Accompanied by the night crickets endless song to sing the summer goodbye, a girl walked through the streets dimly lighted by ancient lamps in an ambient yellow. She has a semi-long black hair, freely swaying as she walk the road where no one passed by. She wears a brilliant red skirt, that barely reaches her knees. And her top attire is but a thin wrap of a black tank that reveals a hint of her growing breast. In her chest, resides a small pendant of a satanic pentagram. All the while, she carries a small handbag stitched with the words "Your head here". Her arms were coated with a wristband tangled heavy in chains and brass.

Too young to walk past the curfew, even too young for her attire, she felt bold and strong, daring to try new things despite her age. A rebel that fears nothing but one. She stopped walking when she finally came to a simple house that was barely decorated, much less taken care off. She knocked on the door but no one answered. Irritated, she banged her knuckles on it till finally, a voice called from inside.

"Goddamn it Rika!" A man yelled inside "Cant you just use your own key?!"

This was their house but the time when it can be called a "home" was long gone in the past. What lies in here was the birthplace of her tears


(Fathers Point of View)

"WHAT?!" Rika outburst her raging anger. I don't blame her. "Mama was going out with a different man and all you will say was that!"

Painfully annoyed by her rebellion, I sat still on the sofa and rubbed my aching head, observing the single photo that she provided me. In there, I can see her mothers long lost smile as she hugs tightly the new man who has vowed to provide her with the joy that I cannot "You see…" I began to speak with a cold voice "Your mother and I are already divorced. Whatever happens with her is none of my business"

"But she is your wife!"

"Wife?" I repeated, my voice dropped an octave. "Are you even listening?"

With a sigh, I just took a box from my pockets and pulled a cigarette, I was just about to light it when all of a sudden, Rika knocked over the small table with a single powerful kick. Destroying everything that was placed above it, every glassworks shattered into an ear rendering crash. Violently sending small pieces of sharp fragments That was when the uptight turmoil got the better of me.

My blood furiously rushed and I leaped out from my seat like an enrage beast. I took her by surprise when I swiftly pushed her unto the wall, her back hit it hard. Towering omniusly, she tried to resist with her fist but I gripped her fragile arms, I held it and lifted them both till I finally locked them using just one of my hands. I paid no concern if her shoulders began to hurt. We stood face to face, so near I could smell her scent of fear.

"You are getting into my nerves little girl" I growled at her and she only look away as the guilt consumed her. Her current resigned personality pleased me. Driven by the mood, I spoke further

"You get so angry whenever I ignore your mother but in reality, you only uses her as an excuse to gain my attention isn't it?" Suddenly, she looked back into me, her eyes wide in shock and a prettified fear began to escalate on her as I continued further. "Do you think that I never noticed?"

"Whenever you come by, you try to seduce me by wearing such clothing. You uses your mothers favorite perfume, you try to ask everything I like. You visit alone in a single mans house Do you think I never noticed that? Don't go too far if you want to ridicule an adult"

Cornered by the embarrassing revelations and too inexperienced to know how to react, I took all liberty of ministrations. Slowly, I placed my hands onto her slender legs. The smooth tingle was unexpected.

"What are you, " her resistance was futile "Stop it!"

"You wanted attention from me right?" I smirked as my finger traced its way up through her skirt. Navigating on her fair skin till it came contact with that sensitive fault line. "Oh look, you didn't wear your underwear again"

Overcomed with the sense of humiliation, she was powerless for further resistance. So sensitive she was that at the faintest touch, a warm moist fluid has leaked out of her crotch. Using my fingers, I traced through her effortlessly, rubbing her outer line just the right way. This send an electrifying feel that she let out a strange moan.

That's when I stopped and started to laugh uncontrolably. I let her free to make way for a stronger laughter. "Oh you should totally see the look on your face" I chuckled nonstop

When my distorted humor finally ended. I realize what I have done. Rika, my own daughter slumped into the floor. Her palms to her face, weeping like the heart broken maiden. This painful image of her manifested the nostalgia that I had buried in the past. This was the same vision of her mother everytime we quarreled.

