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Monday 2:01 am

It was night. The house was silent except for a tree branch softly rustling, which seemed strangely sinister in the stillness of the night. The shadow cast by the soft light of the moon was disturbed for a moment, almost unnoticeable. The air was hot and heavy so someone had left one of the windows open. A figure flitted across and produced a disc shaped object with a handle from a fold in his black jacket. He flicked a switch and set to work. The diamond edged blade cut through the supporting rod of the window easily and the person climbed through, not making any noise. Inside, the man could just make out the faint breathing from the room he was in. He had chosen this location carefully. It was important to finish the job quickly before anyone noticed anything. According to the information he had been given, there should be four people in this house. He could see two now, oblivious to everything that was about to happen. He smiled, producing a vial containing a colourless substance. Covering his face with a mask and using a glove, he applied the lotion on both people's lips and slipped out the door in the room. He had memorised the blueprint he had been given the night before and glided confidently into another room, doing the same to the others. The order was to use it on one person, but it wouldn't hurt to use it on all of them. He went back to the window and replaced the rod with one identical to the original one. Then, his mission completed, he exited via the front door. Anyone watching would have found it odd that the person coming out from house number twenty-three had not been seen going in, but of course that night was chosen out of many others. It was freezing outside so there was nobody about. Even if there had been, people saw what they expected to see, and all they would have seen was a man, casually dressed, striding purposefully down the street.

Tuesday 7:00 am

When the delivery-girl, Sarah, rang the doorbell the next day, no one answered. She tried again several times but still, silence. Becoming very impatient, she was tempted to leave the package outside but knew that if someone found out, she would get fired. Running out of options, she tried the door. If that didn't work, she would have to try the windows. Slowly, placing her hand on the knob, she twisted it slightly, expecting the door to be locked. To her surprise, the knob turned and Sarah edged the door open.

'Mr Andrews, the package you requested has arrived!'

No reply.

'Mr Andrews?' She called again. Unconsciously, her voice had dropped to a whisper. Unable to contain her curiosity, the girl entered the nearest room. Mr and Mrs Andrews were lying in bed, eyes closed. They were very still and looked somehow funny in their nightclothes, as if they were playing dead fish. She gently prodded the man with her finger but then froze.

The man named Mr Andrew's body was very hard. And very cold. Looking closely, there also seemed to be something weird about his skin. She stood there for a moment, then edgily held the man's hand and tried to find a pulse. There was none. Backing out of the room, she shakily dialled a number and held the phone to her ear.

'H-help… Mr and Mrs Andrews are… dead.' Then she gave the address.

Finally, as if suddenly realising there were two dead people in the room, Sarah opened her mouth and screamed.

The same day 7:15 am

The ambulance arrived shortly afterward with the police just behind, and only until then, did the girl snap out of her stupor.

A policeman strode up to her,

'Hello, you must be Miss Bell. Please sit down. You must have had a huge shock.

After the delivery-girl had sat down, the policeman asked a series of questions. The girl responded with either a nod or a shake of the head.

After three days of investigation, it was decided that the four Andrews' had all died of a heart attack the night before their bodies were discovered. Traces of cocaine and other drugs had been found in the blood samples so it was assumed that that was the cause. Since they were all over fifty and had high blood pressure, it was possible that their health got the better of them. It briefly crossed Sarah's mind that there was something peculiar about four people dying at roughly the same time from the same cause, but the police seemed to know what they were doing so she brushed the thought away.

She was invited to the Andrews' funeral which would be held at the local cemetery on the next day. She promised to go.

Friday 5:03 pm

Sarah sat on her bed, shocked by the turn of events in the past few days. The only reason she had been delivering the parcel was because she was short on money. She saw the faces of the Andrew's clear in her mind. Now that she thought back, the girl wondered how she didn't know they were dead at first glance. There were already signs of rotting going on. Why did she choose that job out of all things anyway? Sarah buried her head in here hands and sobbed.

Suddenly, for a moment, sound was amplified to her ears. She could hear her own breathing and her beating heart. She could also feel the blood rushing through her veins. It felt exhilarating.

The sobs turned to laughter, high and shrill. Sarah's eyes rolled over and she collapsed onto the bed. She still had the smile on her face and with her eyes opened wide and the tears streaking down her face, she looked like a monster.

In the hospital

The man lay on the hospital bed. He was conscious, but barely. The only thing keeping him alive was the doctors' desperate hands. He had been here for four hours, constantly opening and closing his mouth as if trying to say something. He heard a beeping sound from the next ward and smiled grimly.

Seems like the nurse's already dead.








At the funeral, the girl did not appear.

The next day, there were five more deaths. They all died from the same illness as the Andrews'. At the time, it was only thought of as a coincidence; as just the usual peculiar death news on TV.

And then, without warning,

The illness spread.


The woman put her gloved hands on the boy's shoulders, and the material of her mask crinkled. Her eyes showed a look of regret as she turned around and said a single word.


At first, the boy was hesitant and then, slowly, he backed away from the barred door.

Behind him, the house was engulfed in a sea of flames.

13 years later

The boy's eyes flew open. He was drenched in sweat and as he sat up, he put a hand to his face.

He thought back to his dream. What was it about again? He climbed off the bed, looking around. The only furniture in the room was a small table and the bed. He walked over to the table and opened the draw.

There was an ID card and a piece of paper. It had a picture of a boy and some words underneath:

Name: -

DOB: -/-/2072

Status: Unknown


As he slid the drawer open further, he spotted a small metal badge. When he held it, it glowed dimly and an address appeared along the edge.