Chapter 10: Epilogue

I opened my eyes. Taking in my surroundings, I realized we were back in the 21st Century, Egypt, standing underneath a giant, pink umbrella. Grandma stood in front of us, smiling for the first time in years, her already-wrinkled eyes, crinkling even more around the edges. Roze and I slowly turned and faced each other. Our eyes dancing, we exchanged a half-awed, half-knowing glance. For the second time in the sixteen years I've known Roze, she spoke.

"Wow," we breathed in unison.


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That was the breathtaking conclusion to the Eye of Horus - but wait! I am currently in the proccess of outlining and soon-to-be writing the sequel to the Eye of Horus! I don't even know the title yet, but its gonna be epic! More time travel, more Chione, a bit more Roze, and a heck of a lot more Akila. I'll give you a hint: two friends (guess who!) travel back in time, farther back than even the Eighteenth Dynasty...

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