Closer to the Edge
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Chapter Five: Skinny Dipping

I glared at the textbook lying open before me, and my notebook next to it looking depressingly bare. I'd been given homework today that was due tomorrow. Why did I even need to know trigonometry? I don't care about tangents, or cosines, or sines, or formula for triangular things.

Triangles were just a really bad idea.

I huffed stubbornly, before stapling the two pages together. I couldn't do it if I couldn't see it! Goodbye, Trig! Hello, TV!

I sauntered down the stairs; however I heard voices from the living room as I did so. I immediately recognized them as belonging to my twin and Devil Spawn. I knew it was wrong to eavesdrop, but hey, if I'm honest, I don't really care. I'm nosey.

"Man, you have to report it!" Archer's voice argued.

"No way!" His best friend responded, "He's already lost his wife, Arch. I won't leave him too."

"Ty, dude, I feel for the guy, I do." He assured, "but this is wrong. He can't blame you for your mom-"

"Look, he's having a tough time, is all!" he shot back, voice defensive.

"This isn't alright, man. Seriously, you know what mom is gonna say."

Demon-house sighed. "Yeah, I know."

"And if Pippy found out-"

"She wouldn't care, Arch." He snapped. "She'd probably shake his hand."

What? Whose hand was I shaking?

My twin scoffed, and I could hear an undercurrent of anger in his tone as he spoke. "She may act like she hates you, but you should know her better than that. I want to help you, bro, but that's my sister. If she found out she'd probably go on a murderous rampage."

Yeah, go Arch! And am I shaking hands or murdering? I'd lost track of what action I was taking towards this mysterious person.

"She doesn't care that much." Tyler responded. "Besides, I'm fine."

I frowned. This conversation was oddly serious. I decided to take louder steps down to the ground floor so they could hear me, and I walked into the living room where they were both standing with innocent expressions on their faces.

"Are you two aright?" I asked cautiously.

Archer gave me a brilliant smile. "Yeah, Pippy, we're fine."

I was tempted to force answers out of him, but knowing my brother, it wouldn't work. Arch was the serious, contemplative one. I would never get the truth.

I sighed. "Whatever."

Lucifer's child smiled at me, and pointed at my wrist. "You found your bracelet."

I nodded. "Yeah, it was in my underwear drawer, I don't kno- Why is there a bruise on the side of your head?"

He winced. "I'm getting clumsy?"

"That's crap." I scoffed. "You're like a freaking fairy, you douchebag. You don't hurt yourself ever. It would be more believable if you told me I hit you and forgot about it!"

He blinked at me. "You hit me and forgot about it."

"Hey, no using my own excuses!"

"Pippy, drop it." Archer commanded, voice rough.

"But I-"

"Enough." He said firmly.

I huffed at them. "Fine. I don't even know why I asked. I don't even care." I sneered, stalking out of the room. I stood in the kitchen, furious for a moment, before whipping out my phone to text Logan. I had no idea why, but it seemed like the perfect 'fuck you' to Tyler. If he didn't want to talk to me, I would talk to Logan.

Hot Logan! How's life going?

Not two minutes after I sent the text, my phone buzzed with his reply.

lol, still on the nickname, huh? Yeh good. Wbu gorgeous?

Same here, bored tho :P

ah, that sux. Go out with me fri nite?

I was a little surprised by how forward he was being, and every time he used "text talk" I winced a little. At first I was going to reply asking to make it a group thing. After thinking about what Flick had said, I decided she was right. I did date a lot, so maybe I should take a little break.

Then Whitehouse's face flashed in my mind, and a flare of anger shot through me again.

I'd love to.

I sent the text back, grinning with satisfaction at my phone. Piper: one. Devil Spawn: nil.


"You actually stole a golf buggy?" Logan asked, eyes wide.

"Yeah, I was bored." I explained, shrugging.

It was the Friday night I'd agreed to go out with Logan. It was boiling hot, and we were at a beach campfire with about ten of his friends. I'd planned on just wearing plain shorts and a t-shirt, but on my way down the stairs I saw Tyler and he'd sneered at me about the date, so I went back up and changed. As a result, I was now wearing simply a bikini top and the shortest skirt I had in my closet. He'd paled a bit as I walked out the door with a smug smile. That'd teach him.

