It was late in the night, around 2am, and you said you didn't know what we were, what you wanted, what I wanted. Then you paused for 30 seconds and so quietly asked me, what do you want from this? From me? What do you want?

I didn't even have to think as I answered,

I want to lay against your bare back at night with our legs entangled

I want to wake up at 3am with my arm draped over your waist and the smell of your hair intoxicating my dreams

I want you to sit on my lap at a cafe and whisper sweet nothings in my hear

I want to get jealous when I see someone checking out your amazing body

I want to hold your hand as we walk through the park on a cool Novembers eve

I want guys to talk about how beautiful you are when you walk off just so I can smile and say "yea, that's mines"

I want to wake up and kiss you good morning

I want to come home from a long day and wrap my arms around your waist from behind as I kiss your neck

I want to gaze into your eyes and tell you how beautiful you are

I want to smile every time the thought of you sneaks into my mind

And when you're sad, I want to be sad with you, because misery loves company and I love being in your company

I want you to be my girlfriend

I want to feel the blissful aroma of being in love

I just want to love you

What do you want?