code extreme

book one

based on ideas from the x-men, young justice and Naruto themes, a thrilling story of a group of super humans who decide to become superheroes, and their exploits in fighting crime and solving the mystery of the Endocorp group.

e jet.

please remember to Read and review, i will be taking three extra super humans either as villains or as superheroes, they should have a backstory, description on their appearance including both human and superhuman, their age, their behaviour, attitude and nature, their abilities, their super names, their weapon, their weaknesses and strengths and all you know about them, please p.m. with these information and i will also help you in your story.

Chapter one

Code extreme

September 8th

''hey you stepped on me twice'' said a black American named drei.

''once'' replied Nathan, he was blonde, tall and handsome.

''twice, man'' said drei.

''don't care'' repied nathan

''this must be the wrong bus'' said alex, she looked like a hot fashion model .

''wow a blonde, hello gorgeous, name's drei, '' said drei to alex who just entered the bus.

''never mind those guys, this is the right bus, call me kren'' said a brunette to alex.

''this team doesn't seem worthwhile'' said Nathan.

''don't worry, we are here to right our wrongs'' said alex.

''see, he's too proud to even say sorry '' said drei.

''don't make...'' replied Nathan, his eyes were getting dark.

''knock it off guys, we are going, nous aller'' interrupted kren, she then started the bus and drove off.

A bus drove into a large building incorporated with roman architecture and nature. The four guys got off, as a man in blazers called director max arrived to welcome them.

''so whats the plan?'' asked alex.

Director max pressed a button and a video appeared displaying super heroes.

''this is the actual plan'' said director max.

''so we are going to be some sort of justice heroes team?'' asked drei.

''yes, please meet caleb our young genius and kren a.k.a. amazing girl'' said director max.

''i will also like you guys to introduc...'' added max before he was interrupted by drei

''lets introduce ourselves, my name's Drei rush, I can manipulate the wind I can also go fast'' said Drei.

''Alex terrigan, i can go invisible and see far'' said alex.

''my name is Nathan, I can copy abilities'' answered nathan.

''okay, you guys have been recruited to be part of the code extreme, as superheroes you could lose your lifes on the line, so anybody is free to leave'' said director max.

''i got superpowers, i should use them'' said drei.

''same here too'' added alex.

''it's a challenge, i'm in'' said Nathan

soon kren arrived with some snacks for everybody, there was a lot.

''I'm gonna love it here'' said drei.

''welcome to the team comrades'' said caleb, a cool guy on 3D glasses.

''wow, a 13 year old, what are you, braniac?'' asked drei.

''consider it so'' replied caleb.


Underworld was the name of a Mexican based state penintary for superhumans and metahumans alike, the walls were thick and coated with electric conduits, the guards wore a type of gas mask and held stun guns, there were sections for torture, labour, execution and testing. The prison also housed a project named weapon-x to engineer zodiac the leader of legacy into a weapon, the legacy had a lot of moles on the prison and had planned to steal the body of zodiac.

An armoured car and a jeep stormed the prison, deafening sounds filled everywhere, three tanks used in defending the prison opened fire on the attackers and destroying the jeep. Suddenly a man named in red overalls and a staff came out from the armoured car and sent a sonic scream from his staff disabling two of the tanks, a supervillain called markin dressed in clown clothes came out with a big green suitcase which he used to launch a missile destroying the last tank and sending the prison guards running. They quickly headed into the laboratory and retrieved zodiac one of the imprisoned supervilains subjected to nuclear testing.

''get on you knees'' said markin red as he launched a missile into the prison creating way for some criminals to escape, in the twikling of an eye the armoured car had disappeared from sight.


Caleb rushed into the dining room before lunch ended.

''there is an emergency at underworld. The new recruits are invited''

''can't it wait, i'm hungry'' said drei.

''you shall eat later, manger a' plus tard'' replied kren in a French accent.

They hurried to the building's hangar and entered a rocket powered jet, the jet taxied across a tunnel appearing miles away from runtown.

''so what are we gonna do'' asked Nathan.

''hold your horses and envisage'' said caleb.

