then out of no where he bolted up in the bed. "Caiylen go get somebody..." he said bluntly. "Huh?" she aske confused. "GO...Get a nurse or someone..!" he cried tensing up all over. "HURRY!" The girl jumped from the chair and ran out the door. "Help! Somethings wrong with my dad!" she yelled towards the people down the hall. A man stood and walked to her. "What is it?" he asked sounding annoyed. "Go check on him!" she blurted pointing to her dad. "Ok. ok" he mumbled and entered the room. "What's the problem Mr. Anderson." he asked.

"They're coming!" Nathan cried curling over and trying not to push. "Sir they just checked you, you were only at 6." the man stated rudely. "I dont care...what I was at then! It's different now...CHECK AGAIN!" he yelled as his body began tensing up. "Hold on, I'll go get your nurse." the man said and turned. "Why can't you do it. Your a nurse on this floor aren't you?" Caiylen asked angrily. "I'll be right back." the man said snubbing her and left the room. "Uh! The nerve of him! Can you believe that! JERK!" she said loudly. Nathan had begun breathing heavy and it was taking everything in him not to push. "Where the hell are they!" he cried out. Caiylen ran to his side and took his hand. "Shh. Daddy, it's gonna be ok. Here you can squeeze my hand as hard as you want. That help's right?" she asked hoping to help relieve some of his pain. "Thank... you... baby.." he said between breaths.

"What's going on in here, you two!" came his doctor's voice. "Oh thank god!" he cried falling back into the bed only to spring forward again when a contraction began making his body push on it's own. "I...can't...AHH! I gotta push! Please see if I can now!" he gasped leaning forward. The man nodded and put some gloves on. "Let's see where we're at." He said sticking his hand under the covers. "Oh my..." he looked surprised at Nathan. "You ARE ready. But...the baby's breech..." he looked concerned and called for the nurse to come on in. "You sure you can do it?" he asked Nathan. "Yes. I'll be...fine! Just please let me push!" he moaned digging his nails into the bed and holding on to Caiylens hand.

Within minutes they had him set up to deliver. "Alright, Nathan, push with this one!" the doctor instructed. "Ok..." he mumbled then pushed with all his might. One push and Baby A was half way out. "Ok it's a boy! You're almost there. Come on, push!" the man said encouragingly. "NnAAAAHHH!" Nate screamed bearing down and suddenly felt a release of pressure and the baby slid out. "Whoa! Wow dad! You did it!" Caiylen said excitedly. The doctor asked if she would like to cut the cord, "Heck yeah! Awesome!" she smiled and let go of her dad's hand. When she snipped it in two he was handed the screaming infant. "That was AMAZING!" she cried. Nathan held his son and cleaned him off. "Hi there little one." he said softly. A nurse came up and took the baby from him to prepare for the second delivery.

When he was ready Nathan began pushing. Nothing. He rested and tried again. Still no progress. The doctor said something to the nurse and she left the room."Unnnng...what's wrong!" He asked exhausted. "I'm going to do and ultrasound to see why the baby's not moving." he answered when the lady returned with the machine. "Is the baby ok." Caiylen asked curious. "I'm sure it's fine just need to see if she is sideways." he said calmly. Sure enough the baby had turned sideways. The doctor decided to try to turn it. "AAHH OW OW OW! NOO STOOP OWWW!" Nathan screamed when the doctor inserted his hand. "Sorry Nathan...it will be over soon."

The doctor frowned and removed his hand. "I'm sorry Nathan. I can't get the baby to turn." he announced disappointed. "Whaa..What does that mean!?" Nathan asked beginning to panic. "Will you go get the Anesthesiologist" the man asked the nurse. She nodded and left the room. "We're gonna take you in for a ceserean." he said looking sadly at his patient. "NO! No I don't want a c-section! Try to turn the baby again please!" Nathan cried shaking his head. "I'm sorry but your BP is already going up to fast. I can't risk it. Your daughter can come with you. I promise it's not that bad." the doctor attempted to assure him. Still Nathan shook his head now crying. "I don't want one! Oh god this wasn't suppose to happen!" he cried panicking.

