The last time I took a risk was last year when I chose to watch a movie on TV instead of study the night before my big science test. Admittedly, it wasn't the hardest subject in the world and I'd been studying the last two nights so I was fine anyways. It's almost the end of the holidays so that means I have to get ready for year twelve and personally I'm not looking forward to the first few days. Monique and Remi still go to Tortall High but Jake has graduated. Ginne should've returned by now but she said she was going away with her family so I don't know what I'm going to do till school goes back. I finished all the books I've wanted to read so I can't read to pass the time and I don't really want to go outside because of the heat.

The weather here is a bit odd at the moment as it doesn't particularly want to stay the same for a week straight. Yesterday was sweltering hot and I woke up this morning and it was pouring rain. I went outside and it was somehow still hot but pouring rain.

On one of the cooler days I decide to go for a walk to the park which will be nice because I haven't really left the house other than waling out into my backyard for a while. I was cleaning up my room the other day and I found the book I was last holidays and so I take it with me to read on my nans favourite bench. I guess you could say I was recreating that day, the day I met Jake, the day we got hurt, the day I fell in love.

I see my neighbour on the way out mowing the lawn while his wife waters the garden. I wave nicely to them with the book in my hand. The wife smiles and waves back but the man didn't notice. I proceed to walk down the path and then in between two large hedges immaculately trimmed. I feel like I'm in a maze till it ends and I have to cross a road and go through the gate. From here it's around a ten minute walk to the bench so I just look into the clouds and dream.

When I get to the corner before the bench, I hear someone's voice and when I turn the corner, someone is sitting three, drinking coffee and talking on the phone. I decide to wait on the shady patch of grass across the path and start reading. By the time I check to see if they have left, I'm two chapters more into my book and quite comfortably leaning up against a tree so I decide not to move.

About an hour later I feel my pocket vibrate and I jump a little because I'd forgotten I'd brought my phone.

Look Up, Smile. :)

Despite the next being from an unknown number, I do as it says. I look up and smile awkwardly and then return to my book.

Do it again.

This is getting really weird but I do, and I look around this time as well to see if anyone is staring right at me. I see no one even in the park at the moment so my creeped out level rises a lot.

I stand up and turn around to see a rough trail of bird seed running along the ground. I ignore it as someone has obviously left it for the birds to eat. I walk toward the café to see if anyone comes out of hiding but no one does. I take a note of the page I'm on and close my book, holding it close to my chest as if to protect myself or something. I end up walking into the café as I feel safer in there where there are people around me and continue reading.

Eventually I'm asked to order or leave so I get a caramel latte but it seems to take a while.

"Caramel latte for the beautiful girl?" I look up and see a boy dressed in black with my coffee and a red rose and it takes me while to realise that, that it's Jake.

~ x ~


Is that her? Sitting by that tree near the bench I first saw her on.

I decide to text her as through one huge wave of connections with people I managed to get her mobile number from a friend of a friend of a friend… or somehow, I'm not sure. I move to a better spot so she still can't see me but I can see it's her.

She's look up from her book and smiled, it is her! Maybe I should double check. Texted her again, and now I think I've spooked her because she's looking around while smiling. She gets up and inspects my bird seed trail from earlier on but then walks away, towards the café.

She stops briefly looking around again but I haven't moved. She goes into the café and starts reading. I move toward the café but before I can go in, I run into Remi.

"Jake! Jake! How are you dude?" He does our hand shake that we made up a while ago, I'm surprised he still remembers it.

"What happened to you? You like totally disappeared after we did that stuff in the cafeteria to the new chick." He slaps me on the shoulder and laugh but I remain still, not laughing.

"I ditched because that was a stupid thing to do Remi." I didn't see much of a way out of this so I make up some total lie about everything.

"I had to do some extra credit stuff for some teachers anyways, just to wrap up my senior year so I could get in a good word for wherever I go next. That science teacher, Miss Ripley, also made me apologize to those two girls so I had that to clean up as well. You made a decent mess doing that with the other guys you know." Remi got a shocked look on his face now like he doesn't believe me or something but he just shakes his head and puts his hands together.

"Yeah, I know it was stupid. I got a detention from the same teacher because apparently she saw what happened and I was the 'ring leader'. How stupid is that? It was all Ricky's idea anyways, he started it." He looks down and fiddles with his hands now. I can tell he's sorry for what he did but he wont admit it.

I turn around and look at Rebecka who is just finishing talking to a waitress and going back to reading so I got to do it now, I got to make my entrance and surprise her.

"Look Remi, I'm kinda meeting someone here and I'm late now. Text me later all right, we can finish this then." I start walking away and in the door so I can't even hear his reply but I'm sure it was just a goodbye.

I see the same waitress collecting a coffee and heading towards Rebecka before I intercept her and have a small chat.

"Hi, um, strange question but can I take that for you to the girl reading the book? I kind of want to surprise her." The waitress gives me a strange look but then hands over the coffee. She turns around and walks away with a smile on her face.

I walk over to Rebecka and she doesn't notice I'm next to her and luckily I'm wearing black like the waiters otherwise she probably would've questions someone wearing jeans.

"Caramel latte for the beautiful girl? She looks up and then her mouth sort of drops as I put down the coffee and sit down beside her. I guess that's all I need, her to be shocked slightly so I can up that even more.

"I love you Rebeckah Parker." I kiss her and a few seconds later she kisses back. When we break apart she closes her book, sips her coffee and whispers back to me.

"I love you too Jake Evans."

A/N: So this is it. This is the end of Just A Walk In The Park. As you can see, I haven't tied up all the loose ends so I may write another book looking more into Remi and Sam. I hope you all enjoyed it and I hope it was an all right ending for you all.

I would just like to have a shout out to anyone who is American and reads this book because oh my god so you guys make up a lot of the views.

Also, why does someone or a group of people keep reading chapter 6?

Lots of love ma peeps. xx Joh