The Masks We Wear

I shed my face and claim another,
Only to discard it in the end as well.
A different mask for each occasion,
Another falsehood to shroud myself in.

So many cling to them,
Hide behind them,
Even cherish them.
What fools they are,
What cowards!

Originality abhorred,
Individuality watered down into the grey paste of acceptable society.
Even religion tries its hand at the cookie cutter follower,
Shunning those whose interpretations stray from long held belief.

So many heave their masks on those around them,
Never caring if the weight crushes them.
I find myself unable to breathe and I am nearer to hyperventilation.
I hide myself in seclusion,
And the weight gratefully easies.

I'm sick of these masks,
And oh how I so long to be rid of them.
Another mask trickles down the endless pile,
How I hate my face.