"Daddy...it's ok!" Caiylen tried to say calmly. But the sight of her dad freaking out was worrying her. He began to gasp when he breathed and the doctor called for the nurse to hurry with Anesthesia. "Nathan you have to calm down. You are hyperventilating!" the doctor warned. Some nurses came and got Nathan onto a gurney, and they wheeled him to OR. Caiylen followed until they arrived at the room, then they asked her to wait until they had him set up. A tall woman was there waiting with the spinal block. They got him ready and had the curtain up when Caiylen was allowed in. She was shown a chair where she could sit behind him. The nurse from earlier was there. "Try to keep him calm, ok. He is scared, he needs some encouraging." she said kindly and patted Caiylen on the back. "Cai..." he called out with a shaky voice. "I'm here daddy." she said sitting in the chair. "I'm right here."

He looked up at her through the tears that filled his eyes. "I don't like this..." he cried softly. "I know. But maybe it's not so bad its just like giving birth only you don't have to do anything and you won't feel it!" she smiled at him and he gave a small smile back. "Thanks for staying with me Caiylen. I don't know what I would have done if you hadn't been here!" She looked down at the man who had always been there for her when she needed him. Now he needed her, she felt honored to have been a part of her siblings birth. "No problem daddy..." she said leaning over and kissing the mans forehead, like he always did. He smiled seeming to calm down and that made Caiylen feel better.

"MMmmff!" Nathan moaned feeling life his insides were being rearranged. "Does it hurt?" Caiylen asked worried. "No...just the pressure...it's weird." he answered. "It's almost over." a nurse assured him, and like she said withing a minute a loud wail filled the room. "It's a girl!" the nurse called out happily. With out thinking Caiylen jumped up and peaked around the curtain. She saw them cut the cord and carry the baby away. Then she looked down and saw blood and her dad cut open with hands tugging gently and the cord that was still in him. She sat back down excitement gone and with a sick feeling. Nathan looked at her a tried not to laugh.

"Is she ok?" he asked. "She is perfect!" The young woman smiled bringing around the bundle to show him. He looked at his small daughter and kissed her, before letting them take her to join her brother. "Well, this has been quite a day, huh?" he asked looking at Caiylen. "I'll say!" she shook her head a smiled. "I am going to have nightmares about that for a while!" He laughed.

The nurses showed Caiylen to a waiting area until they had Nathan took to recovery. When he was set she was taken to him. He was propped up in a bed and his eyes were closed. She thought he was asleep and was about to leave when he called her name. "Hey daddy." she said quietly. "Hey baby." he answered slowly. She noticed dark circles had formed around his eyes. "God dad you look tired!" she sat down beside him "I am exhausted!" he sighed. "I can imagine! Dad I gotta tell you, you are a beast at childbirth. I never wanna hear a woman say a man can't handle having a baby, again!" he looked at her and laughed "Thanks Cai. You an amazing daughter, you know that? Don't ever change! I love you just the way you are." he laid his head back into the pillow and closed his eyes. "Get some rest daddy. I'm gonna go see if anyones here yet." she whispered seeing her dad was falling asleep. He nodded and squeezed her hand.

Caiylen walked out to the main waiting room. Amanda, Jr, Joey and Bryan were there. They all stood up when she walked into the room. "That was...EPIC!" she exclaimed throwing her hands in the air. "What happened!?" Amanda asked, Jr nodding curiously. Caiylen took a deep breath and began to explain. "Well, I came to see mom, and then dad found me, we were about to leave when he started having a contraction, but he said he had been having them, anyway, I got a nurse and she took us to labor and delivery and he was getting in the hospital gown, but the babies were coming so fast the nurses took him straight to a room, THEN, right after he got there he started having to push and this rude jerk wouldn't check him again, so when the doctor got there the baby was coming OUT! Only thing was it was breech, still dad only pushed twice and BOOM baby A is a boy, and I got to cut the cord! Then when he had to push again nothing happened cause the baby number two was sideways, they tried to turn it but couldn't so they sent him in for a c-section, which he did not want at all, but all in all he did really well...anyway the got the baby out and it was a girl, so we are tied 3 and 3 by the way, and another thing when they say don't look behind the curtain...just don't, its horrible, but they cleaned him up and took him to recovery which is where he is now, resting, who wants to go get something from the gift shop for dad and the babies? I KNOW I DO! Wow, it had been a crazy day..."

