"I didn't get the part." I say as Roderick and I battle our way through the bustling sidewalks of New York. The empire state building pierces the gloomy sky overhead, the long gray clouds intertwined together. Roderick's hazel eyes are wide open, his eyelashes creating a brown border. This expression amuses me. Roderick has been my best friend since we were in 2nd grade. Now it is the summer before senior year, and my 17th birthday is coming up fast.

"but… Rachel, you are a perfect Dorothy!" I snort, making myself even more unattractive. I absolutely look nothing like Dorothy with my brownish black eyes, black pixie cut, and pink lips.

"Judy garland was beautiful woman with lighter, longer hair and blue eyes. Plus she could sing." I reply simply, my crisp New Yorker accent clear in my voice.

"you can sing too, you just never practice." he points out. I inhale deeply. He cares about my life way to much.

"it is okay, really, I am used to rejection and in a city like this it is everywhere."

A strong wind cuts through and I pull my jacket close to me. I am of tall stature with no muscle whatsoever. Roderick stares at me disbelievingly. He drives his hand through his blonde hair, unsure of what to say. "you have to believe in yourself more." I grin confidently, just as rain starts to splatter across our faces.

" I do believe in myself!" I say defensively, over the pitter-pattering of the rain.

"then how come it never shocks you when you don't get a part?" I have answered this same stupid question a thousand times before.

"because there are thousands of other actresses in New York City. The chances of me getting anything are slim to none. It doesn't matter much." we walk into my father's shop, gleeful to get out of the dagger like rain.

"I swear," I begin, off topic. "The weatherman here is a complete idiot! He said today would be nice and sunny.

For some reason Roderick glares at me.

Books line the thin walls. The warmth that flows from the fire place heats my body as we pass by it. The room is dimly lit by a an Americana lamp sitting in the corner. Several people sit in cozy chairs, waiting to see Roger Mondelli, my father, the therapist.

Edna Mcneary stands perkily behind the counter. She looks like a model with her blonde long hair curling down to her slim waist. She wears a white blouse and jeans that make Roderick look like he is gonna start to drool. When she smiles, I cringe. "he will be ready to see you in a moment." her voice sounds like a bunch of care bears and unicorns and telletubbys mashed together into one puke worthy sound.

"thanks." I say blankly. I find it absolutely ridiculous that I have to schedule meetings with my own father, but still, I take my seat with Roderick.

"all I was saying is that you need to have more confidence in getting the parts you audition for." his voice is hushed so that none of dad's patients can hear him. "I mean, isn't this your, like, eighth audition this week?" he goes on with the conversation I had almost forgotten about.

"fine." he has worn me down with all this shit. "I will try to be more enthusiastic next time, and when I don't get the part, it will be you dealing with me. Happy?"

He grins. "now there is my little acting failure."

"shut up."

Inside my dad's office Roderick and I sit down. Father goes through several files before noticing us, his light eyes shielded by spectacles. When he looks up his face is masked by surprise. "you're here Rachel," his eyes pass over Roderick. "and you brought … uhh … your friend." Roderick rolls his eyes. 10 years and dad still doesn't remember his name. "How did that thing go?" he says, looking back down at his note pad as if an audition for the wizard of oz is normal.

"I didn't get it." I say, my eyes wavering, awaiting his reaction.

"of course you didn't." he mumbles under his breath. "well anyway I am very busy, so if that's all, please go away." he always ends the few conversations we have with this.

"uh-uh-uh- okay…umm…bye." he doesn't even look up.

And that is one of our longer conversations.

Once outside Roderick turns to me. "that was awkward."

"you know my family. That is as warm as it gets." Roderick stares at me thoughtfully, then he smiles.

"tonight. You. Me. Coney island." I grin. He really is the best friend ever. "my treat."

"oh my god! thank you!" I embrace him in a hug that leaves him blushing.

"yeah, yeah, I know. Come on, lets go get something to eat." we move through the crowded street, filled with adults chattering on bluetoothes like a bunch of insane people talking to themselves.