Logan had run his eyes down my body when I came out to greet him, and opened the passenger side door of his car for me. He really was a nice guy. He'd seen Archer glaring at him from the front door, though, and asked me why. I'd simply told him he was a bit wary since the golf buggy I stole a couple of weeks ago.

Which lead us now to this part of the conversation.

"Isn't that a bit… dangerous?" He was smiling weakly at me. I frowned into my bottle of beer. He really didn't seem to get it. It was probably just that we didn't know each other well enough, yet.

But despite my reasoning, I found myself thinking 'Tyler understood.'

I shrugged at him, "I have a tendency not to care about that sort of shit."

He nodded, still looking confused, but thankfully left the topic alone.

"Piper, right?" one of Logan's friends called from across the fire. I looked up, thankful for the distraction, and smiled at the guy, nodding. "I'm Nick."

"Nice to meet you." I smiled.

"What's this I heard you say about stealing a golf buggy?" he snickered.

I took a sip from my beer. "I was bored."

He and the rest of the people around the fire laughed. "Oh, wow." He heaved, still chuckling. "You're badass, man. You're gonna rock Logan's nice, neat little word."

"Fuck up, Nick." Logan grunted, cheeks darkening slightly and blue eyes narrowed in his friend's direction.

I grinned at the guy, thankful that someone here kind of got it. After quickly draining my beer, I stood and slipped my skirt down my legs, going down to just my bikini. I was quickly jerked down to the sand again by a strong hand on my wrist. "What are you doing?" Logan hissed, looking confused and a little irritated.

I rolled my eyes at him, pulling my wrist from his hand and standing back up. "We're at the beach, princess. I'm going for a swim."

His irritation disappeared and he looked even more confused. "But won't that ruin your make-up, or something?"

I snorted. "Again, we're at the beach. I'm not wearing make-up."

He and the other guys around the fire all looked at me, surprised. The girls simply ignored the scene, returning to their drinks.

"Okay, are any of you guys interested in going for a swim, or are you all gonna stare at me for a little longer?" I sighed.

Mental patients, I tell you.

"I think we're all just enjoying the view," one guy a few places over remarked, looking me up and down.

The pretty brunette next to him snorted and playfully pushed him. "Thanks for that."

He turned to grin at her, eyes sparkling. "Ah, you know I'm kidding." He told her, pressing a kiss to her cheek.

I pointed at them and giggled, "When I see your faaaaaceeeee, there's not a thing that I would chaaaaaange. "I serenaded loudly.

The couple laughed at me, grinning at Logan. "You've found a keeper, here, Stoner." Nick piped up from across the fire, chortling.

I waved my hand at them, "Oh, you guys!" I gushed, dramatically. Logan grinned at his friends, but I could see he looked a little overwhelmed. I winked at him, holding back a laugh as his cheeks colored a little, and sped off towards the sea.


I had my head buried in the sofa cushion when I heard heavy, clumsy footfalls. I groaned at the noise, my head pounding. "Stop… fuck… shush. Whichever asshole is walking so loud, rest assured that when the world stops spinning I will find you and castrate you." I grumbled into the cushion.

I'd ended up drinking much, much more after my swim last night. Once Logan had become pleasantly drunk, he was a lot more easy going. But he still got kind of freaked when I decided to go skinny dipping. Gradually almost half the group had joined me, but he stayed fully clothed and kept trying to wrap my towel around me, which I didn't really get.

A voice that was usually smooth chuckled scratchily. "So I'm not the only one who's thinking about never drinking again?"

I sighed. "Morning, Devil Spawn."

"Good night?" he asked roughly.

"Good alcohol." I responded, my arm swinging slightly off the side of the sofa.

"Cool. You should be thanking me by the way."

"Why's that?"

"I just convinced Archer to drive to Mickey D's and pick up fifty hash browns." He grunted, stifling a yawn. "Best hangover remedy ever, and knowing him he'll probably bring back about ten egg and bacon sandwiches and a couple gallons of orange juice."

I moaned at the mere thought of the greasy food and it's remedial effects. "I could kiss you right now, Whitehouse. I really could."

