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Title: Soft Hair

Summary: Suzuki Kagami is an antisocial nerd who hates people. Kochi Aki is a happy, energetic boy who is loved by all. When Kagami finds Aki crying in the rain, he pities him and offers him to stay at his house for the night. Aki stays but then labels them as friends. Now Aki follows Kagami everywhere while Kagami doesn't know what he feels for the naïve boy. It couldn't be love… right?

Main Pairing Type: Boy x Boy

Soft Hair

His hair is really soft, Suzuki Kagami thought when he first placed his hand over top the smaller boy's head. His fingers slowly massaged the scalp. Pieces of the red hair went in between his pale fingers as Kagami sighed. How was he supposed to leave a crying classmate out here? Kagami was mostly known for being a quiet, antisocial nerd with no friends. While most of this was certainly true, it didn't mean he would leave him out here. Kagami had been walking home from getting the groceries when he stumbled upon him.

In the rain, Kochi Aki stood there, sobbing as he tried to wipe away the tears with the palm of his hands. His red hair and clothes were drenched. Without a doubt, Aki had been standing here for a while. His normally cheerful, lively eyes were red and puffy. Kagami frowned. Knowing it would rain before he left to shop, he had grabbed an umbrella. Glancing at it, he held it over the small boy who gasped, not feeling the rain anymore, and stared up at him with tear filled eyes. Kagami blushed a bit, turning away in embarrassment. He wasn't used to doing nice things for people or people looking at him like that. "Well you don't have anywhere else to go right," Kagami mumbled in an uncaring voice. At least, he hoped that's what he sounded like. "You can just stay with me for a while."

Green eyes went wide as the boy grinned. "Thanks!"

Kagami found his face growing even hotter. Damn, no wonder the girls think he's cute, Kagami blushed a bit. He kind of looks like a girl.

Shaking the thoughts out of his head, he steered Aki towards his house. Aki smiled softly, grabbing ahold of the edge of his short sleeved shirt, grinning. Kagami blushed and quickly looked forward as they continued to walk in the rain. He had a feeling this would be a long night.

"Do you want some hot chocolate?" Kagami asked, going over to the microwave as he glanced at Kochi, who was sitting cross legged on his white couch. Kagami had given the boy a spare pair of pajama shorts and a large t-shirt. He currently was attempting to dry his wet hair with a towel. Kochi turned to him, his eyes wide with surprise as he slowly nodded. Kagami sighed, grabbing some milk and other ingredients for the beverage. Once it was made, Kagami sat down across from Kochi, who stared at his cup. Kagami coughed a bit. "So… why were you out in the rain?"

Kochi shrugged.

Kagami raised an eyebrow, biting his bottom lip slightly. "Um… okay? Well where are your parents?"

He was met with silence once again.

Kagami tugged at his collar a bit. Maybe if he talked about himself, Kochi would talk about what happened. "Mine are out of the country, so I live here alone." He gestured around to the house.

"It's big…" Kochi whispered.

"Hm?" Kagami wasn't sure he caught him right. "What did you say?"

Aki glanced around at the wooden staircase and the giant family room. He frowned. "It's big… too big to live here all alone."

Kagami shrugged a bit, staring down at his own hot chocolate with slightly sad brown eyes. He hoped his glasses hid whatever emotions he was showing through them. He slightly leaned down, his brown hair covering his face a bit. "I'm used to being alone."

Kochi nodded slowly. "Suzuki-kun?"

"Yes?" He glanced up. He was a bit surprised Kochi decided to use his last name rather than his first.

Kochi smiled softly. "Thank you!"

Kagami found himself blushing once again, his hands slightly shaking. He let out a huff and turned his head to the side so Kochi was out of his eyesight "N-no problem… Kochi."

Kochi giggled as he took a gulp of hot chocolate before gasping. "It's hot!"

"Yes, hot chocolate is hot," Kagami smiled a bit.

Kochi pouted. "It burnt my tongue."

Kagami laughed a bit. They began talking for a while but nothing completely important or personal. Kagami surprisingly found himself enjoying the conversation. It had been a while since he really talked to anyone. Kochi giggled as he slowly leaned his head and body on the couch, his eyelids starting to drop as time went by. Kagami stood up and grabbed a blanket when he was sure Kochi would fall asleep. "Here Kochi," he placed the blanket over him.

"No…" Kochi mumbled, his eyes closed and his breathing heavier and slower.

"You don't want a blanket?" Kagami questioned.