We hear music flowing from some large speakers nearby: Xander Hadley's auto tuned voice. He is a huge british pop star, and he is mostly famous for his good looks. With curly brown hair, playful dimples that crease into bashful valleys whenever he smiles, and exotically beautiful green eyes, he can make any girl swoon. However his voice is so fake that I cant even get lost in his eyes without becoming sidetracked by the fact that he cant sing. It really ruins it for me.

We get to Madeline's café, a small store where the scent of coffee and sandwiches drifts to my nose the second we walk through the doorway. Roderick stands in line and I sit down in one of the cherry red booths, my eyes glued on a man outside, holding a guitar and singing.

Roderick hands me a warm coffee, and for about 10 minutes we sit there and stare out the window, taking everything in.

- Roderick's POV

She stares prettily out the window, her short and shiny hair spiking out in all directions, making her look like a sweet punk, if there is such a thing. Dark lashes frame her black eyes, which have small hints of copper. Her pink full lips closed around the coffee in her pale hand. I wonder what Rachel is thinking. Her sparkling eyes watch the man outside as he plays his instrument in the pouring rain. She always has been very empathetic.

We have been best friends since 2nd grade, and I can remember how it happened.

I was sitting in my seat at school all alone. The other boys, who played sports nonstop, sat at one end of the room. The boys who got the best grades sat by the coats, and I sat at the barren table in the corner. The girls, naturally, had made a point of sitting as far away from us as possible. At the time I was in love with Carrie miles, a blonde girl with bright blue eyes and who always walked around with her two loyal lackeys. She never noticed me, and I had absolutely no way of knowing how to interact with girls.

Class started. Mr. marrow stood before us in overalls and a green flannel shirt. "today we have a new student named Racheletta Scarlet Mondelli. Please welcome her to this class nicely." the principle fluttered in with her usual arrogant composure in which she acted as if she were 20 years younger. She took with her a girl with short curly black hair wearing a pink jumper. The girl looked reluctant at first, but when she looked up and saw that she had a captive audience of children she smiled toothlessly.

"hello young children. This is your new classmate." she bent down to Racheletta scarlet Mondelli's level. "why not you tell us about yourself, Racheletta?" Rachel eagerly nodded and turned to the class without hesitation.

"firstly, do not call me Racheletta. I prefer to simply be Rachel." her words came out projected and enunciated, making it easy for her peers to comprehend, and when she spoke her eyes shone with supreme and genuine meaning, as if every single syllable was a show in itself. Everyone was immediately astonished by her voice, which flew from her small being like doves from a cage. "my favorite movie is the titanic." everyone was confused for a moment, because we all had only recently learned about the titanic and we thought that it was merely a boat that sunk. "I like the color pink, because the color pink is soothing to the eye and to the mind and whenever I think of the color pink eye think of the play Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare because in my favorite scene Juliet is stand on a balcony covered in pretty pink and red roses." of course most of us had heard of Romeo and Juliet but none of us understood it. "and when I grow up, I will be a star." there was something in her eyes, something deep within her, that made me believe her. And when she spoke, the words filled me with their grace. Her presence.

Something that helped her gain these magnificent acting abilities is the fact that she would give anything to be someone else, so when she acts, she is given a role, and even if it is the smallest role, she is another person. She isn't the girl who grew up with an unloving father, a drug addicted pregnant sister, and an AWOL brother. Her mother was a star too. She was woman who ruled the Broadway and movie scene, whose death caused an uproar throughout the nation. She had been assassinated by a crazed man who disliked one of her movies, It Is Easy To Love. But after a year or two, the man was convicted of murder and put in jail for a lifetime, and eventually the world forgot about the beautiful Miranda Mondelli.

Everyone, except her daughter.

Though Rachel was only 3 when it happened, her world still changed forever. And now she is trying to make it big in the acting world, which is harder then it seems.

- Rachel's POV

I wonder if they sell burgers here?Probably not, they don't usually sell burgers in cafes, and even if they did I left my wallet in my room this morning. I look down at the digital watch on my wrist.


I look up at Roderick, a dazed expression seems to have fallen across his face. "I've gotta go. Can you pick me up in an hour?" I am already standing up by the time the sentence is over. Roderick nods foggily. I open the heavy door, and sprint through it, into the cold. I am immediately seized by the freshness in the air that burns at my lungs like icy fire. I trudge through puddles of water to the office.

