Black... that's all he could see. Skye only saw darkness around him. There was no ground or sky. Skye couldn't even feel his body. It was like as if his body was a part of the dark ocean, non-existent. He had no idea what was going on but a blinding light soon broke through the wall of pitch black. It burned but Skye felt no pain. It was a strange light... one that felt warm inside of you. He reached out for the light...


Skye jumped awake, bumping his forehead against Shea's. She put her hand on her forehead and groaned.

"Shea? What are you doing here?" Skye asked, rubbing his aching forehead. Shea usually didn't come in this early unless something serious was going on. Shea took his hand and pulled him to the door.

"Look! The Arc is here." Shea pointed at a Mecha standing at the entrance. There was a soldier saying a speech, "You got to hear this!"

The two ran down to join the crowd. People were all talking, most of them complaining. Skye pushed people through so he got to the front, along with Shea. The soldier had three others behind him.

"I repeat, this week's supplies will not be delivered. The other Village's need more supplies." At this, people started shouting and complaining. Skye made a tight fist and shouted at the soldier.

"Our Village need supplies as much as any other Village do! Why signal us out of the group?" Skye protested.

The soldier noticed and glared at Skye, obviously not approving of a Villager trying to tell him what to do or how to do his job, "I'm so sorry, but you have no say over that."

Skye lost it. He climbed up onto the small stage and grabbed the soldier by the collar with both his hands in a tight grip, "I HAVE A RIGHT OF FREE SPEECH!"

Before Skye even got to say more, he felt a strong impact on his cheek, knocking him off the stage and onto his side. The speech-giving soldier brushed dust off his uniform. Skye rolled onto his behind and sat up, putting a hand on his cheek and gritting his teeth. The soldier that punched him stared down at Skye, with a face that spoke all on its own framed by his long silver hair. Skye decided to leave it be. Shea helped him up, asking if he was ok. Skye didn't stop staring at the soldier that hit him.

The soldier then got in the Mecha, the other three putting on what looked like oxygen masks. The Mecha kneeled down and let the soldiers stand on his hand. The Mecha's thrusters began blasting and it flew upward, toward the surface. The Villager's all walked away, complaining.

"No supplies this week?" Shea said, worried that they may run out of food. She hugged Skye's arm.

"What kinda bullshit is that?" Rio walked over to the two, "Skye that was a hell of a ballsy move you did."

Skye cursed under his breath and walked away. He was easily pushed aside by a soldier. Skye then realised that Arc wont be back for a while now. He ran home and grabbed the drill and a shovel. He was gonna figure out what that metal thing was that he ran into the other day.

**Two hours later**

"H, Holy crap... th-that's allot of dirt and rock." Skye was catching his breath after all his digging. He had only found more metal... red metal. He climbed back in the tunnel after about ten minutes and went back to digging. He had dug out an opening that was big enough for him to stand in, at an angle though.


Skye slipped and rolled out of the tunnel, landing on his back in front of Shea and Rio, "What are you doing?!"

"Simple, my dear Rio." He got up and pointed into the tunnel, showing him the large amount of red and black metal, "I'm a curious guy."

Rio sighed as Skye climbed back in. He continued digging as Shea and Rio talked about the supplies situation. After a bit of digging, Skye hit something, a long piece of red metal, almost like a spike. Skye looked over what he dug up and his realization grew, along with his excitement. He was standing on a Mecha's face and the spike was a horn! Skye was so excited about his discovery. He looked at the eyes, which was only a single visor across the face.

Skye ran back to his friends, excited, "Guys! I think it's a Mecha!"

Rio and Shea looked at him like he told them he knew how to fly. He was too excited. He went to the tunnel and dug around it, revealing more of the head, making his friends realise that he was right. Skye had discovered a red and black, horned Mecha. Skye was hopping up and down in pure excitement.

Skye climbed up the Mecha's face and looked it over, "How do you get in?"

"Get in?! You wanna drive this thing?!" Rio asked in pure surprise.

"Of course! This can be our way out!" Skye shouted, happy that he may have found their ticket out. Skye continued to search but soon something happened. The Mecha's visor glowed green, making Skye jump. He got off and saw as the Mecha's face split open three ways, the sides going up and the middle down. Skye climbed the middle strip and looked inside. It was very advanced controls.

Skye sat on the seat and a big smile appeared, "Guys! Come here!"

Rio and Shea looked at each other in worry but decided to listen and climbed inside, standing just behind the pilot's seat. Skye was super excitedly until the face closed. The two friends panicked while Skye got excited even more. Around them, it looked like the walls vanished, revealing around them.

"Guys, don't worry. It's a 360 camera. Makes it easier to monitor surroundings." Skye explained. He grabbed the two handles and took a deep breath. The Mecha then started moving, the rock around it body crumbling.

Villagers realised the ground was shaking and began to panic. A Mecha crashed through the stone wall and stood in the middle of the Village, for everyone to see. The Mecha was red with black details. It has a red horn on its head and its finger tips were pointed. On its back, two thrusters where the shoulder blades were, pointing at the ground.

"HELL YEAH!" Skye shouted excitedly, "TO THE SURFACE!" The thrusters blasted and the Mecha launched up toward the roof. Rio and Shea were screaming because with the Mecha facing upward, it looked like they were just going to crash. The Mecha collided with the roof... and broke through.

The Mecha flew up, into the sunlight. The three friends covered their eyes from the blinding light. Skye was the first to uncover his eyes and face the sun, "Wow... Look."

The friends looked at the new but old sight. The sun, the sky, the clouds, they were all new to them. Skye smiled at the beautiful site. The Mecha hovered down and landed on its feet.

"We made it..." Skye then heard a noise. The Mecha turned its head and noticed a creature approaching them. Skye's eyes widened as the beast became familiar. Its spines down, and its eye closed. The beast looked at up the Mecha's face.



Hope you enjoyed this chapter! Chapter three will be done later