Before we were born

We learn ever secret ever known

And every dream ever dreamt

But we slowly forget

The dreams and secrets we knew

Fade from memory

We remember them in

Our dreams so when you can't sleep

Remember what you never new

Angel Song

When we were born

We would listen to the angels

Singing us to sleep

When we got older

We no longer understood

The words the angels sung

But the melody

Is beautiful just the same

Even without the words

End of My Days

Once upon a time

I asked a fortune teller

Before going to war

"Am I going to die?"

And she looked at me and said

" Of course you will die...

Just like everything

else. Nothing lasts forever."

And then she was gone

I pondered what she

Said till the end of my days

I had my answer

One Day

One day, after

The humans have died out and

The stars and the moon

Have dimmed and gone out

The gods will cease to exist

When the lights go out

And the universe

Ends and Death closes the door

Will this be the end?

Will we start to shine

Again and build from the darkness?

Will we start anew?

Siren's Song

The siren's song

Enchants the sailors on the ship

Singing them to their deaths

Yet they are not scared

To die such a beautiful death

They must be angels

What angel would lead

A man to his death and smile?

No, these are Sirens

They trick men to death

With their beautiful singing

And watch the men drown

Yet they do not care

About the pain they will cause

It's their way of life

To die such a death

By the hands of an angel

Must indeed be bliss

Good and Evil

What is good and evil?

Can anything really be evil?

Or be truly good?

Is there such a thing

As truly good or evil?

Is there punishment?

For being evil?

Or is it an illusion?

Is it real or fake?

No Wind

This town is empty

No one lives here any more

No wind stirs the town

Time seems to have stopped

As if mourning the day that

It was left behind

Pandora's Box

Once upon a time,

There was no war or any hate

But the gods were not

Happy with this new world

So they created a girl

Named Pandora

And gave her a box

They told her never to open it

But Pandora was

Curious so she

Opened the box when no one saw

and Thus, Evil was born

Sin came, fear, anger, hate

Jealousy, envy, sorrow

People became corrupt

All because of one

Foolish girl named Pandora

Listen well, my children

And always obey

Your elders, lest you

Open your own box

In the Begining & in the End

When we are born

Angels sing us full of life

We slowly forget

That they sing to us

And when we die we hear them

Sing us to final rest


Every person has

A shadow who stays by our

Side until the end


Every creature

No matter how big

Or small

Will meet it's end

Kings die

Empires crumble

Everything ends

No matter how strong

Men think themselves

To be

They will all fall in the end

For nothing lasts forever

And everything ends