While watching superhero movie with my brother, I got a massive idea! (Girlish squeal) Those of you who haven't seen it or heard of it, it's a parody of hero movies depicted by Drake Bell who plays the "Peter Parker" of the movie. Those of you who haven't heard of Drake Bell, he acted in the nick show "Drake and Josh". If you still don't know then sorry can't help you there. But yes from the movie, (if you've watched) you know how they had those red and blue blow-up things that wave their arms around due to the air blowing inside them, appear to be having sex? I died laughing on that part, so anyways, after watching that, my brother said wow and thats when I got the idea and immediately began typing. Of course I said it out loud and my brother called me a fag and I said Thank you, I'll make very good fire wood to keep Gays, homeless, and animals warm, then he said weirdo and then we were silent and settled on watching Gnomeo and Juliet... Oh yes! To the story!

Warning: This is a yaoi. Very dirty language and "Happy Ending" ahead. Please read with caution

Just a regular day for Red. Hanging out at the skate park, eating ice cream, skate boarding, pissing adults off, and more skating. Yup, just a regular day, until his enemy Mr. Hot-shot Blue arrived. Already he was stealing Red's crowd with his flips and tricks on the huge half-pipe. "What do we do now?" Marco asked as he watched Blue and his group of assholes steal the crowd also. "I think we should go over there and kick their asses." Margo said as she took off her helmet. "I think we should set their houses on fire." Eddy said.



"The hell is wrong with you?"

"Hey, it was just a suggestion."

"And you thought we'd go along with it?!"

"Hey, I haven't set any houses on fire or anything for that matter, in six months! I think my patrol officer won't mind just this once."

"Yeah, mind enough to get you back in the slammer."

"You know what? Not all my ideas are bad ones! I think the fire one was great!"

"Did you forget idiot that we all live near the jackasses so our houses will get caught on fire too?"

"Well we can-"


The three stopped argueing and looked at their friend, remembering why the suggestion was made in the first place. "Let's go." Red said as began to walk away. "Seriously dude? We're walking away?" "Who are you and what have you done with Red?" When he didn't answer, they still followed him to the pizzaria, Red always knew what he was doing.

"Can we get a whole pizza this time?"

"Please Red?"

"It beats having to keep paying for a slice."

"I'll help pay."

"Me too."

"Me three."






The four of them sat down at their usual table and began to stuff their faces in pizza, laughing, talking, it's almost as if the shate park ordeal never happened.

"Uh oh, we got trouble." Margo said in mid-bite.

Blue and his group sat at their usual spots, behind Red and his friends table. They talked loudly about the tricks they made and talked about Red's group. Margo, Marco, and Eddy looked at Red for permission to reply but he had a smile on his face and motioned that it was time to go. The three glared at Blue's group as they left.

"Red what's going on with you?"

"Yeah, dude, come on. We could have creamed them right then and there!"

"Are you feeling ok Red?"

Red just smiled.

"There you go with the smiling! Red come on, what's wrong with you?!"

"Let's go to the arcade." Red said calmly. "Our leader has gone soft" Eddy said. "If this continues, I'll have to put in my resume for a new group. It was nice knowing ya guys." Margo groaned.

Still they had a good time at the arcade. Red was actually playing the games, and winning! People crowded around him and watched him beat score, after score, after score. So far he had beaten all the games except DDR. "I guess this is the last one." he said as he put coins into the machine.

The song was the Naruto Season 1 Theme song. So far so good. Red had a face of concentration but still had fun with it. "OMiGod Red! You beat Blue's score!" "You did it Red!"

"Period say what?"

"Like clockwork."

"Yes, a period is red but a blue waffle is blue."

"Haha laugh it up Red. That was my old score. Of course I can beat you blindfolded."

"Well be my guess to try with out the blindfold."

Red still had that smile on his face and it seemed to get bigger with every encounter with Blue. What was going through his head?

"Beat his ass Red!" Margo cheered.

"Oh I will." Red said low enough only for Blue to hear. Blue looked confused for a moment then a smirk returned to his face, obviously not knowing what Red meant but settling on what he thought.

The song they danced to was Dynomite by Tao Cruz. Red followed the steps perfectly and missed one once in awhile. When they finished the game, Blue won by one point. Yet Red didn't seem upset, actually he still had a smile on his face. He followed Blue outside with their friends close behind. "Yes, finally gonna kick some ass!" Margo cheered. "What is wrong with you and kicking people's ass? You just have a fighting fetish don't ya?" Marco asked. Margo shrugged. "Eh, you learn to control the feeling."

They all squared up against eachother, Red and Blue in the middle. Red still had that grin on his face and it was starting to creep his group out. "Ready when you are Red!"

"Imma squash you like a bug."

"Can't squash boobs, they just bounce back."

"Your boobs are bigger then your brain."

"Atleast I got 'em both."

"Girls, everyone go home, I got Blue." Everyone, including Blue, were shocked and surprised. "Um ok." Blue said. But then his smirk returned. "Yeah guys, go home. I can take him myself." he said as he stared into Red's eye's trying to get into his soul. Yet Red still had that smile on his face that made Blue want to punch him but at the same time, make peace. After everyone left, Red led Blue to an empty alley between an old apartment and a fast food restaurant. Here, no one could see or hear them. It was far away from the sidewalk, and there was a wall behind the fence. They stopped and faced eachother. "So are we gonna fight or what?" Blue asked. Red chuckled and shook his head. "I brought you here to talk." he said. "About what?" the sky haired male asked confused and curious. "Maybe about, why do you attack me and only me? Why not Green, or Orange, or Violate? I'm not the only one who threatens to take your crowd, so why me?"

