A/N: So, this is something I put together in a race I did in rFactor. Just think of this as a fictional Formula One that takes place in 2006. I might add on to this later, so enjoy!

Alright, this is my year. My year! Last year is over. It's done with. I lost, I was a rookie. This year is mine for the taking. I will be hoisting up that trophy at the end of the year. And I will be driving the number one Formula car next year.

I finished my pep-talk to myself, grabbed my Black Ice Energy, and walked to the garage area to get ready for the upcoming race. I found my chief engineer as he told me that the car was as close to yesterday's specifications as they could get it without practice. I thanked him and put on my helmet and Hans device.

I climbed into my car, readjusting myself to the seat, as it always felt slightly different whenever I sat in it. I got back into the right position,g put the steering wheel into place, and gave the team the command to fire up the engine.

The engineer and I went through our usual routine, making sure that all the components worked from the steering wheel and the fuel pickup.

"Alright, you are clear to take it to the track." The engineer said. I turned on my pit lane speed limiter, and turned the hard left out of the garage to pit road.

I tried to warm my tires the best I could on my out lap, happy that I would get one more chance before the actual start of the race.

"Alright Eric, you are seventh on the grid. I repeat. You are seventh on the grid." I pulled into what looked like the seventh grid position. I would have to wait for my teammate, Masa Tsuchiya, to line up in front of me, as he started fifth. He did confirm that I lined up in the right position, as we traded thumbs up to each other.

I tried to search what I could of the crowd for the three people that I counted on for support, knowing that the one I wanted to see most had her one of a kind natural turquoise hair. I was slightly upset, realizing that I couldn't find the trio on the front stretch, but had to brush it off. I had business on hand today.

"Alright Eric, get ready for the warm up lap. T-minus thirty seconds."

I gave my engine a couple more revs, ensuring myself that the car was still running. Soon after, the lights above the start-finish line turned into two roads of red, then disappeared, which meant that it was time for our formation lap.

I did my warm-up as Masa taught me, staying off of the throttle until I was completely off of the turn then slam the throttle to produce major wheelspin. A quick and effective way to warm the tires. I was able to locate my friends, in the first grandstand, cheering me on, which I loved.

We finished the lap, and I pulled back into my grid.

The next ten seconds were the longest of my life.

The cars lined up.

The two rows of red lights went on.

My finger was on the launch control button, foot on the accelerator.

The lights went out.

I slammed on the petal, the launch control stopping my car from excess wheel spin. I apparently was only able to get an average start, hoping I would be able to get by Masa before turn two.

I was so into getting by Tsuchiya, I almost rubbed up against one of the Groening Speed cars. I quickly moved away, and was able to sneak a nose under the Green Panther Tires car of Bertrand Lampron at the beginning of the double apex turn two.

I was able to clear him by the end, and worked on getting into the single file line that was starting to form at the hairpin.

We quickly settled out afterwards and started to make our way through the rest of the tricky lap that made up Mills Metropark, with the only other thing of interest was me trying to outbreak my teammate and then almost spinning myself out as he drove away.

I was able to catch back up to him by the end of the second turn on lap two after he slipped up, almost spinning the car.

I got under him by the hairpin, and we came out with equal speeds leading into the chicane. I had to slow down slightly, or I would've got a bad exit and ended my day extremely early.

Unfortunately, with our in team battle for fifth, Lampron was able to catch up to and pass me by turn ten. That also allowed Novak to get by me which scored me in eighth by the start line.

I watched the two in front of me trade positions, and tried to overtake the Green Panther car, and succeeded at turn ten, which seems to be the passing zone of the track.

The very next lap, I had to deal with the "Pretty Boy" Spaniard, who owned the name of Milan Rivero. I slightly ran off line at turn eight, and Rivero tried to capitalize, but failed to realize that I had the inside line by the next turn.

He put the signature Mills turn ten move on me, and brought along Edward Dean with him, putting me back to ninth, which was the first position without a points finish.

I sadly watched them drive away as I tried to keep a constant line throughout the track for the next few laps.

After a while I found myself on sections of track by myself, so I decided to make sure everything was in check for the pit stop that didn't come until the mid-forties.

"So, we're going with the medium tires, and twenty laps worth of fuel. Right?" I said into the radio.

"Correct, the tires will be in the warmers when you reach lap thirty-five. Is there anything else that you might require for your stop?"

"Take a small bit of rear wing out. I feel I can go faster on the longer straights."

"Very good," I loved dealing with my spotter, as he was almost like a butler, as he only took orders. He knew his cars, and every single moving piece inside of it. He was good for making adjustments when I didn't know how.

I just realized that I have the best chief engineer in the world.

By lap twenty-three, I closed in on Filip Novak, and tried to get past him on the hairpin, failing. I knew that I could pass him, I caught back up to him didn't I? I tried again once more on the next lap, once again, failing.

I was over taken on the next lap by Harri Ruoho at the hairpin, which seemed to be the secondary passing zone of this track.

Lap thirty-five came, and I got a message from the engineer. "Alright, the tires are being put into the warmers. You have ten laps until your pit stop. I repeat, ten laps until your pit stop."

Two laps later, I caught back up with Novak, and was able to sneak under him in the second turn. That was short lived, as he came right back around me in the next turn.

I then realized that I was in the middle of a small pack, which might make the pit cycle very interesting, as I might have a chance to gain some positions from a quick stop.

"Eric! You aren't pitting until lap forty-six! Nor pitting until lap forty-six!"

"What? Why?"

"Tsuchiya doesn't have as much fuel as we believed he did. He might run out if he stays out longer."

"Gotcha. Just tell me when the in lap is."

"10-4." So, I know that I'll be able to get by Tsuchiya by the end of the cycle, knowing that he'd have to take an extra second to get enough fuel until the end.

I got by Novak through the turn ten move. That probably brought me another spot through the pit cycle.

Lap forty –seven came. "Alright! This lap! Pit in this lap!" I pushed hard that lap, to hopefully get the full potential out of this pit stop.

I drove into pit lane, turning on the pit lane speed limiter, going eighty kilometers an hour until I found my stall, the third after the turn.

It took about six seconds for full service, which is a great stop for our crew. Usually the stops take about eight seconds on average.

"Pit stop time: Six seconds, one hundredth. Pit lane time: Twenty four seconds, eighteen hundredths. You are currently in seventh position." The engineer informed me.

"Great job team! That's something we need to be consistant on if we want to be atop that podium at the end of the year! That's a great start!" I said into the radio. I couldn't celebrate for too long, as I had a fast coming Eddie Dean, who was on warmer tires, so he blew right past me at the hairpin.

I gained seventh back by virtue of someone pitting, so I set my sights back on the Englishman that just passed me. It was all for naught though, as he drove away from me for the rest of the race.

I finished in seventh, which was a points position, which is always good.

"Eric, stay by the car, the stewards are coming around for a driver's poll on a last lap block."

Soon enough, one of the stewards came around with a TV screen showcasing one of the Duisberg cars messing up his line and quickly going back to the racing line, ruining one of the rFactor car's speed around the corner. I voted it as a block, as it looked like Trentini (the Duisberg driver), could've stayed to the outside and made everything a lot smoother.

I watched the votes as they did vote it to be a block, shrugged it off, and went to go watch the podium ceremony.

That was fun, but this is business.

And the meeting isn't over yet.