The jet found an airstrip in the prison and landed.

Three tanks were lying disable with a building caved in and other mass destructions, the military and red cross were tidying up the place along with the police who also aimed to catch some of the criminals.

''either this is world war 3 or the battle of the worlds'' said drei.

caleb picked up a red question sign.

''i think its the endocorp'' said caleb after examining the sign.

''endocorp?'' asked Nathan.

''a scientific group that employs the use of supervillains as mercenaries, they have also been known to have tried engineering superhumans into weapons'' said caleb.

''caleb, what do you think the endocorp are planning?'' asked director max.

''i can't discern their setup but they just broke out a supervillain zodiac and he was being used for nuclear testing '' replied caleb as he checked through a palmtop for information.

''great, do you think they want to use him as a weapon?''

Up next as the superhuman team have their first class in ''evaluation'' you finally know the nature of your characters, and the team discovers a lot about zodiac.

Is this chapter really interesting, i dunno in the future i might need it , you can skip it, Nathan is the best in the group followed by caleb, kren , alex, drei seems like a liability

Chapter two


Director max led the training section, drei could create gusts of air now, alex could keep up with her invisibility, Nathan could copy powers along with techniques. Soon it was time for their first superhuman history class.

''so any questions?,'' asked director max.

''who is zodiac'' asked alex.

''hmm'' director max remembered his time with the veteran, they had both lived through medieval ages, they helped the allies win the world war two and eventually became friends but zodiac's lust for power was so great that it got him a death sentence rather he was sentenced to be used for nuclear tests, now he was out of jail and in the wrong hands of endocarp, a group with lots of inhumane ideas.

''lets get off this history class and have tests'' said director max as the team took an elevator 300ft below ground level.

''this is the K-mansion and it has managed to stand here for 500 years. the topmost story of this building holds the supercomputers, weapons ranging from a knife to nuclear warheads, defence systems and shields, the ground level holds the boarding and living facilities while here below the ground holds a car park, a hanger, training rigs, fields and drones'' said director max.

''the foremost analysis will be potential'' said caleb.

It was kren first, she picked up a 100ton barbell at ease, she managed to raise that of 500tons before dropping it.

''so you have superstrenght'' said caleb.

Nathan started with 100 tons which he did with ease, his eyes turned pitch black when he picked off the 500tons and held it high.

''you possess even greater superstrenght'' said caleb.

The others tried and discovered that they coudn't even make 10 tons, drei managed to lift 6 tons.

''so kren and Nathan make up the strong force of the team'' said caleb.

''why don't we test our potential'' said director max.

''from my info, Nathan and kren can fly, kren can absorb energy attacks using her forcefields and can create stuff in green lantern style, Nathan can copy abilities and techniques, his eyes changes as soon as he is fully charged'' said caleb.

''alex, drei and Nathan punch kren'' said director max.

Alex punched kren despite her forcefields, the blow penetrated knocking kren off.

Drei hit his best and dented the field but it didn't penetrate.

Nathan sent a blow right in her gut and her forcefields couldn't hold it and kren crashed into the ground.

''ok, time for a real test'' said caleb as the team entered a training drone.

A holographic building sprang out of the ground, along with a sky and animate objects, there were cars, noise and other virtual effects''

''alex and Nathan are team a, while drei and kren are team b, the first team to take the other out wins.

Drei and kren split up and planned to take down Nathan first, unknown to them, alex had gone invisible and was gaining on them, drei sped after Nathan who was not as fast, drei sent a gust off wind that sent Nathan crushing into a high rise building. Nathan eyes went dark as he copied drei's wind abilities and techniques, before drei could blink a huge gust took him the opposite direction.

Kren suddenly fell as alex reappeared, she was armed with two nunchucks and seven katanas, kren formed a bazooka and fired energy blasts at her soon kren could see alex everywhere.

''i hope you get out of this, see you soon'' said alex and she kicked kren off the building, but kren formed a flying skate.

''elle croire, can't believe i fell for her'' said kren as she create a mighty sword and chased after alex.

