Opening Theme: Doubt and Trust by ACCESS

Gunfire, explosions, screaming, it's the only thing I can hear! All these sounds keep ringing through my ear and I'm getting irritated... but mainly... I'm scared. I'm a seven year old child caught in the middle of the battlefield. It's been about three weeks since the Great War started now. The Great War; the conflict between man and demon. The Sins made their appearance a few months ago. They weren't too big of a problem but they started adapting and becoming stronger, thus starting the war against Sin and Arc.

I was crying in my mother's arms as the explosions continued. My father was holding a piece of what used to be a shower curtain rod, trying to fend off the Sin Pilots, which were just pitch black humans, a dark aura emitting off them. My mother was trying to comfort me but I couldn't hear her over the war's sounds. Then... it appeared. The Basilisk, the Sin that the military feared the most. The giant beast crawled along the crumbly ground on all fours, its spines down and its eye closed. The Mecha's of the Arc noticed and tried to get the Sins gone so the Basilisk wasn't supported. I cried harder when I noticed the large monster coming toward the city. My mother picked me up and ran to the front door. My father was weak from trying to protect us and my mother had to help. She put me down at the door and told me to run. Run to the Elevators that lead to the underground Villages. I didn't want to leave but before I could run after her, I was picked up and the person who caught me ran quickly, away from the Basilisk. I cried and cried and the man tried to calm me down. He stopped at the large capsules that transport us below. He put me down and looked me in the eyes. He was wearing a torn cloak and had warm blue eyes.

"You're the next generation... make your family proud." He stood up and ran toward the battlefield just as Basilisks spines stood up and glowed an unholy orange and its mouth formed on its head. Inside, its eyeball was visible and began glowing... aimed at my block. The capsule closed and a woman inside held me, trying to comfort me. I then... heard half the city get destroyed.


The Village. Today marked the thirteenth year since the Great Ward took place. The Villager's lived down there as if the war never started. The only contact to the surface was a hologram emitter in the 'town square', which every Sunday would tell the villages the current condition of the surface. Mainly, they would hear how the surface is still in ruin but the war and that Sin still wander, making return to the surface not likely. Food, supplies, all is sent by Arc each month. But out of the entire Villager's, one stands out well.

Three Villagers, two boys and a girl, were doing one thing that villager's shouldn't do; find a way back to the surface.

"I'm so sure this is it!" One of the boys stated. He had messy black hair and wore old clothes. His name was Skye and he had become twenty a month ago, "This tunnel can get us out!"

A blonde boy behind him sighed, "That's what you said the last ten tunnels..." This boy, age nineteen, was named Rio. He had been Skye's friend for a long time now.

"Oh, shut up! I know it for sure! Now hand me the drill." Skye demanded. He turned the crank and began to drill through the rock, making the tunnel longer. Skye made the tunnel just big enough to crawl through and continued down the path. Rio and their friend Shea waited.

"The sky... the air... the sun, the moon, the stars! I'll get to see them all again! It's just awaiting me!" Skye was imagining escaping but it ended when his drill stopped. He hit something... metal. He sighed but thought there was something weird about this metal. Before he could examine it, Rio called to him, "Skye! Arc is here! Get back here!"

Skye slid down the tunnel and landed in front of Shea, her red hair covered in dirt, "Skye, let's go!" She grabbed his hand and the three ran back to the Village.

The village was a large dome, the walls consisting of the houses that the residents stayed in. There is a large opening, meant for the Arc to enter. As the three returned, they saw a large Mecha standing at the opening and some soldiers giving supplies to Villagers. Skye, Rio, and Shea decided to just leave and return to their homes. Skye and Rio said goodnight to She and headed to a house they had to share. Each house had to fit at least two people to use up space. Skye laid down on his bed and began to think. What was that strange thing he ran into? It wasn't stone but metal...

"OOF!" Something landed on Skye's stomach. Rio had passed him some food.

"Eat up." Rio smiled at his friend, "Don't worry. We'll find a way out sooner or later."

Skye nodded and ate...


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