I walk past the waiting room, through the narrow corridor leading to dads office, and up 1 flight of stairs. The second floor is not as plush as the first. Dad claims to be saving all of moms money, but everyone on the block knows that he has gambled away almost everything, however he still proceeds to keep acting as if he were an intelligent therapist without any problems. He has ALOT of problems.

I enter the kitchen, a small room with a fridge, a microwave, an oven and a wooden table with streaks of purple permanent marker drawn across the top from when I was little. The floor is made of dirty tiles covered in stains. I walk through the open door and into the living room.

This room is tiny as well. The ugly green carpets smells like mothballs and ketchup. A dark leather chair sits facing the 90's TV with the antenna that is duck taped to the wall so that we get semi-good reception. The chair and television have seen better days.

Another hallway comes. My dad's room is at the end. I pass by my brothers room: uninhabited. My sisters room is empty as well. Not unusual.

Finally, my room, at the top of another flight of stairs. it is the smallest, and the ceiling is at a horizontal angle since it is at the attic and that is where the roof slants. The pale blue walls are thin and cracked. A mirror sits against one, its yellow frame leaning against it. My bed stands lazily at the foot of the grimy window overlooking the noisy streets. My clothes lay in a trunk tucked into the corner. A rickety desk stands to the side of the doorway, my wallet, black leather jacket, and keys strewn offhandedly on it. I close the curtains, but the room is still dimly lit by the grey whiteness of the clouds outside. I peel off my sweaty dingy clothes and I trade them out for some dark skinny jeans and a slender tank top. I toss my short hair around, hoping to find some sort of way to keep it in control, but to no avail. My thick black hair has a mind of its own. It makes my skin so pale that I look almost ghostly white. Like a vampire. I push this thought out of my mind as I pull on my jacket.

I am dressed and ready and it is only 4:32. I grab laptop from under my bed and plug it in. I go on facebook, where my headshot is a picture of me and Nellie, my friend, sticking our tongues out at the camera.

Racheletta Scarlet's status:

hey! Going to Coney island with Roderick! Yyyyyyyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

I wait for a second, my eyes on the bar to my right, where several green dots are illuminated brightly.

I just got a comment. I click on it.

Darren Mard: dude…that's awesome. How did your audition go?

Racheletta Scarlet: I *sob* didn't get it.*reaches for tissue and blows nose*

Nellie Golding: oh no!

Darren Mard: they are crazy lunatics if they didn't choose you!

Nellie Golding: stop it Darren! You are just going to make it worse.

Racheletta Scarlet: it is ok, rally.

Racheletta Scarlet: *really

Darren Mard: see! Anyway, you will never guess what I am about to say, and you will love me for it!

Nellie Golding: you have become a monk? You are going to move away? Forever? You have finally tricked a girl into kissing you? sweet...


Nellie Golding: oh…. I am trembling with fear... All caps...

Markus Fad: hey guys!

Darren Mard: hi.

Nellie Golding: Hola.

Racheletta Scarlet: hey.

Darren Mard: come on guys, this is really big news, just let me get it out.

Racheletta Scarlet: I am listening.

Darren Mard: my uncle is the Emmy nominated director Max Mard and he is making a movie called Just Like That it is a comedy and a romance. He wants someone new for the lead role. Auditions are 10:00 tomorrow. I think you should try out. I will email the address to you if you want.

Racheletta Scarlet: omg! Darren, the next time I see you I will kiss you! I love you! Thankyouthankyouthankyouthan kyou!

Darren Mard: looking forward to it. Bye.

Nellie Golding: bye.

Markus Fad: ? WGO?….. I must have come into the conversation too late. Bye.

Racheletta Scarlet: buh-bye.

As I shut my computer I smile widely and giggle as I gaze up at the only poster that hangs in my room. A poster of a beautiful young woman with raven hair and almond eyes stands in a pool of light, a blue dress flowing around her like water. My mother.

"I have another audition tomorrow!" I gush, as if she can still hear me.

My watch says 4:55. I sprint down to the cold wet sidewalk outside, where a yellow taxi sits before me, Roderick already in the back. I nudge myself inside, sitting next to him. I smile, and at first glance, I can tell that he knows something has happened.

