The wind howled eerily that day blowing through the willows warning me of what was to come,

When I heard the new's I flung myself from the tower on that grim day,

For all of my light had been spent,

I was slowly eaten by the darkness that consumes us all,

Oh how I despaired knowing no light would return and the darkness would reign,

You could see it in their eyes slowly eating their souls, ripping from them the little light that was left,

The people begged for mercy pledging their soul's to the darkness,

But how could it gain something it already owned,

and then the despair gave into hate,

The land was plunged into a fiery realm of strife father's killing daughter's son's killing mother's neighbors slaying neighbor,

And on that dank day when I thought all was lost the hope came,

Oh I can still remember how the light shined from his sword,

He came upon them with vengeance striking for those who had met their unsuspecting demise.

But even he the warrior of light was driven out by the darkness and smitten down,

The darkness spread causing chaos and disorder, city's would fall and tyrants would reign,

Oh if ever the darkness was strongest it was then,

it spread its cruel tentacles across the land crushing the light out of all

and then came the sun himself casting the darkness into the eternal abyss,

and he ruled justly and fairly,

But even the sun casts a shadow,

Oh so I reside in the dark shadow of the light,

in the land that was once a beacon of hope,

but now it is nothing a shadow of it's formal self but it was consumed by the darkness

So now I reside in the land of shadow, in the brenna lendir.