My little brother's hero.

Every one has a hero, and kids mostly.

Some kids hero's are as meaning full as there dad's or mom's maybe even siblings...others have a cartoon character.

Kids are normally looking up to cartoon characters because of there powers, or strength, or speed, or just because they are cool.

My brother is different-and no I don't mean different in the 'aw, 'interest family member here' is his hero. I mean he picks his hero's with real true thought. not to say most kids don't

My brother walked up to me the other day and said, "Sissy, do you know who my hero is?"

I joked, "Me?"

"No!" He gave a small but cute pout, then smiled as he said, "Iron man! I mean Tony Stark."

I smiled but was interested, "Why?"

He's smile only grew, showing me just how much he wanted to tell me 'why' he picked him.

"Because he shows me that even being a nerd you can be a bad ass."

I wanted to scold him because he knows his not allowed to say 'ass' but I let it slide, it was to cute.

I understand why he said that to me though. My brother is what you would call a genius, shoot he knows things in math that I still don't fully understand even after going to college. Math is a very strong and almost boring point for him, can't say much about common sense though. Haha.

His older cousins who are more jockscall him names when he shows just how smart he is. Not in a 'in your face' way mind you. And he hears names like nerd or geek thrown at him-his glasses he has to wear don't help the names either.

But after seeing Iron Man/Tony Stark, he feels better about his brain and doesn't let names get to him as much. He just says, "So, maybe someday I'll be the one to make a real iron man suit...or at least a very smart computer that will make me rich." No one has yet to make a 'good' come back at that. :)