- Roderick's POV

Whenever something big happens to Rachel, she gets this smile. It is a wide and lovely smile that rarely graces her face with its shining brilliance. She has it now.

"guess what?" her eyes are wild.


"I am going to audition for a movie!" this is big. Rachel has only ever auditioned for stage productions, never films. I grin as butterflies flow through me, too.

"your kidding, right?" seriousness fills the entirety of her twinkling eyes.

"no, I'm not kidding."

"wow! What do you know about the movie?" I say, not getting fully excited yet. She looks taken aback.

"well….Um.. I know that it is called Just Like That, and they are looking for someone new, and… oh! It is going to be directed by Max Mard, darren told me about it on face book. What should I wear to the audition tomorrow? Oh I know…" she chatters on as we make our way through the crowded streets. I fall back into my own memories.

"alright, why not you take your seat." mr. marrow interrupts young Rachel's Puck monologue that has me on the edge of my seat. She smiles nervously, as she scans the room for a spot. The whole class stares at her in awe, some kids with their jaw hanging open. She locks eyes with me for a brief moment. Then she starts to sit in a chair next to Carrie Miles who quickly swipes her hand over it.

"sorry, that spot is taken." she tilts her head sweetly. Rachel stands awkwardly in the center of the class room. And then she sees me. Reluctantly she trudges over and plops herself down in a plastic blue chair

A couple days later I sit on the swings during recess watching Carrie Miles as she plays tag. I keep on standing up and then sitting down again, in a constant battle with myself. Part of me wants to continue watching her from the shadows, but the other part of me wants to talk to her. Finally I make my decision.

I run straight at her, pinning her to the ground with my freckled arm. She squealed in pain as a sharp rip distinctively tore her soft knit black dress up the front, revealing a white tank top and white tights. Her arms flail upward, quickly smack my face.

I had absolutely no idea what to do. I have seen several other boys rambunctiously chasing and tackling girls, so why is she hitting me? Bobbie Kinser pulled me off of carrie and throws me onto the gravel with a harsh splash of rocks. He helped carrie to her feet. She stood before me, small white scrapes visible over her arms. Fat delicate tears roll down her crimson cheeks.

"I'm telling!" her saucy voice was lengthened into a cold whine. She trotted off with her friends, Bobbie kinser following as if he were a body guard.

I was left laying in the rough gravel, my mouth dry. I heard footsteps behind me, the gravel crunching beneath someone's sneakers.

"need help?" a soft voice falls upon me from someone's shadow.

"Yes please." a long arm pulled me to my feet so that I was face to face with rachel. Her porcelain skin shined in the bright new York daylight. A small smile tinted her lips and dark eyes. Her short black hair pointed out at the sides into small tips. For a seven year old, she was extremely punk. Her eyes were teasing. "you really get the girls." a smile crosses my face. Our friendship began.

We were in sixth grade, studying for a project in the library after school. I was late.

The cold air fills my lungs icily as my bike flies along the sidewalk. The sounds of traffic run through my ears softly, like silk. The brown boxlike library becomes visible up ahead. The sun burns against the back of my neck as I ride up and lock my bike to a pole glazed with thin ice.

I sprint to the door, which I push myself through. The dimness of the front lobby pains me, and I am forced to wait for my eyes to adjust from the bright outside to the dark windowless library. I run past the pretty receptionist to the back, where Rachel sits primly, our books laid out in front of her. Her eyes hold an iron grip on mine, and I notice how they sparkle.

"I have been waiting for, like," her eyes shift to the clock. "an hour." something inside me flutters as she speaks, making me uncomfortable. Silent, I slide in next to her. Our shoulders touch slightly, and I tingle. She watches me, bemused.

"Umm...where were you?"

It takes me a moment before I can comprehend her words. "I uhh...was late."

"yeah, i noticed. Now where were you late?" her face is deadpanned.

"oh! I couldn't find my bike lock."

"whatever. Come on we need to get to work." something deep within me feels different. As if seeing Rachel has activated my heart to flutter when im around her. And being so close to her hurts me. I want to be able to feel her soft hair. I want to be part of her. I want her to feel the same way. For the first time I have noticed how beautiful she is. Her dark hair, her blackened pupils swirled with crimson, her skin white like snow.

