He was just standing there, like a scarecrow in a field. Not a single twitch or breath. The wind blew his hair as he fell; fell down onto his knees, like gravity had thickened all around him. His eyes turned as white a snow as they rolled backwards.


He hit the ground and all was quiet. Still not moving myself, my jaw dropped in my mind and it didn't stop falling. I was frozen, like the mammoths in the ice caps, too scared to move, too shocked to want to. My heart skipped a beat, my brain and all my thoughts turned to fuzz. Then, as a single, small tear slid down my bright red burning cheek that reflected slightly in the sun, I took a step forward to try to catch myself but there was no changing my motion.

Just like he had, I hit the ground knee by knee.

Screams of pain and the sound of people around had begun to erupt in my brain. I began to absorb what was going on around me and what had just happened. Those precious seconds before I was grabbed at the shoulders and pushed aside, falling to the ground as people surrounded this boy and me. My eyes were heavy but from what I saw, paramedics had rushed to him and to me. People were screaming, yelling, talking to paramedics and to us and there was so much commotion around me but I still hadn't moved. The people, the paramedics and the police, they were all talking but I couldn't hear anything. I could still see their mouths moving but still nothing.

I look over at him and see that his blonde hair, which shimmered in the sun, was now being coloured red with blood, his blood, as it trickled from a wound on his head. He's not moving, but he's breathing slightly. I can just see his chest rising and falling slowly. His eyes are shut and his shirt has been ripped by the paramedics down the middle. There's someone taking notes and they just came to see me. Something is strapped to my face and I feel lightheaded. What's this? We're being lifted onto gurneys and placed into separate ambulances.

What? Why is this happening? It can't happen I don't want to be alone.

No! Please.

I must be with him, he was the first boy that was ever nice to me AND looked cute. All that happens is more tears form and fall. People fuss over me, attaching tubes and poking and prodding me with needles. The doors to the ambulance close and we're moving away from the coffee shop, and the park. I close my eyes and try to think, think about all that had just happened to me within the last half an hour.

~ x ~

There I was, reading a book in the park on a small bench behind a hedge one morning, when this amazingly good looking boy walks over. I was sitting there, minding my own business, my nose in a good book by Jonah Switzen when I hear someone walks toward me. Then I hear a soft and shy, "Hi". I lift my head to see this boy who had hair, as yellow as the sun like that drawn by a child in the corner of their page. His eyes were as green as a pure vein of emerald, his smile was as heartwarming as your first kiss, not that I would know what that feels like. He made his way over to me and just says hi. Like what guy, that cute, does that to a book nerd like me? He asked me if I wanted to accompany him to a café that I had never heard of but being so overwhelmed, I just nodded and followed.

I reached for the small amount of coinage I had in my pocket when our drinks were being presented to us but he said he would pay for me, his treat. So my drink, a caramel latte, was handed to me. It was good coffee, nice and sweet. He made me feel special even if it was for just those few minutes we were together. As we were saying goodbye, it happened. The thing is, what happened after isn't what stays in my mind. What stayed there was how this complete stranger managed to make me feel special. Others have tried but I was just a little joke to them. They had hoped to "score" with me but I was too clingy to handle.

Sometimes there are those things that you hear about on the news that you never think are actually going to happen to you and then when something does, no one ever hears about it. Like the stories of girls getting raped, houses burning to the ground or people killed because of gun fire and stabbings. Wait, hang on; I think the last two make it on to the news.

From around the corner a man, dressed all in black, was slouching considerably. As he ran between us and I saw that he held something in his hand, something that glinted in the sun. When he ran through the middle of us he waved the arm that wasn't inside his jacket around to get us out of the way. As he ran through, his knife was being swung violently around to stabbing randomly as he fled from the police. My adrenalin was pumping as everything just stopped suddenly and then it burned, somewhere in my body was on fire.

You could see he was hurt, badly, his wrist was cut, the blood trickling down as he grabbed for his side. The knife had cut him deep in the stomach and he was losing blood. I'm cut as well but there's really no time to think as seconds later the police, you could hear from a mile away rush past, still chasing the man who had now slowed down as he ran into a crowd and they tackle him to the ground, along with a few other civilians.

My arm, it was on fire. He had cut it deep as the knife came out from slashing the boy. My book that was in my hands dropped to the ground and I stare at him and his head lifts to look at me. Our eyes had locked, staring, unbreakable. He tries to smile, all that happens is just a smirk before he's gone and not moving.

~ x ~

As I'm wheeled out of the ambulance, I see his blonde hair in front of me, hoping, dying to know if he's still alive. I'm rushed inside and then everything stops and goes black.

I see a flashback, of me when I'm young, around 4 or 5. I'm running around with Dad in the backyard as Mum walks around. At the time she was pregnant with my baby brother. Next flash and I've walked in on Mum crying and my Dad holding her tight. He had died a miscarriage.

I woke up dazed, it seemed to me like everything around me was slowly loading like in a video game with extreme lag. I glance around the room as much as I can without alerting someone that I am awake, all I see in the room was a few nurses and a doctor talking but all that I cared about was where was he?

As I move my head more and more, I'm aware of the pain in my arm and my head from being pushed to the ground. As I go to sit up, a nurse sees me and stops me and then settles me down again but as she does this, I see him, across from me but asleep or unconscious? I cannot believe that he is anything but asleep like I was before so I rest easy. His hair was now clean and neat with his head bandaged so I relax even more. While I lay in my bed, I think of the odds of this could happening to us.

I'm just a 16-year-old girl who minds her own business at school and home and, let's face it; I am a book worm and a fan girl. Later in life, I will admit, I want to marry someone who is a cross between David Tennant and Tom Hiddleston. I own all the Doctor Who episodes and I am the proud owner of a levitating T.A.R.D.I.S, which is my pride and joy off the Think Geek website. I think I would cry if any of the discs were stolen or scratched or if my T.A.R.D.I.S broke. I've never had a boyfriend and I had never really planned on getting one. I had a best friend. Yes, HAD a best friend but she eventually turned into one of the 'plastics' you see on the American movies like Mean Girls. She chose them over me and now she hates me for some unknown reason.

As for him, well I only met him this morning; I don't know anything about him.

I don't even know his name.

~ x ~