"Call me by my first name," he smiled softly. "Everyone does."

Kagami found his face heating again. He nodded slowly and sighed, crossing his arms. "F-fine… Aki."

Aki giggled before he drifted to sleep. Kagami sighed and slowly walked away, going upstairs and into his room to change. He frowned when he glanced at the calendar. Tomorrow was the elections for class president. He sucked in a breath of air and glanced over at the notecards he prepared for his speech. Walking over and rereading them for a while, he put them back and fell asleep. His dreams consisted of nothing but the boy downstairs.

Kagami groaned as he walked into his homeroom class. When he woke up, Aki had disappeared and left nothing but a note of gratitude. Shifting his glasses up and rubbing his eyes, he took a seat at his desk. Sitting next to the window, he turned and sighed at the sunny day. All he wanted to do was sleep. You have to stay awake, a voice in the back of his head reminded him, today's the elections!

Kagami groaned, his eyes slightly closing. It wouldn't matter if he took a short nap before class started… right?

"Kagami-kun!" a happy voice shouted. Kagami immediately jumped, walking up to see Aki standing there with a grin in his school uniform. His white button down shirt with the black outlines on the collar and sleeves seemed colorless compared to his now dry red hair.

Kagami frowned. "Aki?"

"Who else?" Aki giggled. He took the chair across from his desk and turned it around so he was sitting towards Kagami.

"Do you need something?" Kagami tilted his head to the side before flushing. "A-and who said you could call me by my first name?"

Aki smiled brightly. "I don't need anything." Kagami scowled a bit. Aki purposely didn't answer why he was calling him by his first name.

Silence then filled the two. Although it was awkward and tense for Kagami, he didn't know what Aki was feeling. After all, that lopsided grin didn't seem to falter in anyway. Kagami was the first to break the silence. "Then… why are you here?"

Aki blinked innocently. "Because we're friends."

"Huh?!" Kagami's mouth dropped open.

"Aki-kun!" a girl shouted. "Aki-kun!"

Aki grinned and before Kagami knew it, he was being dragged by the wrist towards the giant group in the middle of the classroom. The girls frowned when they saw him but also looked curious. "Guys," Aki grinned. "This is Suzuki Kagami-kun."

One dark red haired girl grinned happily. "Hi Suzuki-chan!"

"C-chan?" Kagami blushed a bit.

"I'm Takahashi Yoshie but call me Yoshie. It means beautiful river!" the dark red haired girl grinned brightly. She quickly grabbed both his hands, intertwining their fingers and going really close to him. Her large breasts pressed against his chest. Kagami's mouth dropped open slightly, a small tint of red touching his cheeks. She giggled. "Ne Suzuki-chan, do you think I'm beautiful?"

"H-huh?" Kagami blushed even more. The people surrounding them just chuckled fondly. To Kagami, it seemed like these guys were used to this… how?

Yoshie let out a high pitched squeal. "You're blushing! How cute!"

"Y-Yoshie!" Aki called out, blushing furiously. Yoshie blinked turning towards the smaller boy and smirking slightly. "Y-you can't just-"

"What?" Yoshie giggled before wrapping her arms around his head, pressing the side of him on her chest. "You're so cute when you're jealous! Like a girl!"

"G-girl?" Aki went completely red, breaking away from her embrace and slightly scowling at her. "I'm a boy, Yoshie!"

"So cute!" the girls squealed. Kagami sweat dropped at the scene as Aki tried to defend his… manliness? Kagami sighed. Why was he even a part of this group? He didn't need friends or anything. Yet here he was in the center of a pile of kids.

"You better get used to this," a voice from next to him said. Kagami blinked and turned around to slightly scream, jumping back when he saw a girl with brown hair in a ponytail and glasses with a book. W-when did she get there? He thought. "Suzuki Kagami," she continued as though he didn't scream. "You will be the pitcher."

"Pitcher?" Kagami tilted his head to the side. The girl's glasses flashed fondly as she smirked.

"Yes!" she shouted. Kagami could practically see the flames surrounding her and the way she energetically smirked. "And Kochi Aki will be the catcher!"

"Like baseball?" Kagami blinked, glancing at the friends who now faced them. Aki was pure red, his mouth open and twitched a bit as Yoshie had a… was that blood running down her nose?

"Yes!" Yoshie squealed. "Baseball! Just get rid of the asebal and you have BL!"

Aki flushed even more, hiding himself in his hands. "Y-Yoshie!"

"It's perfect," the girl with glasses gushed.