That was how I fell in love with my best friend.

Back in the cab, my mind returns to my 17 year old self. To my right Rachel's jittery utterance continues.

"I should do a puck monologue! Or maybe I shouldn't be so shakespearean. " she looks at me, her eyes asking what I think. I shrug my shoulders.

"Rachel, listen," I grab her by her shoulders, my calloused fingers rubbing against her leather jacket, which i yearn to pull off of her. "you are the best actress I know. You can get the part as long as you try. Nothing is in your way, okay? But tonight we are going to cony island, and it will be so fucking awesome that you will forget about all your rejections. But first you have to let go of life for a couple hours and just live. I know that didnt make much sense." my outburst surprises even me. Hesitantly, I watch her fidget in her seat, then a smile crosses her face.

"feisty." she flashes me a sparkling smile as she pushes me away and laughes.

- Rachel's POV

The clouds have faded away into the starless navy sky. I can see the ferris wheel crawl through the heavens, just visible over an array of dark buildings. As we get closer the lights become far more vivid, and each bulb absolutely explodes with golden tawny light that only becomes brighter in contrast with the night. The ferris wheel rotates quickly, shining through the sky like a shooting star. The rumble of the roller coaster sounds like an earthquake as our taxi pulls up to a curb.

"'ere we are." our elderly taxi driver says, his hand outstretched for money. Roderick drops it into his hands and helps me out of the taxi. It drives away quickly. I can hear carnival music playing over the rattle of the rides, lovers laugh merrily, young children cry, and other teens walk coolly along the boardwalk. I grin. I love everything about coney island, the smell, the sight, the sound. It is all beautiful.

"So what do you want to do first?" roderick asks to my right. I laugh, he already knows the answer. The roller coaster.

"oh god, I feel sick." my mind reeling as I stagger to a table where soda seems to have spilt, glazing the white plastic table stickily.

"i told you not to eat a chilly dog and then go on the roller coaster again." Roderick responds. my eyes feel like they are rolling around in my head.

"shut up." i sit across from him, and purposefully bang my head against the edge of the table. I soon regret it. "ow." I whine. Looking up, Roderick is amused. He is rather attractive, messy blonde hair, blue eyes, and decently tan skin. I have never felt anything but friendship towards him, though.


"heeeyyy! rachhheellll!" Someone slurs. Roderick and I both search for the speaker. Off in the crowd, I see Nellie, standing with Daren, Daniel, Mari, Veronica, Kristen, Madison, and Roger, all of whom seem to be slightly tipsy as they trip over to us. Roderick and I have an odd group of friends.

I snicker as Darren falls into the dirt on his face. He pulls himself up. Everyone slides onto chairs around the table.

"hi!" Nellie says. Several more hellos follow. Darren sits down next to me and pulls me under my arm so that my head is leaning against his broaud strong shoulder. He smells vaguely of alchohal.

"god, you smell horrible." I say, laughing. "and I think you are drunk."

"you think wrong. I simply smell drunk. Long story, we can get to it later. Earlier on facebook when you said you were coming here i thought it sounded fun so I got a group going and we all came over here." he replies. His arm is still wrapped around me. I have known him for a long time. He is tall, strong, and extremely attractive, pretty much every girl's dream guy. I like him, but solely as a friend. Once I went to a party in middle school and when we played spin the bottle I ended up kissing him. There has been a sort of sexual tension between us ever since. I look up and am greeted by Roderick's stony eyes. I pass this off. He has never liked Darren for some reason.

"hey, can we get something to eat?" nellie grins. Her deep red hair flowing down to her waist. She wears a grey hoodie, dark jeans, and a tight white tank top.

"god, no!" i say, remembering my previous state. "I am so stuffed."

"Rachel, you are like a toothpick! You need something to eat before you disappear." Nellie walks off to the counter to order everyone food. We all sit awkwardly until Darren breaks the silence. He turns to me.

"where is my kiss?" His voice is teasing. I roll my eyes.

"excuse me?"

"you said the next time you see me you will kiss me. Come on, pay up. And i would rather you kiss me now because that leather jacket turns me on." I stare at him, my eyebrows raised.

