I watch as my friend burns, knowing that he can't be helped and that I am next. They take me to the stake where I stand on a bed of brush thinking that it is over.

"Final words?" asked the man with the torch. I remembered my love as she fell to her end of the cliffs. I remembered her final words to me. 'You are a being that sees in a different light from men, that is why I love you.' My soul screamed as I remembered.

"Only four, I have had fun," I said. I then looked at the sky. The smell of smoke filled my nostrils and a feeling covered my body. It was as though a rain of burning, needles fell upon me. I dared not look down for it would only tempt me to scream. All the noise around me stopped. I looked into the crowd of people and saw a boy dressed in black satin. He was around the age of twelve and thin. He walked up to the flames but didn't cringe. He then grabbed my hand witch was now nothing but the bones inside it. I felt my pain fade to nothing.

I feel to the boy's knees. I stood up and turned back towards the flames astonished by the fact that I was staring upon my own burning corpse.