Drei was almost out, Nathan sent him falling out of the building with a punch to the gut.

''one down, one to go'' said Nathan.

alex dodged kren's sword, she had 360 degree sight so she saw it, alex then sent one of her katanas which broke on hitting kren's forcefields.

''shit, come on'' said alex angry at her swords, she took a forcefield blow that sent her falling off.

It was just kren and Nathan, the two met after finding themselves.

''i hope you don't copy my abilities, copie chat'' said kren.

Nathan showed up at her back in a flash.

''i would not need to'' said Nathan as he sent loads of blows at fast speed into kren, soon kren had taken a thousand blows.

Kren staggered as she sent a forcefield leash to tie up Nathan who dodged very fast, Nathan then formed a ball of wind and sent it right at kren, the blow levelled down the holographic building, Nathan had won without breaking a sweat.

''we won Nathan, you are impressive'' said alex.

''see, i told you Nathan was a showoff, he couldn't have won without copying my abilities'' said drei to caleb.

''you are just green eyed and invidious that he stupefied alex before you, it's a human sentiment'' replied caleb.

''what are you anyway, braniac?''

''i won't reinterate my response, you may as well join me at the lab, i'm creating an artificial intelligence'' said caleb.

''not so fast, you guys haven't pick codenames'' said director max from the speakers.

''i'll go with rush besides its my surname'' said drei.

''dark robin seems good enough for me'' said Nathan.

''why is Nathan always the best, guys?'' asked drei.

''i'm thinking stealth mode, i go with stealth'' said alex.

''me, i will go with amazing girl, les impressionat fille'' said kren.

''i will stay put as caleb'' said caleb.

''great we have rush, dark robin, stealth, amazing girl and caleb, by our next mission we will have gotten our costumes'' said director max.

Up next as alex discovers new abilities, the town goes to sleep and the endocarp strikes to steal stuff, meanwhile drei and Nathan continue their duel to impress

Alex or kren, kren steps up against zodiac as caleb and drei enter the dream world to rescue alex from her sub conscious in ''illusions''

Chapter three


''i'm through with work on the codex files, including top secret superhuman research theories, research formulae and bla bla bla'' said caleb.

''come on, you are going to finish the food, glouton'' said kren to drei.

''l don't even feel like i ate'' said drei with a big belly.

'' you consumed someone else's ration'' said caleb.

''where is alex?'' asked Nathan.

''still asleep so i ate her share'' said drei.

Director max, caleb and drei went to her room, it was full of shuriken, arrows and bows and katanas.

''wat a room, cool'' said drei.

''she's still sleeping and the neighbourhood is unactive at 9:00'' said caleb.

''i'm gonna be late'' said drei.

''hold your horses, glouton, how is the neighbourhood connected to her sleep'' asked kren.

''it seems like every normal human within 100km radius is in the same state and she is the only superhuman in that state too, she has to be connected'' said caleb after looking at his computer.

''ce grande, did i mention she can cast some sort of illusion, grrh stuff like that''said kren.

''maybe she's created a dreamy dreamy world'' said drei.

''there's a possibility'' said director max.

''exactly, i have an idea, we could use a dream sharer'' said caleb.

''wow, what's that'' asked drei.

''it's a device i can use to acess peoples dreams, imagination and even thoughts'' replied caleb as they took an elevator and headed for the lab with kren wheeling alex after them.

Soon alex was hooked up to the device when they heard a blast.

''what the hell is that?'' asked drei.

''i think we are being attacked, kren round up Nathan and see whats going on, i'm coming'' said director max.

''so drei we are going to do this by ourselves'' said caleb, he pressed a button and without warning the two of them were absorbed into the device.


The endocarp was situated in a bungalow in the centre of runtown, behind a hidden door was a room filled with virtual monitors which the major shareholders of the group used to meet each other. Some of the shareholders were crime lords and people of authority, there was also an alien entity, a female bio-scientist, a robot and an unknown man called the chairman.

''how do we go about our plans now?'' asked the female scientist named Amanda spine.

''we use the codex files developed by the code extreme to start engineering zodiac'' replied the chairman.

