When the days pass by I look out my window and wonder why? So many things I want to tell you, The most thing I want to say is am sorry for lying to you am sorry what happen to you I know it's not my fault but the guilt inside me hurts so much that I can't stand it. I cry because your not here to help me. I cry because you won't see me though another birthday I cry because I'll be a senior soon and you won't be there. I miss you so much that I don't think you understand the pain am going though the hurt. You lefted me with a broken heart now I have to clean up the piece's and try to glue it back together again but in the end I know my heart will never be whole again because your not here anymore. So I keep trying to hide the pain, Hurt and sorrow inside my smile's and laughs but in my eyes you can clearly see that all that Pain is hurting me and making me hurt worst. I don't want to say goodbye because that would cause me more pain and sorrow. Deep inside am a shell waiting for someone to replace my broken heart. But no one can replace a mother and Daughter bond.