Angel. What do you think of when I say that word? Do you think of the girl that you know that can do nothing wrong, and is always 'perfect'? Or maybe you thought about the mini white poodle you grandmother had stuffed, and a shudder goes down your spine. If you thought of either of these things, and anything in between, you would be wrong. An angel, is a hard-working being, that gets little, to no respect. 'We word hard, so you don't have to' We all think was written, by none other, than an angel. My name is Adyre. Pronounced (A-DEE-REH). I am only 16, and I am a guardian angel.

Sweat dripped from my forehead as I knelt. My forearms and knees flat on the ground, hair in my face. "I'll make it this time." I kept thinking to myself. I leapt up, grabbed my sword, and faced the Saint who was standing on the other end of the arena. "Come on Adyre! You can beat me!" He yelled, his heavy white wings tattered from hours of training. You see, every angel picks an assignment at the age of 10. The assignments are Messenger, Guardian, or Servant of God. Most pick Servant of God, the easiest, but I didn't want to spend eternal life as a servant, so I picked Guardian, the most dangerous. So I have to train for 10 years, and am only 6 in. "You look tired." I said, smiling. "Well, after 6 years of training, you finally tire me out." The Saint said. I rushed at him, my silver blade shone in the pure white light. I pressed forward, as he fell back. I was finally in the winning position. "Ahhhhch!" The aged Saint cried as he toppled over. "I win." I said smiling cutely, letting my blade fade into nothing. "Eh, its just as well." The Saint said, pulling himself off of the ground. "Yes! That's another win going on my permanent record." I yelled at the sky. "How many is that so far?" He asked me, running his fingers through his dull white hair. "23." I estimated. "Out of…39?" He said, counting on his fingers. "You better pick up some skills, or your training will be extended to 15 years, and-" "And I won't be able to be awarded Sainthood." I finished for him, looking at the ground. "But I'm sure you will!" He said, trying to perk me up. "I hope so…" I said quietly. "Come on, He is waiting." The Saint said, wrapping his arm around my shoulders.

"23..." God said, scratching His beard. "Yes my Lord." The Saint said, handing Him a scroll. God looked it over, and held up His hand until a quill appeared in it. He jotted a few things down, and handed the scroll back to my master, the Saint. "Alright. I won't extend you yet, but I would take training a bit more seriously if I were you young lady." God said. "Yes my Lord." I said looking up at his face. "You know, I was a bit surprised you wanted to be a Guardian." He said. "I know my Lord, you say so every time." I said, my cheeks tinting pink. "I know! I know, its just, most women want to be either servants or messengers. You are part of a small, elite group." He said, putting His hands up like a ninja. "Yes my Lord!" I laughed, my big, mint green eyes shining. "Haha," He said laughing, "Go home Adyre, I'm sure your parents miss you." God laughed, "And as for you, Saint Amos, will you talk with Malachi for me?" I walked towards home as they began talking about the message for Malachi. "Have a nice day Adyre!" God called after me. "Same with you, my Lord!" I yelled, and curtsied.

When I was out of sight, I ran, picking up speed, and pushed off with my light, feathery white wings, until I was happily floating in the air. "Woohoo!" I yelled as I spun around a few times. When an angel first learns to fly, the little one usually falls, back first, out of the tallest window of their parents white stone house, and pulls back up squealing with happiness. Most angels know how to fly by the age of 6, but I am still amazed by it. I felt at home up in the air. In fact, Amelia Earhart was an angel, and she is still alive, but she set up shells around her crashed plane to make it look like she died. I breathed in the cold, crisp air. "Look! There's Adyre!" Someone yelled below me. I stayed afloat until two, small angels hovered up next to me. "Whoa!" One of the little girls yelled, as she lost balance and grabbed my arm. "Careful now." I said smiling, letting her hold on until she regained her balance. The two were Gwen and Wren, identical twin sisters, in fact, the only way you could tell them apart, was Gwen has curly strawberry blonde hair and green eyes, and Wren has curly blonde hair and blue eyes. "When we grow up, we want to be Guardian angels, just like you!" Wren said, looking at me in awe. "Yeah!" her sister yelled, her wings shimmering. "Well, you'd have to work really hard. Do you think you can do that?" I asked them, playfully spinning them around. "Of course!" They said in unison, puffing out their chests. "I know you can." I said smiling. "Wren? Gwen?" A woman's voice called below us. "I'll bring them down Mrs. Rappanault!" I yelled to her, gently grabbing the twins hands and floating down to the ground. "Ugh, there you are!" Their mother said, briskly grabbing their hands. "Momma! Adyre was tellin' us about Guardian Angels!" Gwen said trying to pull her hand away from her mother. "Did she now?" Mrs. Rappanault said, raising an eyebrow at me. "Yeah! It sounds really cool!" Wren yelled, pushing hair out of her face. "That's lovely!" Mrs. Rappanault laughed, smiling at me, her long brown hair bouncing off her shoulders, falling to her elbows. "Thank you for watching them, and for keeping them in one place." She said to me. "Of course! They're absolute cherubs." I said, looking at their cute, rounded faces. "Hah, you have no idea what its like before bedtime. Have a nice day!" Mrs. Rappanault said, fluttering her wings at me. "Lets go girls!" She said, pulling forward with Wren and Gwen, tightly gripping their hands. "Oh what a handful they are…" I thought, turning around to walk home.

