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Chapter 4

7:01 am

The man in black looked over the streets from the roof of a building, watching the pedestrians. He had been there for just over three hours. There was a modern building about a quarter of a kilometre away.

I think that was something like a research building…

His keen eyes allowed him to see the entrance relatively clearly and he absentmindedly noticed a man wearing a black blazer enter through the automatic doors. The morning breeze tickled his skin and he shivered. He had lost his original outfit as soon as he found this abandoned place, thinking that he could survive with a thin t-shirt and shorts. Apparently not, especially if he was so high up. Hm…what should he do about that?


The doctor told me to find it by any means possible… the man smirked as he drove. Well the first step will be simple.

But seriously why were cars so slow?

12:01 pm

Mia pressed the button for the coke and was about to take it from the vending machine when Kelly poked her head over her shoulder and grabbed it.

'Thanks for the drink!' She said as she took a few gulps from the can and heaved an extra-long sigh - just to be annoying.

Mia rolled her eyes and straightened up. She tried to look stern but the feel of finally having a friend was so relieving that she couldn't keep a straight face.

Kelly grinned and leaned against the wall.

'Hey, did you see that guy in the computer room just then?'

Mia grabbed the coke back and glanced questioningly at her.

'You know, that one named Karl.' Kelly smiled dreamily.

Dreamily? Mia almost choked on her coke.


'You've been saying that a lot recently.' A familiar voice said.

It was Karl of course and Kelly suddenly became shy.

'H-hello. My name is Kelly and you're Karl right? Wait, I mean of course you are! Oh and this is Mia.' She added on a second thought.

Karl pretended not to notice her stumbles and grinned.

'I know.' He said and she seemed surprised.

'Huh? You guys know each other?'

Mia clapped her hand to her head and wished that the stupid man in front of her would vanish. Of course, he didn't, but she was dragged away by Kelly anyway.

When the girl's left, Karl's expression darkened slightly. He had not been able to enter the secret area the night before and was disturbed by how B7 was so deserted but secure nonetheless. Everything was activated by identification scans on several body parts that could not be replicated and there were probably more doors behind the main one where he ended up, equipped with similar functions.

Of course, he was not going to give up on infiltrating the place but he thought that it was probably better to not risk it until after he had more information. His secret informer had found a possible link to the underground lab. He wasn't going to make a mistake before he secured something.


Preparing to activate S-scan. Please wait.


The man on the roof was trying to remember something, but he couldn't. His mind was in a haze and any of his memories before his grand escapee seemed to be…foggy... It was like he had them, but there wasn't anything to remember. Frustrated, he occupied himself with trying to put the shirt, which he had newly acquired, on. The thing was, along with his other memories, the way to put on a shirt seemed to have went with them and was almost non-existent.


'-so this time the security was hacked again but somehow we just can't find the hacker…'

'Actually, about that, I might have found something.' Karl said to the man next to him.'


It was then when he noticed there was something on his skin. Actually, it was in it, etched into his chest. With his keen vision, he could just make it out.


What was that?

-S-scan successfully activated-

'There was a signal fault-' Karl froze as a pain shot through his head.

Suddenly, he doubled over as his heart seemed to be squeezed by an invisible hand.

'Hey, are you alright?'

Karl forced a smile.

'Yeah. It's just that I didn't get much sleep last night.'


Mia frowned. Something had been bugging her since lunch. Karl hadn't seemed right even though he had been as annoying as usual. And the fact that she felt distracted by this bugged her. Kelly had also been questioning her about how she knew him. She shook her head, attempting to clear her mind. She was at a job. She wasn't allowed to think of anything else. Kicking herself mentally, she focussed on standing beside the door. The client that hired her and some others as bodyguards was Mr Hetchen, from a Human research company, an important person, she knew, which was why the building had so many security checks. The only bodyguard that Mia really knew from her division was Kelly but she had been assigned to someone else so she didn't know anyone. It wouldn't really matter if they were accompanying their client but the weird thing was that he didn't keep anyone by his side at all. They were requested to stay at a distance. Of course, no one objected but it was really strange. They didn't even ride in the same car. Because of this, Mia had to stand alone, the others already knowing each other.

Oh well. A bodyguard must do what a bodyguard does.



The man walked through the front doors of the restaurant. The scheduled time to meet was 17:00 but arriving earlier would be more polite, not that he expected the person he was meeting to be prompt.

'This way.' He was led to a room with a table for two. As expected, there was no one there yet. Sitting down, Karl sighed. He hoped that the other man wouldn't arrive too late.


'Did you find it?' Dr West demanded to the screen before him.

'Er… yes… but there was some kind of interference so we could only find out where it was vaguely.'


'Yes. We could detect more than one location but they were quite near each other.'

The doctor frowned. 'Hm… interesting… look into it and continue searching.


The screen flashed off. He swivelled his chair around.

Interference? No way that my S-scan could've been interfered. Unless it detected something else that had a different structure than the new experiment's… But there shouldn't be anything else that reacts to S-scan. Even in past experiments, there shouldn't be-

His eyes widened. Could it be… from that? But there shouldn't be anyone left…

'Well well, isn't this an interesting discovery?'


Mia followed her client into the restaurant. It was a ridiculously decorated place-high ceilinged with ornate chandeliers, tables covered by crisp-clean, frilly edged cloth with a vase of flowers in the centre, too much space in between the tables, and those chairs…

I guess rich people come here often… She thought.

They came to a stop in front of a door and once again she and the others were told to stay outside. She saw that there was one other person in there before the door clicked shut.

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