She stood taking deep breaths and looking at the confused faces. "Come on!" Lets go!" She said again this time turning and leaving the room. They went and found a blue and pink door ribbon and some other gifts, then headed back up to the Birth Center. At the nursery window they searched for the twins, but a nurse said they had moved Nathan to a room and they were with him. "He is in room 17." she told them. They all walked down the hall to his room. Amanda knocked and opened the door. Nathan was sitting up on the bed with one baby laying on his legs and nursing the other. He looked up and smiled as his children rushed to his side. "Hey kids!" he said happily. "Oh my goodness!" Amanda fussed "Look at them!" She instantly picked up her new brother who was sleeping on Nathan's lap. "Hi babies!" Joey called waving at his new siblings from Jr's arms. Everyone laughed at the young child and went on oohing and ahhing over the babies.

"I'm telling ya Nate, you are a brave man. I don't know how you do it!" Bryan laughed when he was passed a baby. "Well according to Cai, I am a beast. I'm not sure what that mean's, but I guess that's what I am!" he winked at the teen and took his son for his turn to eat. Joey was sitting with Amanda looking at the baby girl. "What their name Daddy?" he asked. "Well your Mom and me had a been wondering if we were having another baby, before her accident." he looked down at the sleeping baby he nursed. "I told her she could choose the name this time. She had come up with Nickolas for a boy. And Natalie for a girl. I guess she got both." he said. The fact seemed so bittersweet, it broke his heart she wasn't here for this. But as he looked at his children he realized he still had six wonderful pieces of her with him always. His heart still ached for his wife, but until he could have her back in his arms, he would be happy with the blessings he still had.

Nathan and the twins stayed in the hospital for 5 days. Bryan's mother had a mini van she had gotten to old to drive and was more than willing to let Nathan have it. Even with extra seats him and his gang just barely fit. Life went back to a close to normal routine. Granted Caiylen was grounded for the rest of her life for taking his truck for her little joy ride. But she accepted her punishment willingly. Nathan still couldn't cook but with out his out of whack horomones he was more acceptable to letting his daughters fix the meals. He was able to find work that let him stay at home with the twins until he could let someone watch them. The extra income helped alot since he would need twice the nessissities. Slowly thing began getting easier. He went back to visiting Molly at least twice a week, more if he got the chance. Just talking to her, even with no response, made his days a little brighter.

3 Months Later

Nathan walked into the room with Joey and the twins. "Hey babe." he greeted his wife tiredly. He turned her TV on to cartoons for Joey, so he would stay calm. He parked the stroller with the sleeping babies beside her bed and plopped down in a chair. "Lord woman, you don't know how easy you have it." he joked rubbing his eyes. He sat there and talked to her for an hour. "Well they rest of the gang will be getting home soon. I better get home." He took her hand and kissed it, "We need you back Molly. I need you back...You wouldn't believe how things have changed. Joey's potty trained now...almost. Caiylen passed Algebra with an A+! Jr made captain of the football team. Amanda made it into Harvard! Well, I knew she would she said she wouldn't settle for less than that. But the twins, you haven't even met them yet and it's killing me. You don't even know about them...unless you really do hear my stories. God, I wish I knew you could hear me. Just...send me a sign. I know you weren't suppose to wake up, but miracle happen right? Babe, please you gotta come back to me. I love you Molly!" he finished hanging his head and wiping the tears away.

He stood up and told Joey to come kiss Mommy good bye. The little boy ran to his dad and jumped into his arms. He leaned over and covered his mothers face with a million kisses the way she did when she was awake. "I love you mommy!" he said softly. He held the child and pushed the stroller towards the door, not seeing her eyes begin to flutter. "N...Nate..." he heard from behind and his heart stopped. He was scared to turn around, scared he had just imagined it. "Hun?" she called again when he didn't turn around. Tears spilled from his eyes as he realized his dream wasn't just a dream any more, and he turn to see his beautiful wife smiling at him from the bed. "Molly!" he cried feeling the emptyness he had carried for a year disappear from his body. His Molly came back.