He laughed, but the sound was a little off. In my current state, however, I didn't even bother trying to work out what that meant. We each regaled stories of the nights previous, Tyler quietly laughing at the skinny dipping part of the night.

We were both laughing at his story about a drunk guy telling him to stop eating the Great Wall of China when Archer walked in, carrying an arm-load of food. "Ah, man. You're telling me all I had to do to make you guys get along was get you too hungover to fight? All this time I've wasted." He complained.

Tyler and I laughed, but the sound was so loud that we cut off and groaned simultaneously. Archer cackled at us, the douchebag and I forced myself into an upright position as he handed me about ten hash browns, three sandwiches and placed a giant bottle of orange juice on the floor next to me. He and Tyler split the remaining food, each of them ending up with about twice as much as me.

I didn't even know if I could finish my meal, so how in hell the boys would finish theirs was a mystery to me.

When we'd all eaten our fill, we lay in a sofa each, and carried out our hangover tradition of a South Park marathon. Halfway through an animated monstrosity modeled on Snooki wrecking the town, my phone rang. I winced at the shrill sound before picking it up and answering, not checking the caller ID.

"Whoever this is, you interrupted my South Park experience, so shame on you." I grunted. I spotted Tyler shaking with laughter from the corner of my eye, and my lips turned up a little.

"Sorry about that." A deep voice said, an audible smirk in his voice.

"Oh, hi Logan." I yawned. I realized that Tyler was no longer laughing, his body now stiff and gaze locked stubbornly on the TV. Archer didn't do the same as his best friend, instead turning to frown at me.

"How you feeling? You're a crazy drunk." He snickered.

I frowned. "No, I'm not. I'm pretty much the same, really."

"No, trust me, you get crazy when you're drunk." He insisted. "I mean, you went skinny dipping. And you told us this story about how you stole a golf buggy the last time you were drunk."

My frown deepened. "Um, yeah. That could be classified as crazy drunk behavior, I guess. If I was drunk when I did it, which I wasn't." Archer scoffed.

"Wait… you stole a golf buggy sober? When you said it was 'cause you were bored… It was actually because you were bored?"

I yawned again, scratching my arm. "Yeah. Pretty much."

"Oh, um. Alright." He sounded uncomfortable, but I just dismissed it. To be perfectly honest, I didn't particularly care. "Anyway, I was just calling to say that my friends loved you. Nick wants to know if I'll share." He snorted. "So, do you want to meet up again tonight?"

I quickly ran over my day in my head. I was supposed to be going around to Jase's tonight for drinks, but I knew Jase would be okay if Logan came. And bringing him would keep Flick off my back. "Yeah, sure. Come over around nine and we'll head on over to my friend's place. He's got a small get together going tonight."

Logan's voice was a little awkward, but still warm, as he agreed. "Sounds good! Anyway, I should probably go, but I'll see you tonight. Bye, Pippa." He said, before hanging up.

I raised an eyebrow at the phone in my hand. Logan was a great guy, but he seriously needed to loosen up. And did he seriously call me Pippa? Ew.

I heard a snore and turned my head to see Archer's form slumped on the sofa, his breathing raising his chest steadily. D'awww, twinny-boo had fallen asleep.

I grinned to myself at the thought before quietly mulling over the events of the past week, and remembering the troubling scene from the living room on Wednesday night. "Will you ever tell me where the bruise came from, Tyler?" I asked quietly, so quietly I wasn't sure he heard me.

He stiffened for a moment before slumping. "Maybe. Once I figure out some stuff, maybe." He paused for a second before he commented nonchalantly, "That's the first time you've called me something other than 'Devil Spawn' in a while."

I shrugged noncommittally, returning my attention to the TV. After a few minutes of silence, the Demon Child spoke up. "What did he say that made you look at your phone like that? Logan."

"Called me 'Pippa'." I winced.

He snorted. "That doesn't suit you at all."

"I'm inclined to agree with you there."

We sat in silence for a few more moments before Tyler piped up again. "Pip?"


He turned to face me, locking his eyes on mine. I nearly fell into the brown depths, his handsome face smiling sadly at me. His bright, white teeth bit at his lip for a second before he continued, eyes still staring into mine.

"If he's not perfect, don't stay with him. You deserve better."

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