Don't leave me Waiting

Da-dum, da-dum! My pounding heart beat louder than the throbbing sound of a hollow drum. My nerves escalated as I rested my rear on a cold, plastic chair situated in the waiting room. A lump began to form in my throat as I attempted to swallow it down.

Were auditions meant to be this agonising?

My darting eyes took notice of my competition. My rumpled skin was inferior to their beautifully-aligned faces. Compared to them, there was no way I would receive this part.

The constant crossing of my legs displayed my worried emotions clearly. As I repeated my lines in my head, a devilish manifestation started to whisper doubt into my ear. "What if you mess up? What if they don't like you?"

Sweat began to drip down my face. I felt the wet texture of my perspiration as I wiped my sweat away. My toes began to squish inside my cramped shoes as I continued to tap my clammy feet against the floor.

"Relax, Sophie," my calming mind tried to reassure me. I slowly inhaled, trying to calm down my thumping heart. Upon exhaling, I could smell alcohol on my breath. I knew I shouldn't have gone out last night!

The droning silence of the waiting room made me feel uneasy.

I wonder if others feel anxious too?

I raised my eyes upon another person patiently waiting to go in. Their nervous smile assured me that I wasn't the only one fretting! Their eyes shortly glanced away as they desperately tried to keep themselves focussed.

Tick-tock; tick-tock. The sounding clock made my body shake slightly in anticipation. I licked my lips as the excess amount of saliva produced caused me to experience 'dry-mouth'.

As I nervously sat waiting, I could feel the cold breeze of wind soothe the harsh texture of my wrinkled skin. The hair on my arms immediately stood up, sending shivers down my spine.

My top suddenly felt extremely tight against my frail body as sweat patches were secreted from my underarms. I extracted deodorant from my bag in order to prevent me from releasing an unpleasant odour into the world. My index finger pressed down on the spray, releasing a fragrance of delight.

As I inhaled the relaxing smell of fresh air, I heard laughter spew from the audition room. The sound of chit-chat announced the countdown to my audition, indicating that my turn to go in was soon. The noise from the room began to amplify as one of the voices of the panel drew nearer to the door. The turning of the handle; the squishing of my toes; the ticking of the clock all began to get louder and louder as the lump in my throat started to resurrect itself. My body tensed up. I struggled to move as I remained stiff and frozen in my seat.

It's time!

The door jolted open as a welcoming face appeared from behind the door. "Number five, we're ready for you," he cheerfully exclaimed.