Just another whisper

Just another laugh.

All I needed, all I want

Is to have you back.

These words are not the begging sobs

of a lover left in dark.

This phrase is different from the heart

carved into the bark.

My poem written is not pleading for

a lost heart.

I only wish for my best friend

from who i do not wish

to part.

I followed you like a lost

and oh so beaten dog.

You were the light in my dark cavern

of mist and smog.

You were the one who gave me the courage

to go on.

And now i have to figure out what to do

now that you are gone.

What, pray tell, did I do?

Did I speak to much?

Was I a bit

too annoying for you?

Or did you dislike me

from the start?

It's hard these days

to tell who to rely on.

In the end,

a heart is empty.

Not from love that one can never have,

but from the hollowness of

the lonely traveler.

who has not a friend.

no one to rely on,

to bear this pain to.

My heart dies,

and aches for only you.

I chase not, becuase it cannot aide.

I miss my best friend.

of what I'll do now,

I am afraid.