Westborough Patient Files

Name: Frank Topare

Crime: Killed his wife and the man she was having an affair with.

Extra Details: Relives that day every day, in his room in silence, when confronted about it he believes he has yet to go to work.

Date of most recent crime: October 22, 1995

Name: Ariel Carson

Alias(s): Jezebel, Samantha, Alexis

Crime: Killed two men, through removal of the scrotum and penis, as well as multiple lacerations to the body.

Extra Details: Schizophrenic, extremely dangerous.

Name: Thomas Kitsch

Crime: Murdered people, and painted portraits of them in a dead pose, sometimes using the same person for multiple pieces of artwork.

Extra Details: Often made tribal designs with a small knife on the victims body, and then painted those using the victims blood.

Name: Unknown

Alias(s): Shae Zimmerman.

Crime: Murdered the real Shae Zimmerman, and then assumed her identity.

Extra Details: Wore the real Shae Zimmerman's face, to further the identity theft, did not want to separate from the mask.

Name: Henry Locke

Alias(s): The Tooth Fairy of Westborough.

Crime: No true crime committed, though he threw thousands of teeth over the side of a freeway in the trunk of a car.

Additional Details: Since Commission to Westborough he has removed several of the other patients teeth, and kept them as trophies.

Name: Savannah Cross

Crime: Murdered her neighbor, his wife, and their two children.

Additional Details: Extremely religious, even goes far enough to avoid socializing with the other patients, because God did not tell them to commit their crimes.

Name: Simon Fontayne.

Crime: Killed multiple dogs, and hung their heads from his ceiling.

Extra Details: Would torture the dogs first, but get them to trust him again after injuring them severely.

Name: Moriah Marques.

Crime: Murdered all three of her patients.

Extra Details: None

Name: Dave Harper

Crime: Murdered people as fertilizer for his garden.

Extra Details: Total murders is unknown.

Name: James Traugott.

Crime: None.

Extra Details: Never speaks. Lost his mind to seeing his to be murderer have his stomach burned out by coals from a furnace, and then dogs eat his insides.

Name: James Lovarin.

Crime: Murdered people in a hardware store.

Extra Details: an ex-militia, suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Name: Dominic Luciado

Crime: Stalked a woman for four years, and then killed her, in his house.

Extra Details: Told the police that it was her who started the fire, and she died trying to kill him.

Name: Sandra Crawford.

Crime: Killed hunters by setting traps.

Extra Details: Highly intelligent, able to escape from standard restraint techniques.

Name: Timothy Damant

Crime: Became a hitman for cocaine as payment

Extra Details: None.

Name: Gerald Gonzales.

Crime: Murdered a lawyer, after following him for fourteen years, and attending all of his cases.

Extra Details: Used ancient torture devices, to bring extreme amounts of pain to the victim before finally ending the victims life.