small hands infinitely smoother than mine
brush over my knuckle and i
look down and i see hair
infinitely softer than mine and
how humbling it is to be the one to make you laugh
or maybe not, maybe everything makes you laugh and
i am mere insignificance in your life
which has spanned, so far, three years and
do you know you are so lovely for someone so small?

your voice is so big for a frame so tiny and your laugh shakes my bones until i fall
i should celebrate your youth and look forward to your bright bright future
but instead i am grieving because life is too short for someone like you.
and i think you deserve everything and more and that nobody, so far, deserves you and
i think you are someone who should live forever and i've gone back to being four years old
crying until i fall asleep for people who don't live forever like they're supposed to.