You know, airplanes fly like clockwork

Well, they should

But there are always delays

Where you end up on the airport floor

With a brand new book

But really that's not so bad

The world is better with delays

The captain doesn't think so though

With his golden wings fastened to his chest

I've got mine too

I'm like the captain

I don't want to delay anymore

If you looked inside my head you'd see gears

I run like clockwork

Except when those pesky emotions get in the way

They're always in my way

I don't think my clockworks works anymore

It ticks now and then before it stops again

But it stays latched on

Like my golden wings

"I'm sorry folks, there will be a short delay

We apologize for any inconvenience

We aim to be off the ground in the next fifteen minutes"

Well I don't accept your apology

And fifteen minutes is too long

I want to fly away