Fairy Wings


More than 10 centuries have past since we last saw our Fairy Tail comrades. January 1, 2017, the day magic died. Most guilds were forced to disband, by the government, thinking that there aren't any more problems. But they were wrong. There are still many dark guilds that are still standing from this day and the guilds that have opposed the law of disbanding their guilds are-Fairy Tail and Sabertooth.-
our only hope to defeat them.

Chapter 1

20th of August 2004

It was very traffic at this time in Magnolia. Water fell rapidly from the sky. When the stoplight went down to the color red, a car stopped in front of it. It was white. It was small. Inside that car was a family of four. A father, a mother and their two daughters. The father was sitting in the driver's seat. The mother was sitting on the seat beside him and on her lap was her youngest daughter, Danielle Grace. At the back was her eldest, Jennifer.

"Mommy! Can we play with daddy?" A four-year old asked her mom.

"Sorry, darling. Daddy can't play right know." The mother said.

"Can I just sit in his lap?" The little girl asked with pleading eyes.

"No, hun. Don't interrupt daddy." The mom repeated.

"Please?" The little girl asked.

"No means no, Dani. Grow up." Another girl said.

The stoplight went up to green.

Tears started forming on the girl's eyes. "B-but..." Suddenly a hand appeared on her shoulder. She turned around and saw her father smiling at her. "Come." He said, patting his lap. Telling her to sit down. She smiled and reached for her dad's lap.

"Andrew, look out!"

Everything became white.




"Danielle? Danielle? "




1st of January 2018

"Danielle? Dani, wake up!" A teenage boy said, shaking the sleeping girl. She groaned in reply.

"Dani, come on. Let's go!" Her eyelids opened to reveal her beautiful emerald green eyes.

"Leo?" She said in a high-pitched voice. The boy nodded. "Who else? Anyway, let's go to the guild. It's the guild's first year anniversary! You promised we'd go together." He whined.

Dani rubbed her eyes and got off the bed. She went got her towel and opened the bathroom door. "I'll be back in a sec."

After taking a bath, she got her clothes and put them on. A yellow dress under a brown cardigan and brown boat shoes. She brushed her long, layered red velvet hair and neatly tied it into a ponytail. She reached for the door knob and twisted it. She saw Leo sitting in her bed, patiently waiting for her.

Leonard Greene, often called as Leo. He was wearing a white button-down shirt, blue jeans and white sneakers. He witnessed his parents death 15 years ago. This man uses lightning dragon slayer magic.

"Let's go." She said, smiling. Leo nodded and followed her out of her apartment.

The guild was noisy, as always. But they had to admit it was very fun to be in this guild. Dani and Leo both opened the door and everyone greeted them hello. "Dudes!" A blonde teen said. He was wearing a white polo, black pants and black sneakers. His hair stood up, showing his handsome face.

This man is Gabriel Dare, also known as Gab. His father died when he was little, which left him with his step mom and his step brothers. They all abused him and treated him like trash. So one day, he ran away and came here. He uses the magic his father possessed, Shadow magic.

Dani raised an eyebrow. "And dudettes. Come on, we're playing truth-or-dare." He said, leading the two people to a round table.

Gab sat beside Elle, the brunette. Elle sat beside John, another brunette, who sat next to Perrie, a silver-haired teen. Dani sat beside Gab and Leo beside Perrie.

"Okay, I'll start." Perrie said, "Dani, truth or dare?"

This girl is Perrie Williams. She has silver hair which was tied into a ponytail. She wore a light pink shirt that was tucked into gray shorts. She wore black flats for the shoes. No one really knows about her past, except Dani. She is a solid-script mage.

Dani thought for a while and said, "Truth."

"Which one of us do you like the most?" Perrie asked, knowing her best friend would pick her. Unfortunately, she was wrong.

"Leo." Was all Dani replied with. Everyone's gaze turned to the blushing Leo. "I-I don't mean it in that way! I-I mean he's my best friend, why would I think that?" Everyone laughed.

"Okay, moving on. Charlie, truth or dare?" Dani asked.

"Dare." Charlie said with no hesitation.

This man is Charlie Cruz. He has been here for as long as he can remember. He wore a black leather jacket, red shirt, black jeans and black sneakers. Besides his bad ass personality and his good looks, he uses a very rare magic that, only now, can be past by blood. Because he is a descendant of the late Wendy Marvell, he uses wind dragon slayer magic.

"I dare you to go to the bathroom." Dani said as everyone sweat-dropped.

"Uh... Okay? I guess..." Charlie said as he started walking to the men's bathroom, until Dani pulled on his jacket.

"I meant the girl's bathroom, Charles." Dani smirked, letting go of his jacket. His jaw-dropped.

"A-Are you serious? Dani, come on, go easy on me..." He said.

"Aw. Is little Charlie scared? Are you chicken?" Dani teased along with the others. Charlie finally gave in and grunted as he walked towards the women's bathroom. Everyone watched him open the door and go in. They all burst into laughter.

A few minutes later, some screams were heard at the same time Charlie ran out of the bathroom with a bunch of girls chasing him.

To my beloved parents and to my dearest sister, Eloise, may you rest in peace,

Today was fun, games, drinks and all that. We played Truth or Dare and in return I got punched in the face by Charlie. No need to worry, I probably deserved it. I made him go inside the girl's bathroom. And besides, he still apologized. At midnight, every single one of the guild members went to the Southern Forest and watched fireworks fly into the sky in celebration of their 1st year of being an official guild.

Can you believe it? Today, last year, everything was in chaos. No guilds were found standing because of the new law- Guilds are no longer needed, since there are no more threats. But they were wrong. Dark guilds started to form once more and the only ones that could stop them are Fairy Tail and Sabertooth.

Since guilds and magic are prohibited, Fairy Tail and Sabertooth have been in hiding. The Fairy Tail building no longer stands on Magnolia, but beneath it. Along the forest, there is a small passageway to the underground city of Magnolia. It was the original city of Magnolia. One day, a big tsunami wiped that city from all of Fiore and the city was never found, until now. It was called the 'Abscondito Civitatula' meaning 'Secret City' in Latin.

But Fairy Tail no longer stands because they have a new name for themselves, Fairy Wings. It means that you can always achieve your dreams by believing. Never lose hope, because your wings will take you to a place where your heart belongs. Because your wings will help you achieve greatness and it will lead you to your Heaven.

Mom, Dad, I really miss you guys. I had that dream again, I think I'm starting to remember almost everything that happened since the accident. I love you, both of you.

Eloise, forgive me, I have been a stubborn brat and had caused that accident. I love you and I am sorry.

Love always,

Danielle Grace

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