"Marry me," he said, gazing up at her with those baby blues, down on one knee.

She trembled all over, wanting to say yes, forced to say no. She was very aware—painfully aware—of the jagged dagger tied around her dress in the back, hidden from view.

Ignorance surely was bliss.

She wanted to cry, wanted to throw a tantrum. But those were treasures she was deprived of, forced to wallow in the suffering of her unshed tears. She didn't want to do this…

"No…no, no, no, no…" she muttered shakily, her voice low and weak.

Her hand shook horribly in his, icy shivers going down her back. Midnight was almost upon them. He looked grief-stricken—an expression that tore her heart apart. She yearned to comfort him, to say yes, to live happily ever after! But she could not.

"Why?" he asked, his voice clenching. "You love me and I love you so why not? Why won't you marry me?"

Tears pooled in the back of her eyes, impairing her vision. But they would not leak out onto her cheeks. They couldn't. Her body shook even more violently, to a point where her hand slipped out of his and fell lifelessly to her side.

One minute…One minute until her life was ruined. Only one more minute with her love…

"I'm sorry," she murmured. "I'm so sorry!"

The clock struck midnight.

Her hand automatically reached back behind her, her eyes closing as emotional agony rippled through her mind and tore through her body. Why? Why did she have to do this? A single sob escaped her mouth. He looked at her with concern and stepped forward, offering a hug.

"Shh…it's okay," he told her.

But it was not okay. Nothing was okay.

He stepped closer and closer until his arms were wrapped around her in a warm embrace—their last warm embrace. She wanted to flinch out of his hug, but her body betrayed her. Her hand hooked onto the dagger and gracefully pulled it out—sneaking it around his back.

Her eyes squeezed shut and she bathed in his last moments—their last moments.

I'm so sorry. Please forgive me.

With one last shudder, the dagger plunged into flesh.

She felt him stiffen in shock and look at her with those eyes—those eyes of terrible realization and betrayal. She had to look away. The dagger met resistance as it tried to dig in deeper.

She tried to utilize that resistance—tried to stop. But once again, her body disobeyed her. Blood leaked onto her hand—warm, sticky droplets—as the dagger drove in ever deeper, draining his life.

Piercing his heart.

He suddenly fell against her, tense and weak.

Dying in front of her very eyes.


Her sobs rang out into the night as his lifeless eyes stared back at her, accusing her. The tears finally escaped and rained down on her beloved's corpse, signaling the end of her happiness. She closed her eyes once again and sank to the ground, drowning in her own tears.

A demon smirked evilly in the shadows, ecstasy rolling around within him.

Mortals…such pleasurable puppets.

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