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Vanessa was walking back home from her job as a waitress when she saw messy brown hair that could only belong to Kyle, her boyfriend of two years. From what she could see from the window of the restaurant, he was having dinner with an attractive, blonde-haired woman at a nearby table. Earlier that day, he had told her that he wasn't going to class today because he was sick. So, she walked calmly into the restaurant and waited for a host to show her to a table by the window as well to covertly see what Kyle was doing. Once she was seated, she knew immediately that he was flirting with this woman. She resisted the initial urge to march over and tell him off, but her self-control was quickly waning.

What's she doing here? Kyle thought as he felt familiar dark blue eyes boring into his back. But, it might not be her, right? Oh well, I'll have to get rid of her. Maybe she won't notice me.

After a few minutes of glaring, and seeing how uncomfortable it made Kyle, Vanessa decided to walk over to his table. "Kyle, are you feeling better? I'm really sorry I couldn't stay home with you today, but one of the waitresses was sick, so I had to go in for her."

"Oh, yeah. I'm feeling much better already. Liz here was just telling me how to boost my immune system," Kyle replied smoothly, prompting a confused look from Liz.

After hearing Kyle's response, Vanessa turned to the other woman and asked eagerly, "Wow, do you have any tips for me, Liz?"

"Oh, uh, well, you can drink plenty of orange juice and not go out in the cold," Liz answered as she gave her useless advice.

"Thanks! Now what are you really doing here, Kyle?" Vanessa put her hands on her hips. "She obviously wasn't giving you tips to beat the common cold."

"Fine, you asked for it," Kyle replied with a smirk. "I'm on a date."

Vanessa couldn't believe what she had just heard. Her eyes widened and her hands clenched at her sides, shaking with the pain and anger she was trying to keep inside.

"What? But we've been together for two years. I thought we loved each other."

"You know all those times I told you I loved you? Looking back on it, I realized they were all lies. I've found someone much better for me," Kyle explained, his focus on Liz.

"Really? How is she better?"

Kyle turned to fully face Vanessa, and his irritating smirk was back in place. "Well, for one, she hates horror. I won't be scared to death every time I come in the house and see you watching a movie. She's also much prettier and more exciting than you. Compared to her, you're just a plain, boring washboard."

"Okay, I see how it is," Vanessa turned her back and walked toward the exit. "Have fun with your new Barbie." I'll never trust anyone like that again. Love only brings pain and sorrow. I'll never make this mistake again.

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