"Um… what's BL?" Kagami asked, rubbing the back of his neck sheepishly. In result, the girls squealed. "And I don't really play baseball…"

"So he's the new target, Rie?" a voice interrupted. The girl with glasses, Rie, pouted. Kagami turned to see a boy taller than him with dark hair and sharp eyes. His eyes flashed towards him making Kagami gulp in fear. "I'm Takeo."

Kagami went bug eyed. T-Takeo? Like as in violent male?

"Takeo!" Aki cheered, clapping his hands together with a grin. Running up to him, he wrapped his arms around the boy, snuggling slightly into the older boy. The girls awed again. With the way they interacted, people would think they were dating. Wait a minute… were they dating?

"So this is Kagami?" Takeo's eyes flashed towards his, smirking slightly. Aki bobbed his head up and down against his chest. "Thanks for taking care of Aki last night. It was nice of you."

"I-it was nothing," Kagami blushed a bit, suddenly feeling shy. He rubbed the back of his neck and glanced at Aki, who stared at him with big eyes. It only made him feel more self-conscious. "Um… if this is it, can I please go back to my seat?"

"Why?" Yoshie whined before her voice dropped a little lower, smirking. "The fun's only just begun…"

"Yoshie!" Aki cried finally releasing Takeo. "You can't say those kinds of things!"

"Why not?" Yoshie smirked.

Aki pouted, crossing his arms and puffing out his chest slightly. Instead of looking tough, he just made himself look more adorable. Kagami sweat dropped again when Yoshie hugged him, squealing like crazy. Frowning, he slowly backed up until he reached his desk and pulled out his notecards. He sighed in relief when they didn't realize he was gone yet. He frowned. That was the first time he interacted classmates since his parents left.

Sighing, he began reading and rehearsing his notecards.

Aki frowned slightly when he realized Kagami had sneaked away from him and was currently sitting alone. Aki blushed slightly. Kagami was always like that yet he never noticed until today. Takeo noticed the staring and nudged the smaller boy. Aki glanced up at his brother-like figure and pouted, his eyes quickly darting towards Kagami. Takeo nodded, understanding immediately what he meant. "He's always alone," Takeo whispered. "But he'll come around."

Yoshie grinned like crazy as her and Rie discussed the important matters of BL. Aki rolled his eyes with a smile. When he first discovered boy's love, it wasn't pretty. He was blushing and squirming under the novel as the boys squealed. In the end, he rather enjoyed it and realized something. "Takeo," Aki whispered back. "Can I stay with you tonight?"

Takeo's eyes softened as he nodded slowly, placing his arm around the boy in a comforting matter. Aki smiled brightly at him before turning to Kagami and frowning.

Is he always alone… even in that big house of his? Aki thought sadly.

"I wonder what he's studying over there," Yoshie suddenly commented, pointing to Kagami.

Rie smirked. "Don't you know? He's running for student council. Though his campaign isn't the best. I haven't seen a single poster about him anywhere."

"How do you know he's running?" Aki asked curiously.

"Because I saw him put in an application," Rie shrugged. Aki nodded and glanced back. Kagami must be really stressing out about this, Aki thought sadly before a bright idea popped into his head. He smiled brightly as he turned back to his friends.

Kagami gulped as he stood backstage, his face feeling extremely hot with nervousness. He was next with his student council speech. Biting his lip, he glanced down at his notecards but found it was too dark to read them. He was competing against many more qualified, older boys and girls that would eat up the position. "Kagami-kun?"

Kagami's head whipped around to see a figure standing in the dark. He squinted in attempt to make out the figure in the darkness. "Aki?" Kagami whispered.

"Yep!" he could see the figure nodding his head.

"Aki?" Kagami blinked. "How'd you get back here?"

Aki giggled. "I snuck in once I found out you were trying out for student council!"

Kagami blushed a bit, placing his hands in his black school pants. "W-why would you care about something like that?"

Aki giggled, grabbing his hand with both of his and smiling brightly. "Because I care about you! Anything important to you is important to me."

"H-huh?" Kagami felt his heart beating widely. He could suddenly feel Aki's arms wrapped around him in a hug.

"Good luck," Aki whispered before pressing his lips against Kagami's cheek. Kagami gasped, his fingers lightly touching the place Aki just kissed him. Aki smiled brightly. "I'm voting for you!"

And with that, he left Kagami, whose heart was pounding in his chest. All his nervousness about running disappeared as his thoughts filled with Aki.

What is this feeling?

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