Hey everyone! First, thanks for reading my poem. second, it is my dreem to become and author or a poet in the future and third, any comments, reviews, pm's, follows and/or favourites are appreciated! Enjoy!

My Secret Agents Poem

Three agents stood tall outside

Showered by the fierce rain

The shadowed figure opposite

Raised his gun, played his game

The first bullet fired

The recruits were fast

Weapons were loaded

And bullets flew past

Ryan, an agent

Was grabbed by the arm

Gun to his head

Friends in alarm

Daniel and Harry

Pointed their gun

They knew at this point

The madman had won

The evil man smiled

His voice thick and sly

"Put down your weapons

Or watch your friend die!"

Harry obeyed

But Daniel stood firm

He said no-one would die

Under his terms

"Very well" Sighed the man,

"It looks like the end!"

He gripped the trigger

"Don't you care for your friend?"

The question was clear

The answer was too

Should they risk the mission?

What should they do?

A BANG split the silence

Followed by another

Daniel and Harry

Tore their gaze from each other

Daniel looked at the man

He'd shot in the head

He sighed in relief

The dark man was dead

A scream and a cry

Broke Daniel's heart

As secret agent Harry

Ran past his counter part

Daniel was silent

As he watched Harry cry

He looked down at the men

He had allowed to die

Harry ran over

To where Ryan lay

Daniel stood frozen

Heart filled with dismay

Harry's best friend

Was dead thanks to him

He'd held on to his gun

He'd let the man win

Harry looked up

His eyes sore and red

If looks could kill

Then Daniel was dead.