This is a one-shot based on my friend, and her cousin my girlfriend, and me visiting them.

Chapter 12 - Dinner for 2?

"Garfdil, how long until the enemy get here?" Loki asked, staring down the long telescope at the army of hellfire's blaze, and death marched across the very fabric of space, and time.

"About 3 hours Sire." he replied.

"Fragulf, ask Taylor if she would like to join me for dinner." Loki said, heading for his chambers.

"Yes Sire!" Fragulf said heading to fetch Taylor for his king.

Fragulf marched down the hall, and knocked on Taylor's door, she soon opened, then stared at him, he then asked "Ms. Taylor, Lord Loki has given thee an invite to join him in dinning, do you accept?"

"Yes." she walked out the door, and closed it, then walked up to Kiara's door, and opened it to say "Kiara. I'm going out to dinner."

She then walked along side Fragulf, and the two headed way for Lord Loki's food chambers. They soon approached a huge stone door, to which he opened easily. The two walked in, and Fragulf bowed to Loki, who sat at the end of a giant table, lined with the greatest dishes Asgard had to offer.

"Thank you Fragulf, you may go now." Loki said, smiling at Taylor.

Fragulf complied, and left the room, leaving the two to sit, and stare at one another.

"Taylor, please have a seat." Loki said, gesturing to the seat by his side, to which she sat in.

She got comfortable, and he asked "What is your favorite dish?"

"Chinese chicken on a stick, and wontons." she said nodding.

He smiled, and lifted the lid on the platter to reveal steaming hot Chicken on a Stick, and Wontons. Taylor went wide eyed.

"Whoa... That looks good!" she said staring at the food.

Loki did the same to his platter, under it was Chocolate Shavings Salad, and the same thing Taylor had.

He ate it slowly, as a king would for a few bites, then looked around, and ate it like a mad man who had been locked in a celler for months with bread crumbs.

"I love chocolate!" He screamed at the top of his lungs as he munched on said candy salad.

Taylor giggled, and ate her food as well. After they ate, Loki, and her moved to a couch where they lied together, and cuddled.

"I'm so happy to see you again Loki." Taylor said through a happy smile, and some of Loki's shirt.

"As am I to see thee my love." Loki returned.

And so their hour nap began. Only to end to a knock on the door.

"SIRE! Sire they arrived before we predicted!" Fragulf yelled through the door, beating on it.

They both jumped up, and Loki said "The deepest apologies my love, but I must part with thee for a short amount of time."

He then ran out the door, and Fragulf took Taylor back to her room, where she waited worried for Loki.

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