Ok; some explanation is required for this chapter. I was in art not doing anything so I took this out and started to write. My dirty minded friends Caitlin (Girl) and Grady (Boy) got hold of my I-pad and, well, they had a bit of fun with it. It's funny so I'm putting it on here. Warning this is a one off thing and it has nothing to do with my story and it's weird and kind of dirty.

No lyrics for this one. If it reminds you of a song, let me know.

"Sure I'll be right over, I guess." I hung up and packed up my stuff before grabbing my board and skating over to the ice rink in town. When I got there I walked in naked and violently thrust against my locker with passion, shocking the class. They all stood up and got on their unicorns and flounced off, ready to watch my little pony. I licked my lips and lay on the ground, proceeding to wiggle like a fish. It was my mating call. It always worked. My Coach just stood there in stunned shock; or awkward silence. I couldn't tell I was too busy thrusting lol. A rabbit burst from her previously violated locker and sniffed around, spreading its gypsy scent everywhere.


Five minutes shortly after, the Coach finally broke the silence.





Yeahhh; I have weird friends, but really once you get to know them they're great. That and you'll see Grady's name pop up later. ;)