I live in Australia so all the school subjects and times and a few other things are the Australian version and I am not changing them to conform to American superiority. (No offence). For a task in CSB (Core Studies B = English and SOSE/Study of Society and Environment) we had to write a story with the title 'It Wasn't Really That Funny'. And yes all the last names in here are Deatheaters from 'Harry Potter', I couldn't think of any last names that didn't belong to people I know. Any way friends thought it was good so here it is. Be gentle with me Watson.

It wasn't really that funny. The fake goldfish in my water bottle. The glue in my hair. The jelly in my pencil case. What was funny was the mustard in his shoes. The fake poo in his locker and his boxers on the flagpole. My relationship with Dimitri Dolohov could be summed up in one word. Vengeance. I can't remember how it started but for as long as I can remember I have been pranked by Dimitri and humiliated. Than I've come to school the next day and humiliated him. It's a never ending cycle of humiliation and revenge. Well, that's what I thought.