Unable to keep the torment of the memories, I turned my back on to her and let my rear fall onto the sofa. With a sigh, I commanded: "Go back to your mother, "

She didn't answered, instead, more tears flowed. But what should I do? What can I do?

As her tears rolled through her cheeks, she began to speak in a voice full of longing and sadness "Its my fault isn't it?"

With my night ruined, I doused the cigar into the ashtray angrily. "I already told you before. Our problems was of our own faults, you have nothing be guilty off"

"If only I never existed in this world…" she muttered in tears in a dark ambience and she stood up. Her shoulders was sagged and her head was hung emotionless. "If only I never existed in this world…if only I never existed in this world…" she speak it endlessly like a mantra.

My eyes widened in bewilderment as I came to realize what she pulled out of her bad.- A pistol!

I no longer know what happened but as my vision blurred into a wrathful red, my legs was thrown into a speed I never thought I am capable of. Then I launched my hands into hers, so swiftly and beyond my control, we were thrown into the floor. The moment we met our solid fall, A loud bang was shot.

Quick to jump to reprieve, I glared myself to her. She was still fine, she was looking at me with tears in her eyes and the handgun was no longer in hers. Seeing this, I used the back of my hand and gave her a hard slap.

"WHAT DO YOU THINK YOUR DOING?!" I screamed at her.

There was only a moment of silence. She lay emotionless as if she played tag with death. Little by little, she raised her hand to rub the cheek that I slapped. It was red and scrapped raw. "It hurts…" she softly whispered without any hint of pain

"It hurts" she cried "but its nothing compared to the pain that you deny"

Little do I know that small drops has escaped my eyes. For the first time in so many years, I have found myself crying once more. Bitters tears of lament that I have held on for so long was now freely flowing out. Washing all stains I have gathered from the past.

"You're an idiot!" I let it all out. My voice sagged as my soul, whimpering in every syllable "Your mother has left me for she was selfish and think only of herself, she was not contented in what I can give so she left me. The loneliness consumed who I am. Every night I am besieged with nightmares, dreams of killing her for the sin that she commited against me. But you were different. I cannot afford to lose you like this!"

My cold heart has been shattered in just those few truths that I have revealed. She raised her arms and wrapped them to me, alluring me with the promise to mend what was lost. Younger as she seem, but stronger than what I can ever achieve.

"Its alright now Papa, just let it flow." she assured with a smile. The same smile her mother used to give me. She has become the image of what I loath. But she has grown up to be a woman I do not know.

Then she pulled me close to her and gave my lips a kiss

(Rikas point of View)

Our tongues lashes playfully inside our mouths as the heat started to rise. Frolicking madly, as entrances as our impatient anxiety that took over our senses as we seclude ourselves in this world where it is only us who exists. As we indulge ourselves in this moment, it was for the first time, I truly felt loved.

I gave him the liberty to have the ministrations and I resigned to his experienced ways. Slowly, he laid his hands onto my legs, and I raised and divided them up for him. Welcoming to defile me. When his fingers met my private parts, he tickled me first by stroking its outside trajectory but eventually inserted it in. The trill felt weird and humiliating but I held on to his shoulders as he teased me without mercy, rubbing my pussy till the pleasure took its toll and I arched my back.

"I-I-Im gonna cum" I said. Without him even stopping, my urethra lost its control over my bladder and I unleashed a squirt of orgasm. My fluids sprayed wide, splashing him with my wetness.

It was my the strongest orgasm I have ever felt. And its price was all of my energy. Wasted, my limbs was lump and I lay there with an intense breathing. With my legs parted, he looked at my ravished image. Shamed, I wanted to leave but… "your cruel…" I

Driven by the desire for more, I crawled towards him for I know well how timid he is. He sat on the ground and allowed me to have the turn to have the lead. I played with his crotch just the way he played with me till he was swollen . Then I unzipped his fly. It have seen a penis but this was my first time seeing it in real life.

Afraid as I am, I licked it from balls to the head. Savoring its lewd taste and arousing smell, then I took him all to my mouth. From head to the base of the stem, I swallowed it down to my throat. Bobbing my head slowly, his shaft hitting the tip of my esophagus, slowly blocking the passage of air, putting my gag reflex under the test. I don't know if it was just me but as I take control of him, I felt it as though it was throbbing as if alive. Its heat increased with every stroke.

