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Chapter 1- The Start

After the highly contagious disease, 'killer', spread across the Earth, what they called 'humans' were split into three groups.

The one of the lowliest status and an endangered group: infected. These beings were infected by 'killer'.

Then, the next lowest group: recovered. The people of this status had been infected by 'killer' but were cured.

The highest, which made up the elders and their subordinates: immune. These people did not become infected even after exposure to 'killer'.

On the first of January 2090, fifteen years after the disease spread globally, immune used recovered as experiments and made a vaccine that could cure the disease. According to them, for the vaccine to work, the subject's cells must first start to deteriorate. During the process of curing infected, the research centre was blown up and all the data and back-up vaccines were destroyed. It was believed to be a terrorist attack. The infected, the rotting period of their bodies made premature, almost became extinct. Only the few infected who received the vaccine were cured.

Excerpt from 'After 2075' by Dr F. West

-Head scientist of Beings Development Branch

January, 2099

Monday 12:00 am

It was cold. The being in the glass case thought, as he breathed in the artificial oxygen through a metal tube. There were also several cords connecting him to the computer. He could feel the air running through his lungs and into his blood, and the blood rushing through his body. He felt the liquid surrounding him tickling the pores in his skin.

All at once, his hearing also came. A jumble of voices reached his still-sensitive ears.

...he can't be…failed experiment…successful…report…Dr…

He wanted to know what they were talking about but his limbs felt heavy. Even his eyelids wouldn't open, so there was no way he could communicate.

That was all he had time to think before a few taps on the keyboard pulled him back into his dreamless sleep.

4:06 am

The woman watched as Raymond Claymore exited the building of X-Falcon. It was ten in the evening but very bright. The streets were lit up using pollution-panels since the only thing abundant on Earth at the moment was pollution. Bugs had been planted all around the street and in the company, but it was required for her to watch. Standing on the company building two blocks from X-Falcon, she thought absentmindedly that one of the advantages of being on a badly repaired rooftop where there was less light was that, as long as they didn't suspect anything, you can see them, but they cannot see you.

Dr Claymore was a high-ranked servant of the elders and so, prone to attacks. He was, like all high-ranking officers, an immune. The disease had had no effect on him, or so the elders told the public. Mia had just received information from the higher-ups that when the bomb demolished the research centre ten years ago, a small amount of data had been found. It happened to be that the supervisor was away on that day from noon-two hours before the bomb exploded. She was told that the supervisor was Claymore. This was the most information that she had ever been given so she was determined to do a good job.

Mia was an extremely low-ranked officer. She did as she was told and was not allowed to ask questions. The task outline was very brief. All she had to do was report back what Claymore was doing. So far she had watched him for three days and it was the third night. What bugs and cameras recorded went straight to the Third Elder's headquarters. As Claymore stopped in front of his car door, Mia silently slid down from the building using an escape line and followed.

4:25 am

Dr West entered the laboratory after everyone was sent out.

The being in the glass case looked very still but Dr West could tell from the signals it was sending that it was alive. Just to be sure, he ran a full-scan on the body and the computer. There were no errors or any abnormal signs. He then typed another series of letters and numbers in the computer.

The screen flashed.


A few seconds later the word Success appeared. The screen then automatically shut down.

Satisfied, Dr West walked out, the automatic doors sliding closed behind him.

If someone were to check the computer, there was no sign that anybody had ever touched it.

6:34 am

Karl's eyes remained closed as he woke. His communicator was vibrating noisily on his wrist so he pressed the 'answer' button to shut it up. The screen flickered up and the name 'Mia' flashed once before her image appeared on the screen

'What?' He grumbled, too sleepy to look at the screen.

'Hello, I would like to report that Claymore just went about his usual routine.' Mia said in a monotone, completely ignoring the fact that Karl had just woken up.

'Ah… It's you!'

'... I am Mia, please refrain from calling me 'you'.'

Karl grinned, his weariness already fading away, 'whatever, they're both the same anyway'. He thought for a moment, then, with a more serious tone, said,

'The higher-ups sent a message saying that your mission is finished so you don't need to keep an eye on Claymore anymore.' His grin returned, this time with a hint of cheekiness.

'Oh. And also, you just became my bodyguard.'

Mia was obviously shocked and she lost her formal tone,


7:00 am

'Should we release it?'

The man sitting behind the desk smiled.