Your skin seeping into mine.

Smooth muscles rippling

Under my fingertips,

Skimming down his back.

Hot breath, wet lips

Along my neck trailing down…

Rough hands on my waist.

Kicking the sheets and clothes


The tragic twist of bodies

As we melt into one another.

Whispers and moans,

Fingers delving and skimming.

Sighs and giggles,

Arms and legs engulfing.

Blue eyes delirious,

Your smile genuine.

Your body heavy on mine,

I'd hold forever.

Slap of skin

And calloused hands

Awakening our

Bodies and minds

Fluttering of eyes, kiss burning within.

The rush of tingles

And the eyes of love.

We fall down, crashing,

Locked in our embrace.

Breathing slow…

A moment in time stills.

My heart and yours

Almost matching,

Beat for beat.

Breath for breath

We lay within each

Other's arms.

A moment in time

Always remembered.