Logan woke up the next day laying on the ground. A farmer was staring at him with a pitch fork pointed at him, with the sharp metal edge itching closer towards Logan's face, he panicked and hit the pitch fork upwards and ran towards a truck.

He jumped into the truck and took off, the farmer was running after him, he just sped up and got onto the highway, he drove to his house. It was a beautiful estate in a large 100 acre property. He ran inside and started pacing around, he couldn't believe he was a superhuman, what would he do, would he do good or do evil.

A group of 5 men kick in his door and ran in waving guns, as soon as he saw them he jumped out his window and took off in flight. He was swishing threw the air almost falling, he hit a patch of trees he couldn't fly well, he ended up hitting a tree. He fell to the ground,the fall broke his ribs, he woke up and he checked his watch it was 5 hours later, his ribs had healed.

He ran towards the road stumbling, his legs were broken he was still in the process of healing. He fell to the ground in pain, a helicopter appeared, the door was thrown open as Alex Cross slid down a black rope to the ground next to Logan. She got on one knee next to him,

"Are you okay?" She asked.

"I'm Fine." Logan answered in pain.

"No you're not, your coming back to headquarters with me," She demanded

The helicopter landed on the ground, Alex struggled to get him up, she finally got him up and helped him to the helicopter. Their was a medical kit inside the helicopter they gave him some pain relievers. They landed at headquarters in Salem Oregon, Logan lives in Portland Oregon as a lumber worker.

Logan got out of the helicopter he was healed by now. He walked into headquarters, and headed towards the director of the CIA's office. He got to the door and knocked on it,

"Come in." A voice called.

Logan opened the door the door led to a hallway, before could get to the end of the hallway he had to let 4 security guards search him, he lifted his arms and got up against the wall, they searched him and let him pass them. Alex admittedly got clearance, Logan opened the door at the end of the hallway and saw a man in his mid 50's wearing a black suit and a red tie.

"I heard you are a superhuman?" The Director asked.

"Yes sir Director sir." Logan responded.

"Please call me John." He said.

"Yes sir, what do you need me for sir?" Logan asked

"I need you to go to the White House in Washington DC, The President wants to see you and talk to you." John said.

"Yes sir, when does my plane leave?" Logan asked.

"6:00 P.M, This Monday." John responded.