She sat towards the back of the hall, an aisle seat on the right side of the hall with her pen and notepad poised ready to jot down points from the Trade Minister's speech. Her fickle nature was on overdrive as her head turned to see each passing person up the aisle.

She saw Harry and Andrew walking and taking their seats way in front of her. She waited for any signs of Mark. None. The two guys weren't even saving a seat for him next to them.

Had he got tired of waiting for the ceremony to start and just went home? That seemed like him to just get up and leave, but knowing him, surely he would have left with his housemates, right?

She didn't look for him anymore then. The ceremony started and she focused her attention.

The ceremony ended and she stood up fast to meet Shane who was going to conduct the post-ceremony interview with the minister. Some of the questions they had prepared and approved by the minister's personal assistant will need to be amended after the minister's speech just now. She needed to see him fast.

She turned to her left and saw the News Department's boss sitting at the wall end of three rows behind her. She nodded to convey they were ready for the interview, except she couldn't locate Shane anywhere. She turned to her right and her scan stopped when she heard someone called her name.

Mark was standing with his hands in his pocket from his aisle seat three rows behind her, on the left side of the hall. She basked in the view of him in his nicely suited black long-sleeved shirt tucked into his black slacks. She was a sucker for guys in tailored clothes in general... and Mark in particular. The sight of him smiling tenderly at her, and not his usual grin, was melting. She felt herself smiling back at him.

"Are you interviewing the minister?"

She marvelled at still able to hear his voice despite the ruckus in the hall and him initiating a conversation with her. It was usually her trying to get his attention and lately, she'd given up and mostly tried to ignore him to tone her crush down. The reporter who was conducting the interview was one of his closest friends; surely he knew what Shane was up to that night.

"Shane is doing it. I'm just helping out." She grinned and fidgeted with her notepad. Never one to brag about her work, she downplayed her role as one of the senior editor the college's News Department had.

Why was she being demure? Her smile lingered and she turned to scan the hall for her reporting partner to hide the fact she was giddy and perhaps a little blushing.

She saw Shane at the door, beckoning for her. She automatically walked towards him and belatedly turned to smile a goodbye at Mark before she left to do her work.

But he wasn't in her line of sight anymore.