"your scared!" mari taunts.

"you dont think you can handle it!" daniel adds, his Justin beiber hair off to the side.

"he is just too-" veronica begins, but before she can finish her cruelty i push my lips against roderick's grinning ones. The smell of his cologne drags me into him. He kisses me back aggressively. His nose nuzzles mine as he stands up, with me in his grasp, and leans me against the table so that my upper body is laid out against the table and his hands keep me trapped there as he bends down. His tongue massages the inside of my mouth as our stomachs touch. He is a brilliant kisser, and though my body is pretty much bent in a 90 degree angle i feel comfortable. Over the years i have had several boyfriends, but none were as good at kissing as darren, who angles his head perfectly so that our noses touch exactly right.

"get a room." i hear roderick mumble. We pull away, gasping for breath, and for a slight second I see bewilderment in darren's eyes, as if he expected me to be to scared to kiss him. I am not scared of anything.

Both Darren and I sit back down, as If nothing ever happened.

Nellie whistles. "god, I love having friends who will make out with me whenever I want." this makes the table erupt with laughter. I look up at Darren.

"never again." i say. he smirks.

A waitress takes a pizza over and sets it at the table. We eat.

Everyone else has gone on another ride. I stay behind to observe the rest of the booths. Dart throwing, win a car, you know the kind of stuff. I zone out as I pass them by, my mind going astray from my current body.

We all sit in a circle in Madison's room, an empty bottle in the middle. Everyone is jittery, including myself. I have never kissed a boy. Nellie is to my left and Roderick is to my right, his eyes illuminated with anxiety. Madison stands up, her delicate figure petite. Her short blonde hair hangs limply on her shoulders.

"ok, everyone ready?" her voice is unsteady. Everyone nods in apprehension. "alright. I go first." she spins. We move through the circle slowly and I can see the relent on people's faces when the ten second kiss is over. Then it is my turn.

My heart starts pumping madly. I feel butterflies in my stomach, fluttering around. Slowly, I move to the bottle. I twist it and it twirls around. It spins and spins and spins. It doesn't end. Until finally, it stops. In front of it sits a boy with dark brown hair, large youthful blue eyes, and a muscled body. Darren. His expression is a mix between attraction and a smirk. We both stand up and walk up to each other so that I can feel his hot breath against my skin, like lava pouring over ice. I know that my eyes are wide, but that doesn't matter, what does matter is the fact that Darren Mard's arms have wrapped around my waist and my body is slowly moving into his. Then I find my lips attached to his. He seems to be more experienced then I, because our lips are locked in a French kiss in about 3 seconds. His hands move from my waist to my head, where he holds my chin up with his palm. My hands hang limply at my sides. The group applauds around us in admiration. I try to pull away, but he doesn't let go. I don't really care, he seems to be a lot more into it then I am, so I just stand there for a little while. following his lead until a hard hand pulls me away.

The first thing I see is an extremely confused Darren, his lips still parted. Then I turn and see Roderick, his furious eyes riddling me with burning stares. I don't understand what is going on.

"that's enough." he growls. I sit down with him. When I look up Darren is still standing there, his eyes on me hungrily. When he reluctantly sits down, he is still watching me.

After that whenever I saw him there was something different in his eyes. Like an unfullfilled dream. The kiss wasn't a big deal to me, i mean, It was my first kiss and all, but after it I didn't feel any thing.

The smell of hot dogs stiffens the air around me. I am walking through the crowd. I pass several stores before

I hear a voice. A small tent with gold trimming stands to my left. A woman with long golden braids hanging from her scalp sits in a rocking chair, tucked comfortably into a snuggie.

"young lady, come in. Please." for a second I stare into the tent, which had several dark wood book cases holding a variety of crystal balls, candles, mirrors, and a few books covered in golden fabric. For the fun of it, I walk in, and am suddenly blasted with hot air. A chair sits next to the woman made of hard wood. She smiles at me mysteriously, her face twisted into a dark shape.

"umm...hey...uhh...what do you want?" i glare at her, trying to intimidate her. She is unfazed.

"sit." she gestures to the chair. I don't have time for this.