Blue blushed then turned away so Red wouldn't see. "You're just different, you threaten me more-" "Now that's a lie. Tell me the truth Blue, why have you been bothering me since we've met in Pre-K? Is it because you have alittle crush? Is it because you like me?" Blue's blushed darkened. "No it's not that at all!" he said, almost shouting. Red stepped closer until he was practically in Blue's ear. "Well I think that it is. Why don't you just fess up Blue, no one's here to hear you but me." Blue visibly shuddered as Red's breath tickled his ear. He tried to back up but realized he was leaning against the fence. "I-I I don't..." "The mighty Blue at a lost for words? That's a first." Red said as he began to kiss down Blue's neck. Blue tightened his grip on the fence. He turned his head giving Red more access. Did he want this? He knew he wanted Red and was embarrassed at how he found out. "W-was I really that obvious?" he asked out loud. Blue moaned as Red ground their hips together, letting one feel the other's excitement.

"R-red please..." Red parted from Blue's neck then licked at the mark he left. "Please what?" he asked, finally kissing those amazingly soft lips, getting the taste he wanted most, the beautiful taste of honey. It was a slow but demanding kiss. Their tongues just rolling over the other, there was no need to fight, Red was the one who would win, anyway. "Blue Baby, you've been messing with me all day, if you coudln't wait til we got home, you should have said something, now guess who won't be walking for a month?" Red said as he dipped his hand into Blue's jeans. Blue threw his head back in pleasure. "I'm sorry." he hissed. "It's to late for that now Blue Baby, I'm going to pound into your ass then when we get home, I'm going to do it some more til you beg me to stop. But you know you like it." Red's other hand probed at Blue's hole then two of his fingers slipped in. Blue pushed down on the intruding objects, trying to get them to go deeper. "I'm not gonna touch that spot for you, you gotta do it yourself." Blue pouted but still did what Red told him. "Fuck..." he whispered as he found that spot in his body that sent him close to the edge every time. "Red I-I won't hold out much longer, I want you I want it." Red pulled out his fingers then pulled down Blue's jeans and underwear impatiently. He turned Blue around and held his hips. "You want it? You want this dick? You want it?" Blue nodded and whimpered wanting Red to hurry up and fuck him already. "Yeah."

"You want it?"

"Mhm, fuck yeah I want it."

"You want this big dick in you? You want daddy dick?" *

"Yeah I want it."

Red rammed into Blue and began to pound into his body.

"Fuck... You like daddy dick?"

"Hell yeah, oh God I love it. Tear my ass apart, I'm your bitch Red Baby, I'm your bitch."

Blue shouted out Red's name everytime that cock of his rammed into his prostate. Blue wondered if he'd go blind before he'd lose his voice. The sound of skin slapping skin, was adding to the pleasure as it reached the two's ears. "Red Baby I'm close, take me home." Blue moaned. "I'm gonna do more than that, I'm gonna take you all the way." Red gripped Blue's hips alittle hard and began to plow into that beautiful ass. He then began to slow down alittle making Blue whimper in protest. "We're gonna need you to walk, you don't want others to get suspicious do you? Lets hurry up here because we have all the time in the world when we get home, ok Blue Baby?" Blue nodded in understandment. "Red Baby, I don't have much time."

"How many?"


Red grinned. After 5 great thrust, Blue shot streams of come onto the ground, then he tightened around Red and moaned as he was filled by Red's seed. "Fuck, Blue Baby, that was good, you were good. Let's hurry and get home. I'm getting hard again and it's getting dark." Red pulled out of Blue then kissed him.

Red and Blue's friends stared in disbeleif at what they just saw. "Lets agree to never speak or think of this. Agreed?" "Agreed."

"I guess no matter how many times they argue, Red still win's in the end." Margo said as she tried to get rid of the feelling she had between her legs.

"Girl if it makes you feel better, I got it too." Amy whispered.

As soon as the door to their dorm room closed, Red and Blue hurriedly stripped off their clothes then attacked eachothers mouths as they fell on Blue's bed. Red put a blindfold on Blue then tied him up.

"You can beat me with your eyes closed? Is that it Blue Baby?"

"I was lying Red Baby."

Red grinned then thrusted into his 'Baby Blue'. "Remember, you're my bitch Blue Baby."

"I'm your bitch and always will be Red Baby."

"That's right. And now that we're home, I'm going to fuck your brains out."

"Just fuck me now please Red Baby? I don't wanna walk."

"Good cause you won't be able to even wiggle your toes when we're done."

"I look forward to it."

And scene. *I got this quote from my 11 year old brother, don't ask cuz I don't know. This was my first shot at using dirty language and it almost killed me. Blue really likes it rough and Red likes giving it rough so they make a good couple... Blue is such a slut for Red and thats how they roll. I might use 'em more I don't know. Well R&R Hope you enjoyed as much as my brain was destroyed.