Bio – "Scarlet Opportunity"

KUROSAWA HIDEKIHis surname, "Kurosawa", means "black swamp" and "Hideki" means "splendid opportunity."

AGE – 22

OCCUPATION – Busboy at "Scarlet Moon"

HEIGHT – 175cm

WEIGHT – 71kg

HAIR COLOR – Black with one blonde streak, he admires a certain anime character…kudos to whoever guesses who w

HOBBIES/ INTERESTS – He secretly loves shoujo manga. He smokes (unfortunately), music, playing his acoustic guitar, and headphones because he can escape the "obnoxious" world around him.

OTHER INFORMATION – He is significantly taller than most people around him and rarely speaks so people call him "The quiet giant." He is often seen with his headphones in. He has lived alone since he was 15 due to family problems. He finds most things annoying. He found an acoustic guitar on the side of the road one day and brought it home for fun. He plays his guitar in the park near his house almost every night.

HIMURA KATSURO His surname, "Himura", means "scarlet village" and "Katsuro" means "victorious child."

AGE – 19

OCCUPATION – Student in college.

HEIGHT – 162cm

WEIGHT – 58kg

HAIR COLOR – Light brownish red. He experimented when he was 18 with multiple colors including pure white, which earned him the nickname "Daikon" because he fell asleep at a party and his friends gelled his hair into a cone on the top on his head that looked like a daikon radish.

HOBBIES/ INTERESTS – He loves annoying people, but he doesn't realize it. He enjoys taking walks with friends and painting, which he is majoring in. He also is obsessed with Kingdom Hearts.

OTHER INFORMATION – His mother named him "Katsuro" because she wanted him to become the best son ever due to the disappointment of her first son. He is very attractive, but never accepts girls' confessions. He is secretly gay and can't stand to tell his mom. Every morning his mom tells him that he is gorgeous, smart, will have an amazing future, and give her beautiful grandchildren. He feels that it would break her heart if he came out to her. He is extremely hyper and always flashes his beautiful smile to everyone. He is majoring in painting and loves painting people.