"listen lady, I don't have my money with me and truthfully, this magic stuff is shit."

"it's free. Now sit, rude child." the woman gets a commanding voice about her. Curiously, i sit.

"rude is not a very nice word." I smirk.

"neither is shit. Now I want you to look into my eyes." I roll my eyes before I focus on her's. Almost immediately I am taken over by their intense blue grip, like an ocean. The waves lap over the sand, their pasty white bubbles deteriorating at the surface of the water. The woman's voice falls over the scene. "tell me, what do you see?" the water changes into one golden light that blinds me. I can see the silhouette of a large audience before me. Something shoots up my spine as gasp. "there is an audience!" her eyes go back to the blue and I shake my head, confused. "o my god! How do you do that?" she gives me a look of disdain.

"calm yourself. I am a fortune teller. This is my job. Your aura gives me the sense that you are battling something. You like to be the center of attention and you are good at it. You act as if you couldnt care less about love, but in reality you need it more then anyone. You have lost someone...someone important." my heart tightens.

"your crazy." how dare this woman pretty much take me captive and then tell me how I feel! "you are stoned."

"don't be rude-"

"you cant control me!" i say, a little too loud. People stare into the tent. I stand up. "what are you looking at?" I shout at them. They leave in a hurry.

"quiet! Let me finish." I sit back down. "you can't tell that many people love you, which is why you keep searching. Your future is hazy and complicated. Secretly you are in love with a boy, but you don't tell anyone and I am not sure you even know that you are in love with him." my jaw clenches as I grab my purse and stand up, turning to the woman.

"you are a crazy, stoned, drunk bitch!" as I walk out I tip over a crystal ball, and with a shattering crash, I leave.

Roderick and I ride up the ferris wheel the clanking sound of metal scraping against itself. I have told him about the woman already. He thinks I was a little too harsh.

The lights from the rides reflects across the glistening water beneath us. The sky ripples in dark blue.

"tonight is so beautiful." Roderick says quietly. I am not the kind of person who appreciates nature, so this "beauty" is lost on me.

"I guess." I turn to look at him, but I find myself centimeters away from his face. Our lips especially are close together. His eyes are hypnotic, like staring into two sapphires. I soon get caught up in them, and I realize that Roderick is leaning in to me.

"keep your hands off my girl!"Darren's voice interrupts the moment, and I am thankful for it. Darren, of course, isn't my boyfriend and I don't think he would really care if I kissed roderick, but I am sure he saw my uncomfortable expression and decided to save me. Roderick looks slightly uncomfortable as well. He probably doesnt want to kiss me either.

- nellie's POV

Darren watches as she walks away with Roderick. "he is a lucky son of a bitch." he mutters disdainfully. I am leaning against a dark black booth, twirling a strand of my hair. His pathetic loneliness is laughable. I snicker to myself and he spins around to me.


"nothing." i fold my arms over my chest. "you are just so sad."

"I am not sad."

"Come on! You have been crushing on Rachel forever! You can't stand to see her with roderick. You are so fucking pathetic." his eyes roll, but I can tell that a small piece of him cares. I can't help but feel bad. "sorry."

"you should be." his eyes are faded blue, like worn jeans, His hair is floppy and dark, and, obviously, He is extremely sexy. My heart beats rapidly as he walks toward me. My mouth goes dry as he grabs onto my arm. He pulls me through the crowd.

"where are we going?" I say, fighting only a little bit.

"you make up for being so mean, you have to dance with me." god, he is really good at getting the girls. However, I hate dancing.

"what?!" I squawk.

"come on Nellie, it isn't a big deal." music reaches my ears from an ugly golden brown building. He pushes the black door open. A live band plays a song that falls over the large room. People dance with it in gliding twists and twirls. Just my luck. A slow song. He pulls me out onto the floor with surprising grace and let's go of my hand. Bowing, he smiles sweetly. He reaches for hand. His lips brush against it leaving it tingling with joy. Darren straightens up and places my hand on his solid shoulder and his own on my waist. My left hand sits in his palm. He guides me slowly.

"ow." he winces as my foot clumsily slips onto his toes.


"it is ok." his voice is strained.

This is going to be a long dance.