Lulled Reality

The Marionette dances and sings her song,
Encouraging the children to grow up strong.
"The future is bright and yours for the taking,
Your options limitless, a life worth making."
The children grow and her song changes,
Their eyes grow listless in the last stages.

Caps are thrown and gowns shed,
Graduation insures the machines are fed.
Another generation to swell the masses,
And their future fades as the time passes.
Propaganda spews from mouths corrupt,
But the muted populous dares not to interrupt.

The breeders wed and offspring grow,
Clutching to the life they used to know.
Don't worry, don't fret, you'll understand,
No need to join the mourning band.
Be still my love and you'll soon hear,
The clarions call filling the air.

These things happen, it's meant to be,
Everything fades into debris.
A twisted ballet of gory decay,
A bloody bouquet for all to survey.
Many are missing and many are gone,
The supportive collective has withdrawn.

Our supposed future has gone all wrong,
And no one's left to hear their song.
The strings are cut and we are dying,
But mouths corrupt are still denying.
Can you see or are you still blind,
Forever trapped in your peace of mind?