"How was training today, Adyre?" My mom said, when I finally arrived home. "Good. Another win!" "Good! Is God extending you?" She asked worriedly. "Not yet." I said with happiness. "Oh that's great! My mother said, letting out a sigh of relief. My mother had her spun gold hair (or at least that's what it seems) loose, letting it blow around on its own, which was very uncommon for a messenger angel like herself. "Hello sweetie!" My father said, walking into the room, his forest green eyes looking happy as always. He was a tall angel with a muscular (not brawny) build, and old medium grey hair. His wings used to be whiter than white, now they were graying as well. He was very uncomfortable about it, but my mother assured him that it made him look like 'A wise, experienced, and noble man.' I walked over and picked my little sister up, put of her crib. She smiled, and grabbed one of my ears. I laughed, and gently removed her short, pudgy fingers. "Hello Azalia!" I said, kissing one of her chubby cheeks. She had my mothers hair, and dark blue-green eyes. "Here." My mother said, taking her from me. She stroked one of her wings until her eyes began to close. My mother gently set her back down into her white crib, and began to softly sing a lullaby to her. Her eyes closed completely, and her breathing lightened. "She's so cute when she sleeps." I said softly. "Are you tired, Adyre? Do you want to rest?" My father asked me, pointing to our soft white couch. "I'm fine. I'll just make myself some dinner." "Ok dear. Let us know if you want any help, OK?" My mother said earnestly, walking upstairs to read, my father not far behind. "Yes mother." I said. My mothers name was Athena. She quit thinks she's what the Greeks named one of their goddesses after, and often says, "The only attribute they missed were my dark blue eyes." As soon as I had a small plate of Angel Food Cake (ironically that's our favorite food), I sat down, and grabbed the earthly book I was reading. To Kill A Mockingbird. After I finished a few chapters, Azalia began crying, so I put down my book, and gently picked her up. I grabbed the small earthly book next to mine and began to read.

Mimi was a kitten-a soft, grey kitten- a green-eyed kitten. Mimi slept nowhere special. She ate nothing special. She had lots of friends, but none of them were very extra-special. You see, Mimi was nobody's kitten. Each of Mimi's many friends had one extra-special friend. Missy's friends was called Miss Amanda. Missy slept in a soft, cozy basket. Jinks had a special friend named Mr. McGee. Jinks ate from his very own dish. It had his name on it! Mischief wore a pink bow. Her special friend was called Mary Sue. Mischief and Mary Sue had fine times together. All of Mimi's animal friends had fine times. But Mimi was nobody's kitten. "Meow," said Mimi one crisp, sunny morning. "I shall have to find a special friend who is my very own."

First she looked into the stores. "For," Mimi said to herself, "every storekeeper needs a kitten friend." She looking into little stores, into big stores , into a grocery store, a meat market, a flower shop, and a candy shop. She had a dish of milk, a small fish, some catnip, and a piece of candy. But every single one of the shopkeepers already had a kitten friends. "Well," Though Mimi, "other people need kitten friends, too. I'll just keep looking." And she did. She looked into the great open doorway of a fire station. The firemen all leaned down to pet Mimi's soft fur. But then Mimi looked past the firemen! "I guess they don't need me here!" she said to herself. And she moved on. She went up streets, and down alleys, and under a fence, and through a garden, where a dog barked at he. Was there no place for a Mimi kind of kitten? Suddenly Mimi heard something. It was a fun, happy sound. Mimi looked around. She didn't see anything. She looked under a very large bush. She didn't see anything. She peeked around the corner, and there she saw - Oh my! She saw a wonderful, musical, brightly colored merry-go-round. It was fi;;ed with happy, laughing children. Mimi looked around. There wasn't another kitten anywhere in sight! Then Mimi saw a man- a plump, jolly kind of man. He was Charlie Chuckles, the owner of the Merry-go-round. Mimi went up the jolly little man and rubbed against his ankles. Charlie Chuckled looked down at the little cat. He picked her up and stroked her fur. Then he set her on the merry-go-round. Round and round went the Merry-go-round. Round and round went Mimi and all o the laughing children. "Meow," said Mimi happily. "Meow! This is fun! Here I am and here I'll stay!" And now Mimi sleeps on the Merry-go-round. She sleeps on a very special pillow. She eats from very special dishes, too. She eats pink salmon and yellow cream. And on Sunday she eats chicken! And Mimi even wears a red collar with a silver tag on it. For, you see, now Mimi has a very extra-special friend. He is Charlie Chuckles, the merry-go-round man. And Mimi, who was once nobody's kitten, has happily become MIMI THE MERRY-GO-ROUND CAT!

I gently picked up my, now sleeping, little sister, and put her in her crib. I then walked into my room, to my bed, and fell asleep.