Then without any kind of warning, he used his hand and pulled me in deeper than I could ever give. My eyes widened in shock as I felt a gush of warm fluids sprouting from him. I felt drowning as he discharged his seed to my throat. The hot muck gushed without mercy as it forced itself down, so much has been released that even after he pulled his penis out, my mouth was still overflowing.

I chocked and coughed from the damage done to me. His sperm has inevitably escaped from my mouth and in to the floor. What a waste. Im supposed to swallow it right?

"Im sorry"apologized

Fueled by the carnal desires that awoken within me, I didn't stop and crawled further to him. I pushed him at ease into the ground in wonder, he look at me "What are you doing?"

"ill be fine" I held on to his shaft. Despite what how much he released, he was still hard and it was my only opportunity. I parted my legs once more and aimed it to my vagina. Before the fear could replace the joy, I let gravity take care of the rest.

I screamed as his cock broke ripped though my hymen. My legs went numb as the spasm from the convulsion of the pain overtook. My whole body was trembling hard, shaking in every corner and skin.

"My mind…" I breathed "I cant think anymore…"

"Geez, you pushes yourself too hard." He insulted me, knowing that I cannot even answer from the pain.

Without even changing position, he took the turn to be the lead once more. Like handling the delicate body of a child, he placed his hands to my breasts. My sensitive nipples was hard and erect. He pinched it like cotton balls, filling my chest with the tingling of delight. The lust was dominant, the alluring scent of our moisture excited me further.

Then he started to bounce my body. He heard my whimpers but he didn't cared. The sounds of wet flesh sounded in a rhythm with my orgasms. From the mind searing pain, the feelings gradually faded into the sensations of pleasure. He pounded me thoroughly and I unknowingly became one with his merciless beat. My hands on his broad chest, I straddled him like ridding a wild animal.

Soon my bladder started to clench and I felt a burn started to manifest from within me.

"I-I-I-Im Go-go-gona." My voice was unstable

In the final moment, I tried hard to hold it in but too inexperienced. My threshold soon broke. I screamed as my dam was destroyed, releasing a boiling hot liquid onto him. My whole body was prettified like a stone as I sprayed it out. But before I could even make sense, I felt an even hotter fluid exploded inside of me. I arched my back and screamed in pleasure as he spilled his seeds inside my womb. He loaded my uterus with so much of his cum that it all leaked out without even pulling it.

Never in my life had I been so happy


The next day. Before the sun has completely died to make way for the moon who shall chase the blue sky anew. Rika came back to her father's house. No longer was she in her revealing attire but dressed according to her age. A long red skirt almost reaching her feet and combined with a white long sleeve tank. Her arms was no longer heavy with the jewelry irons. On her hand was now a plain leather handbag.

She knocked on the door twice and today she received an answer: "If you are looking for drugs then your in the wrong house."

"Its me stupid!" she laughed

"What?" her father opened the door for her. His face of surprise was worth dying for "What are you doing here so early? Wont your mother be looking for you?"

"Well, she did asked me where I am going…" she said as she pushed her father aside and literally barge into his home. Without even wiping her muddy shoes, she threw herself on the sofa which was filled with papers of no importance. At least to her. "…But I said to her "Its none of your business!"

Too tired to argue, her father was unable to do anything else but to plant his face into his palm. Those were the exact words that his wife used to tell him. Now he feels like he is teaching his daughter how to be an instrument of vengeance. But whatever

"Have you eaten yet?" he asked her

"Oh no" she exclaimed as she stood up. "That's my question for you"

They know that their relationship is a fruitless one and it can dissolve any moment. But they will value every single moment that shall pass between them

- Psuedonym: FynFlorentine


I expected this piece to be over by just 6 hours which will end with an incestus rape but it turns out that I cannot allow myself to make characters without any emotions. Screw the sex, their relationship is worth a thousand gold coins. Yes, I know what I wrote. It is incest and incest is wrong but hey, its not like you don't have your guilty pleasures.

Incest is wrong, that taboo point of view

Also, I changed my Pseudonym (again). I hope this one wont sound any more gay.

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