''so , markin red and zodiac himself will run this one'' said the android named F1.


sent sonic screams blasting at the K-mansion the shields were getting weaker and weaker but before could bat an eyelid dark robin blasted him with wind gusts sending him into the forest.

''you can't hope to defeat me so easily'' said as he hit his staff on the earth tearing the forest into two.

''maybe i will'' said dark robin as he dodged the massive attack and attacked with a blow to the gut sending him flying further into the jungle.

''this is why i am the best here'' said Nathan.

Amazing girl chased after zodiac in the forest from a forcefield glider, all of a sudden zodiac stopped flying and sent amazing crashing into the forest.

''now you have found me'' said zodiac, he wore a navy blue overall with blue spandex and silver outline and a silver helmet.

''what.. happened to.. you'' asked amazing spitting out blood, the aura around zodiac was turning darker, he seemed like a god.

''i was formerly a hero, for just fighting for my human right, code extreme had me sent to the underworld where i was used for a grievous experiment, i lost all those who i loved and a reason to live, but now i have stronger powers and when i rule the world everybody will be judged according to his deeds, humanity won't have to feel pain or emotion again just as i don't, the endocarp have my full backing'' said zodiac.

''but not if code extreme can stop you, monsieur solide'' replied amazing, she formed a mighty robot that aimed at zodiac, zodiac fired a cosmic blast at amazing and kept her on the ground.

''unbelievable'' said amazing as zodiac formed a storm from his cosmic powers.

''you superhumans made me lose my humanity now i'm going to destroy you'' shouted zodiac from quasi-godhood, he then sent a typhoon to hit the amazing girl.

Director max arrived and transmutated the trees into diamonds strong enough to take the blow, he felt down flat as his arms broke from the effect of the impact of the blow.

''director!'' shouted amazing girl


There was a party with lot of booze everywhere.

''where are we'' asked drei.

''in alex's sub consciousness, lets go find her'' answered caleb.

They worked through the teeming crowd and saw alex far off.

''alex, we are with you'' shouted caleb, all of a sudden some men with masks and kevlar vests holding sub machine guys entered the party.

''shhh, the master is gonna find us'' said alex.

''who's the master?'' asked drei.

''him, run'' said alex pointing to a man with an army cap, camouflage and a pistol hanging on his belt with two Cuban cigars in his mouth.

''drei, we have to defend ourselves because if we die in this iusion, we will die in real life'' said caleb as the trio got into a benz and drove off with some military commandos chasing them, then the master took a rocket launcher aimed it at the benz, caleb held alex and drei and dived, the benz exploded.

''drei do something'' said caleb as the army truck packed to round them up.

Drei sped straight at the commander and engaged him while alex fired arrows at the commandos, caleb shot psionic blasts from his 3D glasses, the whole place was been ruined soon caleb took a missile that hit his chest, drei sent the master flying with a blast of wind, the master crashed on a building and his head bursted open. Alex felt pain and the illusion began to shake.

''she's unstable, if we stay here any longer we will die'' said caleb, he tried using his mind to send the back but it was not working.

''alex, alex, you need to listen to me you must end this dream'' said caleb.

But she was not responding.

''maybe, i should kill you to end it, you have put others to sleep for too long'' said caleb and he pointed a knife at her gut, then the illusion ended and they returned to the real world.


Amazing girl got enraged forcefields were everywhere and zodiac was trapped, amazing then formed a pair of sledgehammers which she used to attack zodiac who sent storms levelling the building and injuring her. Zodiac changed back to human and decided not to put his plan to motion yet.

''markin take us to base'' shouted zodiac soon and zodiac were at the base.''

The base was a high rise building in new York, pressed a button on an elevator and a secret doorway opened, soon they were at a conference room with holographic figures and monitors.

''so, how was your mission'' asked a man from the holograms

''our day shall surely come'' said zodiac.


''caleb, would you really had killed alex'' asked drei.

''i'm afraid i can't satisty your curiosity'' replied caleb.

''don't even bother'' said Nathan.

''i heard you guys had a tough time, director max lost his arms'' said drei.

