She shot up from bed, and gasp loudly. Green unicorns, fat ladies, and hot chocolate. She had read that pregnant woman had strange dreams, but what person dreams about green unicorns or hot coco, that's right pregnant women. She slipped her slippers on and padded her way down the stairs, on the way she looked at the clock that said it was only eleven pm. She had went to take a nap at eight and never woke up.

"There you are, I was about to come make sure you weren't dead," Mark exclaimed.

"Sh, sh, sh," I whispered, still to sleepy for any loudness.

"Okay?" He raised his eyebrows, I shook my head, " I had a nightmare dream about green unicorns, fat ladies, and hot coco, now I want hot chocolate, but I'm to sleepy," I said standing in the living room door.

He chuckled quietly and went to fix me some while I laid in his spot to keep it warm, then I heard my Dads car and went to open the door for him. I almost froze with the door open, "I thought I told you not to wait on me, " He smiled.

I answered, " I have been asleep for hours, I had another dream this time the unicorns were green not red."

He laughed and went into the kitchen, so I went back into the living room, Mark brought my hot coco and went to see my Dad, I fell asleep on the couch.

I heard she did it with 4 guys.

Shes not pregnant, she just a slut.

If it is Marks his Mom is going to kill him, like literally so she won't have to see the kid.

If she did it with 4 people will she have four kids.

She is so smart, yet I doubt she'll graduate.

Her Mom would've been real proud.(sarcasm)

There where plenty of other rumors flying around, but this is all I knew.

I had a good crew of friend and once I explained how it happened they all understood. Most tried to spread good or no rumors and when I asked to know the latest rumor they didn't hesitate to tell, they were the best. They did their best to cover for me if I got sick and I never got caught if I skipped(which was now rarely) because of them. No teacher really knew that I was pregnant, I had convinced me Father not to email them, in fear that they would picture me differently. I often felt like coming home crying about the rumor. I could hurt my Father or Mark like that, and I couldn't talk to my Mom, she would know how to stop it. So I chose to suck it up and become the bad (colorful word) I was once picked to be.

I can't wait until tomorrow when Mark and i get to hear the babies heartbeat, he practically melts into goo every time we talk about the baby. I bet he is going to cry, I know I am. I have made out with him a few times since in the couple weeks I don't think it is the same for him as it used to be, I love it and want more of it, the only place he'll allow himself to touch me is my stomach, hair, or hips.

"Baker, would you like to join the class," Mr. Garner asked.

I was going to make a snappy comeback, but I felt myself get dizzy and was on my way to the bathroom before the cereal got to my throat. Close one. Now I had to find a snappy comeback for Mr. Garner. He was a nice, friendly guy. He had help at least a fifth or more of our student body with bullying anything from verbal, sexually, or cyber. He had feelings for others and hated rumors. This might be the perfect time to tell everybody that I was pregnant.

"Where have you been," He asked as I walked in, I had wet my face and all of my makeup had been washed off. Instead of sitting I stood by my desk, "What is Baker? No more of your stunts."

"Lets see, well one night a boy left, and let just say the egg and sperm met and fertilization occurred. Now some of you may already know, and yes it causes you to lets see again throw up, pee more, get dizzy, um, eat more, and we have seen a pregnant person right? I'm going to try and say this nicely I don't appreciate being called a slut, whore, hoe, or anything else. What really pisses my off is that someone sank to such a low level, Anna, that now there it some kind of rumor about my mother. I don't like that, she isn't here to talk back or defend herself, it is not fair. Who ever could do that is wimp because their to afraid that someone might defend me so they have to lie about a dead person," My the end I had raised my voice a little but not enough to yell, finally I sank down in my chair to wipe away a few of the tears talking about my Mother had caused but before that I added, "At least I am not killing it."

Garner totally ignored me,when the bell rang he asked me to stay behind, "Yes?" I asked.

"What you did today took alot, okay?" I nodded," I thought you were me good straight A student?"

I shook my head, "I kind of became the bad a word after my Mom died, I did it a week or two after and then I met nice Mark and he helped me get over her then we did it the night before he left, and it slipped my mind that I had been off birth control for over a month and it was the night he left and I thought we like, anyway yeah, it was both of our faults."

"Have you been to a doctor?" I nodded.

"If you want to talk we can?"

"Um no I don't, but do you know if they make like a book at school about eating disorders and pregnancy."

"You have a," He began but I cut it off, "anorexia."

"I'll go look at the library during my conference period, if you would like."

"Yeah if you will its fine, thanks."

"Your welcome, here is a note."

Now even the teacher would know and I'm sure there were going to be more rumors, but I walked out of the door with a bounce in my step, I was strong and confident in myself, for now.