''yea, that storm would have wiped out runtown if director max did not do that'' said kren.

''where you really going to ...'' asked alex before she was interrupted.

''give me a kiss'' completed drei jokely and alex rose up to give him a spanking.

Up next runhigh reopens along with an allstar football match, vash the school star takes cynocite to keep him on top but becomes an addict and joins the legacy.

Chapter four


''isn't there anyone besides this kid'' asked markin as the supervillains entered their conference hall.

The monitors were contemplating the involvement of the code extreme in their plans and calmed down when the supervillains arrived.

'' vash von is the only one qualified for this position'' said a man from the hologram.

''in that case, i have a plan, chairman'' said as he smiled and displayed his plan in front of one of the holograms.

''well done, doctor you will have your reward'' replied chairman from the monitors.


At runhigh, the session was going to start with a match against caldwer, a rugby team from England and vash was the Quarter back for runhigh, but vash had took to using cynocite to improve his performance.

Unknown to vash, it was a drug used by the government for enhancing superhuman genetics. But the drug could give a human superstrength for some time, it was also undetectable by drug testing machines. Vash was lucky to find some from an unknown man.

''son, if you need anymore, you know where to find me, my name's the zodiac'' said the man.


''come on, can't you help me find a role'' said drei to caleb.

''yes, i'm looking for someone who will play the mascot and wear the mountain goat costume'' said caleb.

''then count me out'' said drei.

Alex was going to lead the cheerleaders along with kren, kren was busy watching the football practice.

''hi, kren'' said vash as he waved her from the field.

''oh, vash, ma amour'' replied kren as she blushed.

''isn't he the best among them'' said kren to alex.

''yes, but you have to be careful how you fall for him, that guy is a ...'' said alex before she was interrupted by a score from vash, '' he's a real striker''

Kren walked to where the drinks were kept to, on finding vash's she saw the chemical inside.

''cynocite, but how did he get this'' asked kren and she escaped with the bottle before vash could showup.

Vash discovered that his drug was missing, in a rage he decided to visit zodiac to get more from him, unknown to him, kren also tracked him down to the alley were he would meet with zodiac.

''i need more of that stuff'' said vash.

''great, ok you have two options, get your last or join the group and even get in advance, make your choice'' said zodiac.

''i'll join'' said vash.

''why do you really want to join'' asked zodiac.

''this drug is the only thing that keeps my body from inertia, and besides i have some scores to settle and someone to protect'' said vash.

Kren fell in love and sympathy hearing this but before she could make a move they had vanished into thin air, kren decided to report what had happen.


''where did he get cynocite'' asked director max.

''the endocarp had him added to their grunt list in exchange to keep him alive'' said kren.

''we should handle this more wisely'' advised Nathan.

''why don't we convince him the endocarp doesn't deserve him?'' asked drei.

''good suggestion although it's still a question from you'' said caleb.

''okay, go on the mission, i have to secure some new arms for myself'' said director max.

''okay, lets roll'' said Nathan.


The school sports arena was filled, alex discovered that markin red was keeping an eye on vash so they had to brawl him to distract him meanwhile kren would do her best to convince vash.

A punch suddenly hit markin red as stealth re-appeared, before the clown could react caleb fired a laser beam knocking him down, markin teleported and fired a tranq at dark robin, dark robin was too quick, but rush was unlucky not to have noticed it, soon he was unconscious. Dark robin copied markin's abilities and teleported along with him keeping him at bay.

''hey, hang on'' called kren to vash. ''what do i hear about you involved with endocarp''.

''what, no'' said vash.

''i'm superhuman also, but why do you have to do this'' asked kren.

''i'm getting a new life, new abilities and a life chance opportunity to rule with the endocarp even though i become their weapon'' said vash.

''you should know that you can control your destiny, your power is yours and not for endocarp, its for greater things, don't become their weapon'' said kren.

''don't worry, i love you, this is for our future,don't worry'' assured vash.

''don't fall for endocarp, don't'' said kren before the line hanged up.

''what happened'' asked alex.

''he's gone'' said kren.